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Really really REALLY nice pictures! What Im wondering is what you used for their heads and their platforms? Like the Valkyrie, love the plate. What did you make that out of?
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+ rep for sure. These look great, for Nurgle anyway and I love the idea of the Old school stuff with the new school items. I have always liked the idea of traitor guard and you have done a great job with these.


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Thanks for all the nice comments and the nice PM's with rep-add-ons (I still gotta figure out what that's all about exactly)!

And sorry for the late reply, but I have been floored by a nasty sinus-infection.

The Wraithlord, thanks for noticing that! You'd be amazed how difficult it is, and how much work it takes to make something look grimey and dirty
The fig that took the most work in the whole sequence of piccies is my Blight Drone, where I passed an insane amount of tipe on the rust...

Forkmaster, the heads from my troops (the helmeted ones with gasmasks) are from WestWind productions. The ones on my Mutants are both from Westwind and from
For all details, check Comrades' thread on gasmasks where I listed example-piccies and references.
The platforms you refer to are simply the Games Workshop bases, with a rubber, self-adhesive road glued on top.
It's from a company called "Busch" and is called "Kopfstein Pflaster" (HO 7078)
I add some sand mixed with pebbles here and there, and then paint, drybrush and wash.

Shaantitus, yes, those Hop-Splatta's make for some very good-looking Autocannons, don't they?
Also, they give a nice late WWI, early WWII feel to the whole army, which complements nicely with the gasmasks I'm using.

Gubnutz, like you, I always wanted to do Traitor Guards, mainly because fluffwise they are about the single greatest threat to the Empire that Chaos poses, but are sorrily "forgotten" by GWS most of the time, excluding some specific armylists/unit entries in White Dwarf or campaign Codexes.

Oh, and I haven't shown you guys the following yet :

Heavy Support
Turret Emplacements with Battle Cannons :

Leman Russes
Vanquisher :

Executioner :

Demolisher :

Two Nurgle Obliterators (for those Apocalypse games) :

And last, bot not in the very least
Super Heavies
Valdor Tank Hunter :

Only one super heavy at the moment, but the plans for changing that are ready for execution
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Absolutely frickin awesome! I love the Ogryns they remind me of that dude off Bioshock for some reason, really loving them!

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Those Ogryns are indeed sweet sculpts aren't they?
The moment they appeared in the advanced order section of the FW-site, I clicked on the Order-button

Now, when you take all of the figs of the previous posts, and put 'em on a table, it looks something like this :

That poor UltraMarine is easily identifyable, even from afar

A couple of close-ups…
Ogryns with a couple of Guardsmen :

The Plague Marines :

Onwards and forwards!

The me-perspective (when gaming, of course) :
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Searching for Vulkan
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GAAAHHH.... It pains me so to see the heroes of the Imperium fall to such lies and deciet of the warp....... Your models look good man!!1 Nice looking army fo sho

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Dazed and confused.
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I rarely use swear words when complimenting an army, but these are fucking fantastic! I love the little diorama on top of the Valdor. This army really stands out from all other Nurgle armies by a long way.
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There are so many awesome Nurgle's armies here, on Heresy...
Not-so-long-ago I've decided to play Nurgle's Marines, now I've realised that renegades from militia, IG and pirates will be even greater.
+rep, as much I can give.

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Superb them fella :-) Good to see plenty of attention to detail and modelling skills in there.

Have a dose of Rep :-)

"I no longer think of them as animals Ahmuz, though I once did. I now think of them as the purest of us all. Incorruptable. Single-minded. The perfection of my father's vision." - Magnus the Red.
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sweet muffin cannonball christ, that's good.

On the subject of Rat Ogres:
But if we give them laser eyes and mounted guns, we'll have to bring in Clan Skryre, and everyone knows how much those limp-tailed snuff addicts overcharge.
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