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Where is Jessica Hyde?
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Painting is one of those things in the hobby that can sometimes be difficult to get to grips with.

The first thing is not to get disheartend by not being able to paint as well as other people.

The next thing is to start simple. Regardless of the army, the first thing to practise is painting neatly. Dont worry about using highlights, washes, blending, drybrushing or any of these techniques. Just get a squad of figures and practise painting inside the lines. As the more you practise, the better you will get.

I am teaching my son to paint and this is the biggest skill you can learn. Once you can put the paint exactly where you intend on a mini you have cracked it.

Lastly, try to put some of your work in the painting/modeling section and ask for advise. Besides looking at other peoples work, we like helping people who ask for help.

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thanks all you guys, i am definetly setting my standards too high! I just need to practice more and not give up half-way through a model!
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Originally Posted by Necronion squirrel View Post
I so badly want my models to look like the ones in the codex and rulebook
I've been painting for 13yrs and still haven't got near that standard, you shouldn't give yourself such high expectations, just do the best you can now, and then do the best you can tommorrow, then the next and the next, you will improve, it takes a little thing called time, and 7 months is just a drop in the ocean

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The best way to learn is to try and find someone patient and not to bad at painting and get them to teach you.(I've been teaching my 7 yr old and he's improved fairly quickly with someone showing him).
Not everyone can read about a painting technique and go away and learn it I know I can't but with a general idea and a bit of direction you should be able to reach a good gaming standard fairly quickly then its up to how hard you try as to how good you get.

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Why don't you post pics of some of your minis. Maybe we can see something you're missing.
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As everyone has said - don't be disheartened. I began plastic soldiers and kits when I was about 7. That's more than 30 years ago, and I'm still rubbish. The important point to me is, that it doesn't matter!

My advice is keep it simple. Whoever suggested a coat of boltgun metal (or other silvery paint) and a black wash for your Necrons has suggested one way of doing it. Equally, a black undercoat and a drybrush/highlight of boltgun metal will also do the trick. There are few simpler paintschemes you can do. They won't look as good as they do in the codex - but, as someone pointed out, some of those painters have been doing this for longer than you've been alive! They also do it as a job, whereas we're just hobbyists.

So, rather than getting frustrated and disappointed, I'd say - lower your expectations. Sounds a bit crass and pessimistic, but from tiny acorns, yada yada. You have to start somewhere. Can I suggest you try to get 5 Necrons painted in 2 colours that you're reasonably happy with? That might give you the confidence to go for the heady realms of oooh, painting their eyes with tiny dots of pale green, for instance (that reminds me, I need to repaint all my Necrons' eyes, I did them red instead of green... d'oh!).

Hope to see some Necrons (really, everyone's right, the Eldar are hard to paint!) in the Galleries soon!

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[QUOTE=DarknessWithin;307726]Ok, first say it with me, Screw trying to paint eldar! And repeat! Im not insulting anyone im just saying that they are one of the hardest armies to paint

First, gotta argee. The biggest reason I never did an Eldar army..one has to be a pretty good painter to do 'em justice. Second, like everyone said, take your time, be patient with yourself. Lot of it is color combo. Finding the right colors helps alot, then just go with the flow. You'll get there, don't get discouraged.
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ok so im a good painter i started at the same age with eldar (not very smart) but i painted like constantly with orks and learnt heaps of quick tricks like drybrushing the easy way and highlighting the easy way its all in practise 4 years of painting something like 5 hours a week (holidays like 10-15) makes painting so much easier
just look at your start models and think about how they could be improved and get feed back from family it does help a lot!
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There's a saying, which, paraphrased (mostly because I can't remember it exactly) goes, "An artist is only as good as the tools he has." It -really- applies to painting miniatures, I think. A good brush-- something better than what you'd get at a craft store and made specifically for painting miniatures, and higher quality paint (Reaper Master Series, Vallejo, and even P3 are far and away superior from Citadel) helps a lot.

From there, mastering three basic skills will put you well on your way to making your models look as good as they do in the books. Drybrushing, washing, and layering are all easy to learn and are staples of every good painter.

Drybrushing is a simple way of highlighting the raised areas of a miniature without specifically picking them out. Ideally, you've got a flat brush, rather than a round brush, to do this with, and one that you've devoted solely to drybrushing since it's rather hard on brushes anyway. After putting some paint on the brush, wipe most of it away on a cloth or tissue-- you want it to look like there's nothing left on the brush. Then, lightly brush the area you want to highlight. Eventually, the paint that is left on the brush will be picked up on the raised surfaces. It's better to spend more time brushing rather than apply more paint per stroke, as it gives you more control with the highlights.

Washing is sort of the antithesis of the drybrush. To wash, either use the pre-mixed Games Workshop washes, or thin your paint with a ratio of about 80&#37; water to 20% paint. You're looking for a darker shade of the area you're washing. From there, apply it to the model, and it'll naturally flow into the recesses, shading the model without any finesse required. Again, it's better to use multiple thin washes rather than one heavier, thick one.

Layering is probably the most simple of techniques. After basecoating an area with a dark color, apply a lighter shade of the same color, leaving the darker color showing in the recesses. Then, apply a lighter shade of the mid-tone, leaving some of the mid-tone showing. This is basic three-stage highlighting, and creates a nice gradient that's very easy to do. It's best to use the point of the brush to paint in general, but particularly when layering so that you're able to keep paint from spilling into the recesses and areas you want to stay darker. As always, it's better to have two or three thin layers of a single shade to get a smooth coat rather than one thick one.


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uses flat colours and easy techniques like drybrushing
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