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Default Best Metal Song of All Time

Post here your favorite 3 Metal songs of all time and I will update this post with the tallies. No 1 preference gets 3 votes, 2 gets 2 and 3 gets 1.

I'll start. 1. Bullet for my Valentine - Hit The Floor, 2. Bullet for my Valentine - Hand of Blood, 3. Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone

1. Motorhead - Ace of Spades - 9

2. Bullet For My Valentine - Hand of Blood - 8

3. Behemoth- Ov fire and the void - 6

4. Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face &
Immortal - Solarfall - 5

5. Motorhead - Sacrifice - 4

6. Bullet For My Valentine - Hit the Floor &
Immortal - Blashyrkh Mighty Ravendark &
Gorgoroth- Carving A Giant &
Sabaton - Panzerkampf &
Mushroomhead - Solitare Unravelling &
Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall &
White Zombie - Super Charger Heaven &
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss &
Saxon - Crusader &
Meshuggah - New Millennium Cyanide Christ &
Iron Maiden - Hallowed be thy Name &
Wolves in the Throne Room - I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots &
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath &
Black Sabbath - Paranoid &
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills &
Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark &
Pantera - Suicide Note Part 1 - 3

7. Megadeth - Hanger 18 &
Behemoth - Conquer All &
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions &
The Berzerker - No One Wins &
Bible Black - Heaven and Hell &
Windir - Jpurney to the End &
Bolt Thrower - Laid to Waste &
Meshuggah - Bleed &
Hammerfall - Hammer of Justice &
Slayer - Angel of Death &
Slayer - Raining Blood &
Behemoth - No Sympathy for Fools &
Metallica - Creeping Death &
Judas Priest - Another Thing Coming &
Metallica - Fade to Black &
Metallica - One - 2

8. Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone &
Gwar - Immortal Corrupter &
Immortal - Tyrants &
In Flames- Only for the weak &
Bring me the Horizon - A Prayer for Plagues &
Black Sabbath - Into the Void &
Decide - Scars of the Crucifix &
Dethkick - Awaken &
Bleeding Through - Death Anxiety &
Dimmu Borgir - The Chosen Legacy &
Death - Cosmic Sea &
Motorhead - Dr. Rock &
Mastodon - Sleeping Giant &
Saxon - Battle Cry &
Machine Head - Halo &
Lamb of God - As the palaces burn &
Dark Tranquillity - Terminus &
Arckanum - Nákjeptir &
Diecast: Midieval &
Drowning Pool - Love and War &
Metallica - Memory Remains - 1

People who have contributed:

Crimson_Fist_7, Locust, Fierden, dark angel, hells_fury, Eviltim, Fynn, Dragblud da scrunka, wombat_tree, Kale Hellas, NoiseMarine, Holmstrom, Graf Spee, Spot The Grot, WoRLoKKeD, CoNnZ, unxpekted22, MaidenManiac, Cleitus_the_Black, The Wraithlord, World Eater, bobss, tu_shan82

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#1: Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
#2: Megadeth - Hanger 18
#3: Gwar - Immortal Corrupter

There's my top 3.

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My top 3 are.
1: Immortal - Blashyrkh Mighty Ravendark.
2: Behemoth - Conquer All.
3: Immortal - Tyrants.

And this is damn hard to choose, to many good songs.
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Whooa this is hard-

1. Gorgoroth- Carving A Giant
2. Immortal- Solarfall
3. In Flames- Only for the weak

Nyctophobia- Fear of the Dark Angel.

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bullet for my vallentine - hand of blood
avenged sevenfold - unholy confessions
bring me the horizen - prayer for plauges

fairly easy for me as they are the main 3 that i listen too

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Trying to reduce the mighty genre of METAL down to 3 songs is always going to be an exercise in futility, so I'm just going to mention some Killer Riffs Of Doom off the top of my head that make me happy:

1: Cannibal Corpse - 'Hammer Smashed Face' (the 'Live Cannibalism' version for maximum heaviness)
2: Motörhead - 'Sacrifice'
3: Black Sabbath - 'Into The Void'

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Oooh, Im with Svart on the Corpse... but,

1. Sabaton - Panzerkampf
2. The Berzerker - No One Wins
3. Decide - Scars of the Crucifix

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1 ace of spades-motorhead
2 Bible black-Heaven and hell
3 all iron maiden-iron maiden

yeah i know number 3 is a cop out, but christ, maiden do some awesome songs, so trying to pick just one is damm hard

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Hmm .. always hard to make a 'definite' top three.. but here's a semi-attempt anyway.

1. Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams
2. Samael - The Ones Who Came Before / Jupiterean Vibe / Slaveocracy ( can't choose! )
3. Sabaton - The Art of War / Ghost Division

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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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Motorhead - ace o spades
Iron maiden - run to the hills
Dethklok - awaken

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