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Default Painting Black Legion?

Hey everyone.

As some of you may or may not know I am having alot of trouble deciding on a paint scheme that I like, for a CSM Legion whose fluff I also enjoy. Unfortunately because of the recession I won't be buying any new models anytime soon and I only have exactly the models I need for my 1500pt army, so I have no real room for much experimentation with the many different schemes.

Now I love the silver and red of the Wordbearers but hate their religious iconography (all those scrolls on their armour etc) so they are out.

I enjoy the Iron Warriors, but think that en masse they might look awful with too many danger stripes and I can't really use my lesser Daemons and be fluffy IMO.

This leaves the Black Legion. These guys would have been my first choice anyway (and I won't be doing them with just taking Plague Marines/Zerkers/Lash Princes). But the problem I'm having is understanding how exactly you paint them ... and paint them well?

So ..... long story short my two questions are :

1. What exactly is the BL paint scheme as I've seen alternating silver bottom trim, gold shoulder pad trim and also all gold trim versions?

2. I'm really trying hard to improve my painting skills and show off some well finished and nice looking models as well as playing with them. Therefore would there be any way to demonstrate painting skill with such a basic paint scheme? It seems you just base them chaos black, paint the trim either silver/gold or gold and your pretty much done. Also what about all black vehicles, is there anyway to make them semi-unique or stand out with such a plain seeming scheme.

Any and all help would be really appreciated as I'm anxious to get started painting, after my Slaanesh Warband had to be cancelled, because my friend is doing that legion already. Therefore I'm kind of hoping to do the Black Legion if I can better understand their paint scheme.

If you need any other info in order to help me out just ask or send me a message.

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Check out the tutorial section for help painting a good black.

You can definitely show off your skills with a black army, as it's a very difficult colour to paint without it looking too flat, or the highlights looking too bright. Gold trim seems to be the most popular, but i've seen art with silver too so i think you can use either.

With regards to the word bearers scheme, why not use the scheme for your own warband if you really like the scheme but don't like their iconography?

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highlighting black with codex grey and fortress grey really helps. Also, little detail parts that would normally be black or another dark color for models whose base color is say, red (for example) make those brighter. Like, on space marines the joint parts like the backs of their knees I paint boltgun metal. But yeah, like varakir said other colors for the most part look really bright on black, its the most dominating paint I think. One layer of black is usually plenty but one layer of white is far from finished.

Learning to use black well is all about how to make the other colors really stand out in my opinion, in other words relying on the black as background instead of the eye catcher if that makes sense, and then the black will naturally look appealing. Something you can do if your highlights or other colors look to bright is paint a dark wash over them.

for example if you use codex grey highlights go back over them with badab black to darken them a bit and make them not so distracting.

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Varakir has a point. It is difficult to paint a good black. There is little room for the brightness gradient when the shadow color and the base color are both black. On the other hand for us less impressive painters black is easier.....its black. I personally use a very simple method for my black legion. Base coat black and highlight /drybrush with codex grey. In some cases i have gotten a little technical and highlighted in three stages from black+codex grey then codex grey and then a very very fine highlight of codex grey with a hint of skull white. Then wash the whole lot with devlan mud. My guys are allways looking grimy. An alternative would be to wash with baddab black for the clean black look. I have seen some guys use a similar method but the final wash was blue or purple or green. This can give a very nice effect. Take all this with a grain of salt. I am no painting wizzard. Guys like varakir know their stuff better than i do.

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its a good idea to paint the base a bright color as well, or have sand on it or something. forgot to mention that.

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when i paint my black legion soldiers I try to incorporate at least one bright piece of armor or weaponry that catches the eye and stands out against the black. Take for instance a power sowrd, painting it with cackling red lighting flying through the blade helps it stand out. Theres a tutorial for that on this site.
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I've found using very dark greys & brown-greys instead of straight chaos black to be much better looking. Also if you're going to highlight chaos black I've found codex grey & then fortress grey to be a bit too extreme, 30:70 (chaos black:codex grey) and then pure codex grey work much better IMO.

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Right, there is going to be alot of +Reps going out here because ..... I've just found my Legion lol.

No longer will my boxes of unpainted Chaos models torment me with their eyes, or judge me as I sit and help paint my nephew's Tau army.

I think what has most clearly been explained is that you can add colour in different ways to help make the black less bland and boring. So their trim, their weapons, their hair/unmasked faces etc are all places to add that extra colour and detail.

Two units I'm specifically thinking of are my new Plastic Pink Horrors and Tzeentch Daemon Prince, which I can do a rich pink and blue respectively to add colour to the army.

Thanks alot guys, and I hope that some of you stop by and check out my project log once I get it started up.
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