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Default Titan Advice Needed

So this summer I've decided that in my brief break from school I'm going to try and assemble an Imperator class Titan (to scale) from scratch. Has anyone attempted this or something like this before? If so, do you have an advice?

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There's allot of projects logs out there for titans. The general consensus is that to build a to scale titan it would be easier to make a costume and stand on the table.

But if you're seriously I'd recommend light and sturdy materials.
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I'd always thought something like UPVC plumbers' tubing for the skeletal structure...? Should be strong enough, but also light, and would allow you to drill through it relatively easily to attach other sections.

With any project this size - especially one THIS size - sketch your arse off, get every idea and proportion nailed before you even consider touching plastic, and check out every bit of art and pic of other peoples' projects you can. Many of the Imperator Titan drawings/builds out there look, frankly, ridiculous - people seem to get so hung up on the 'cathedral/castle on the top' bit that they forget to get everything else looking balanced. The legs have to be big enough to credibly accommodate at least a company of troops each, internally, along with the purely structural and mechanical elements of the Titan's own structure - often you see Imperators with huge lower legs and ridiculously tiny/skinny upper legs that ruin the proportions.

And remember just how FUCKING STUPEFYINGLY ENORMOUS these bastards really are - even the FW Reaver, lovely as the model is, is smaller than it should be. Read Titanicus and Storm Of Iron for good fluff descriptions of these things - I can't see any way a 40K scale Imperator could credibly be less than 2 metres tall. Minimum. This is a city-killing behemoth that can annihiliate Reaver Titans without even really noticing it's doing it, and even Warlords, individually, pose little real threat.

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Depending on how much time you can put into it each day, how quick you are and how much detail you want to put on it (e.g. A basic shell + chassis? Or fully detailed?), you might want to revise your timetable...these things are going to take ages to make it look finished.
It may be better to take the time to just sketch what you want so that you get all the proportions right and get started on one section, rather than trying to cram the whole thing into one break.

Foam card could well be your friend here, because it's very light and should be sturdy enough (as long as it's not taking much weight).

I'd agree with using the plumbers pipe too...it's very cheap, sturdy and light.
I'd also recommend building it in sections, making a separate base for it and magnetising them or some other way of making it so that they are detachable, so that you can transport and store this behemoth.

Is the idea that you are just making the outer casing? Or are you wanting to have pieces removable so that you can see the inside of it?

I'd definitely agree with Svartmetall about sketching things out loads of times.
I've never built one but, if it helps, you could start with looking at the top of the shoulders and then work out the proportions from that..?
I read a BL novel where Imperials were taking an Imperator back from some Orks and they were fighting amongst one or more courtyards and temples on top of the Titan, so if you can measure 4-6 buildings when at your local game shop, this might give you an idea of how vast this thing truly is.

I don't know the exact proportions or dimensions but, if you are looking at scale, from what I have seen, the Imperator's legs seem to be almost 1/2 the overall height (i.e. barring additional crenellations/towers/etc).
So, if this thing is 2m tall, then about 80-100cms of that is going to be legs and groin/lower torso.

If you want to imagine scale, how about putting at least 30-50 standard infantry bases together in a square or circle? In Epic 40K, you could put 150 guards into each leg, so 30-50 would give you a potential inner size for each footprint in layers.
But -depending on how much detail you want to add- don't forget to allow extra room for things like ladders, stairs, lifts etc (and also for the outer armour and feet, too).

I wondered if one or two of the 40K building kits which have the Imperial eagle over the doorway might be a good size on the front of one of an Imperator's shins? (i.e. you might need 4 of these to do the fronts of both legs)?

Hope this might help and please would you keep us posted on your ideas/thoughts/progress?

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I've been doing a lot of research online regarding this subject and in regards to size there appears to be two camps, the 30-39 inch camp and the six foot tall camp. I'm going to go for the former figure as a base line as that seems so much more manageable.
Svartmetall, yeah, I'm planning on using PVC piping for the skeletal structure. Part of my plan is to basically build it in three parts: the legs, a removable torso, and a removable back/carapace with towers. Head and gun arms will either be attached permanently to the torso or will be removable.
Not sure if I want to make certain sections removable or not. Maybe if this goes well I'll do a Mark II and try out different ideas.

Finished: Too Much Love Will Kill You (working title), an original fiction novel. Working on: Second draft of Too Much Love, and the first draft of A Winter's Tale (working title).
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I have done a couple of gargants which are ork titans and getting them close to looking good has taken about a year each. As others have said getting the scale right is hard even building in sections the scale could be wrong on different parts. I had two arms that were different sizes on mine so I had to redo both.

I would say take your time with it and do it up nice and detailed even if it blows your time line. I found with titans the details really make these things nice to look at not the size of them. So focus on correct portions and detailing would be my two cents to add to it.

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Mate to be honest I would not go for a scale perfect Imperator based on fluff as the inconsistencies in 40k fluff are extreme, I would base the scale off how forge world have done the reaver at 16" which would probably have a warlord at 24" tops including weapons and you could base the Imp at 40". Now I think the Imp titan is a horrible model with those completely impractical and ridiculous gothic style towers so you could go for a more Germanic bunker style set up on the shoulders. As for materials upvc piping and styrofoam and plasticard, my two cents anyhoo hope it goes well for you

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Thanks for all the advice. I plan to make a project log for anyone who is interested.

Finished: Too Much Love Will Kill You (working title), an original fiction novel. Working on: Second draft of Too Much Love, and the first draft of A Winter's Tale (working title).
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look up blackadders warlord titan, that will give you some good places to start.

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