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Default Traitor IG?

I am considering collecting an IG list, and was wondering if it is legal to model them as traitor guard?

Basically, i will be using all of the IG models, but will paint/model them with chaos icons etc.

Legal good idea? Or stupid idea?

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fully legal, as the only renegade list is in the IA books, and most, if not all tournys wont allow IA books to be used. so its fine to use the IG codex for traitor guard

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Do it. Chaos is the way.

Sanity is for the weak.
'Evil will triumph because good is dumb.' Dark Helmet,Spaceballs
According to LUKEVALENTINE's test i am a diciple of khorne. Figures really.
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My IG are Blood Pact. I use the IG Codex and just paint everything dark red and put Khorne icons & decals on everything.

I'm also using the new Blood Angels Codex for my Renegade Space Marine chapter.

Chaos Loves you and will never reject you...DOO EEEET!
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Yey another blood pact fella!

I do have the 2nd vraks book, but really want the 3rd so its all "up to date".

I like the idea of varying leadership and the ability to take rhinos and chimeras!

Also having zerkers as a elite choice was pretty sweet!

Let the Galaxy Burn.
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It's a great way to get a characterful army.
There is absolutly nothing rules wise to stop you painting and modelling you army however you want and I've just started to play about with a few guardsmen I found lying around to make them trator guard although mine are on the turn and will still keep the same uniforms as their more faithful brother guardsmen but with all the imperial iconography crudely smashed off and with chaos symbols freshly painted.

<img src="" alt="Broken Daemon Image" /><br><a
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'counts as' is the single greatest thing that GW has ever done.

I'm planning to do a Havoc Squad of 5 soldiers, but instead of marines, it's going to be a number of self-propelled walkers equipped with magnetised heavy weaponry led by a Chaos Techpriest.

On the subject of Rat Ogres:
But if we give them laser eyes and mounted guns, we'll have to bring in Clan Skryre, and everyone knows how much those limp-tailed snuff addicts overcharge.
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Originally Posted by NerdyOgre254 View Post
'counts as' is the single greatest thing that GW has ever done.
I fully agree. Since GW has a thing with not updating models and some of these models have gone completely unchanged for 3-4 editions, counts-as is the single best way to give them a face lift and to give your own army some uniqueness and personality.

Ontop of the fact that you can "counts as" just about anything as long as it is modeled Salamander Bikers on Cold Ones...Space Wolf Bikers on..well..Wolves. Imperial Guardsmen on those 2 wheel upright thingies as all depends on them being modeled correctly as far as gear goes. And "counts as" can also be good for doubling a models usage.

My Librarian I made counts as Mephiston in larger games..and in smaller games, just an Epistolary. It cuts down on the confusion of using a Mephiston model as a normal librarian, as well as prevents people from going "SHIT! MEPH! FOCUS FIRE!" and vaping him in 1 round..when he's not being used as Meph.

So, yeah..counts-as is amazing. IG 'dex for Traitor the immortal words of Rob Schneider..."YOU CAN DO IT! BITE HIS FREAKING HEAD OFF!"
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That's a neat idea I've been considering also for a while. I think you should do it.

It's time to purge them. Give them no quarter, no mercy. Slain them, impale them, destroy them. Make them wish they were death. Let them burn, let them suffer and let them listen to our battlecry. ¡All Praises! ¡Chaos Victor!".-Chaos Lord Pertinax at the siege of Fevelfosk.
"For each hero's song, thousands die alone...unsung and unrememberd." Anonymous.
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Yeah. I personally use Blood Pact taken from a mish mash of old codices and chapter approved articles but for competitive play totally go for the IG codex. For some modelling advice you can always check out my traitor project in my sig (shameless promotion I know).
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