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Thanks for all the feedback guys. It always helps to receive positive comments and constructive criticism. Pardon me if I don't do these quotes right.. haven't used them before. I'm shamelessly trying to steal xenobiotic's method of replying, which is organized and easy to read.

Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
Very good! Neat, and unusual basing, solid paintjob, fine detailing, and the Legion symbol, for me is the highlight.

If I had to find a criticism it would be that I'd like the silver trims to be darker, and the skulls - but that is as likely a flaw in the photo as anything else - and it doesn't detract from an excellent paintjob. +Rep.
I agree with you on the silver still being a bit bright. It only got a pass or two with some magic black wash and needs some more love.

Originally Posted by Azwraith View Post
i love the mini.. its really cool with the crazy blue/turqoise head its cool!! +rep
Thanks Azwraith! The head was painted separately and took about an hour since I'm still learning glazes.

Originally Posted by steamius View Post
thye bases are sweet!
Glad you like the basing! They were created on a whim for my original squad and I liked them enough to do the whole army on the green rocks.

Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
I think that you have some really great looking models there! I love the free hands and the tonal quality of the armor. I would agree with KingElessar that I would like to see some more shading on the silver trims, but like he said it doesn't detract at all from the quality of the over all finished product. I am not sure how I feel about the turquoise face, it just seems a little out of place with the rest of the scheme. It is nicely executed and more of a personal feeling than a critique of your work. Great models! Look forward to seeing more. +rep
Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
Very skilful execution.

I agree with Midge that the turquoise head looks odd; especially on a turquoise base. However that is personal preference, so as long as you like the high contrast that is all gravy.
Originally Posted by Gobbo View Post
Heyy love the model especially the shoulderpad details, the head is a bit too bright and a bit too solid. Maybe get a wash on there and do some shading to darken him down a bit. It looks a little cartoony for my liking.

Just my 2 cents
Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
These look good. I agree with Mr Hobbit et al. The head and the base looking so close in color, especially so saturated a color is strange. And the base seems to take over the composition because it is so bright and saturated compared to the rest of the miniature.

The head looks really nice, and draws a lot of attention. Its really only fighting the base. A few, more saturated accents might help.

Ah, controversy over the head! Some like it and some don't. Since it was done separately I hadn't thought too much about the color compared to the rest of the model/base, just wanted something that stood out. Had the idea for a speckled blue demon face, and used an airbrush to stipple white over the gray base, then started laying on blues. I'll wait till the rest of the squad is fleshed out and see if this guy's head sticks out too much. If so I'll tone him down a bit!

Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
Sooo very impressed. Freehand iconography, power weapon effects, overall quality all superb. I like the face color particularly as he is a champ it will make him stand out. I like the unorthodox coloring of the bases too. Fantastic work.
Originally Posted by Shogun_Nate View Post
Fine job on the mini bud! You get kudos for the hand-painted symbols. They really give the minis extra character. The paintjob is overall, quite well-done and I have to agree about the color of the head in that I like it. It sets him apart. What really catches my eye is the detail of the horns. I don't know why but they just do. Keep up the good works!

Good luck and good gaming,

Thanks guys, the icons are one of my favorite things about this army. I tried, but disliked transfers. Also attempted to draw on the same icons with micro-pens, which worked great till I got them wet, oops! So I finally got up the nerve to freehand them and am quite proud of the results. After my first squad I've tried to match the icon on each model as much as possible to their respective heads, horn for horn and grimace for grimace.

Oh, and the horns are simply black drybrush over a white to orange blend. Another poster, which I can't find the post at the moment, had chaos marines with horns fading from red to black. Tried the same, but with orange to complement the turquoise head.
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Now THAT is very cool. I love the head, it pops against the matted red color so well. Very twisted. +rep.

Eyes without life, maggot-ridden corpses, mountains of skulls. These are some of my favourite things.
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Originally Posted by Jayeldog View Post
What have I learned? Do not thin down your base coat 16:1 with water, it takes forever! 4:1 Water to paint works fine to build up the base coat. 6 or 8 to 1 works good for the shadows and highlights.
I LOL'd when I read that.

I would say your first attempt at glazing was a success. Whils the shading is very subtle and I almost comment on it till I blew the picture up and noticed the molted property of it, looks like you snapped a bit of it while the armors tones are shifting. The silver is a bit bright but does look good on the model. Keep up the great work and post more of your stuff!
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Thanks guys, I promise to dirty up the silver! The 5 man squad is close to being finished, hopefully tomorrow when I'm off work they will be done. Another 5 termies are right behind which were brought along much faster with the help of an airbrush for the basecoat of gory red, and even the shadows and highlights on one model.

Created a tutorial for how the power weapons were done, which is waiting approval in the painting tutorial area. Hope it makes the grade! The turnout on the other models was even better than the champion's axe, and I may repaint his to match the rest.
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Yay! I finally finished the whole squad! Well, besides touchups. The tutorial on creating power weapons using propylene glycol was approved and can be found here.

The full squad:

This fella has an arm from the possessed marine box set.

Tried out doing electical arcs on this guy's power fist. Turned out pretty well, though its a bit messy on the flat area, and I'll probably clean it up some.

Somewhere along the lines I lost the emblem holding shoulder pad for this model and had to create a replacement. Its a combination of spare regular size shoulder pad and plasti-card, which I got to use for the first time. Its fun stuff!

Last but not least, the heavy weapon man. Managed to drop the whole squad on the floor and have yet to find this guy's other spikey embellishment, damn!

And you can see here his loadout and shoulder pad are magnetized:

Minus some little fixes, touchups (including washing the bases to darken them overall) and sealing, these guys are done at last.

Here is a peak at the next 5 termies. Used a possessed marine chest piece on him which has turned out nicely.
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that possessed marine chest looks right at home. Nice work. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Sanity is for the weak.
'Evil will triumph because good is dumb.' Dark Helmet,Spaceballs
According to LUKEVALENTINE's test i am a diciple of khorne. Figures really.
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Dazed and confused.
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Fantastic looking models. I don't think the silver needs toning down any, chaos and dirty do not necessarily go hand in hand. The only one I don't like is the guy with the huge tusks, but that's down to the sculpt of the helmet. I always get an image of an argument kicking off in the LR about where he's sticking his tusks.
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Very impressive integration of the Possessed pieces; especially the chest plate.

Your red and silver continue to be smooth and look great as a squad.

I do not like the GW mega-tusks or the trophy fences; however, you have painted both very well.

Having seen the turquoise face in a squad it does stand out less; however I still think it need to be further differentiated from the bases.
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Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
Very impressive integration of the Possessed pieces; especially the chest plate.

Your red and silver continue to be smooth and look great as a squad.

I do not like the GW mega-tusks or the trophy fences; however, you have painted both very well.

Having seen the turquoise face in a squad it does stand out less; however I still think it need to be further differentiated from the bases.
The tusks I have no bigger problem with, those I like. But the fences I do not!

Overall, continue with this glory in Chaos name!
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