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Default There are days that what I pull out of my bitz box scares me...

so I hooked up with a gaming group that is presently running a Rogue Trader campaign and is preparing to run a Death Watch game. All goes well until our most recent gaming session where our group is attacked by a bunch of thugs. so the GM draws out the map of where we are so we can see cover options and how far from each thug we are, we put our models where they need to be for the encounter and the GM puts down... a bunch of dice to represent the thugs. Yes, we were proxying the attacking thugs with dice. Later in the same session we got into a ship battle. Our ship? A bottle of Coke. The enemy ships? A beer cap, 2 scraps of paper with numbers on them and a dice.

If it's not apparent from the way I'm writing this I utterly despise having to proxy stuff like this. There are so many great models out there that using a guard models to stand in for thugs: that's cool. I can live with that. Using dice to stand in for thugs... okay now I'm not so cool with that. Am I expecting the GM to run out buy a bunch of BFG ships and Guard models just so we have those exact models for the game? No. But with 8 people in the party I think we can put our resources together to cover most possibilities. And if we run into a situation where we get hit by something we just don't have a model for, okay we can still stick a Dreadnought model or a Baelrog model on the board. Just... please NOT dice or scraps of paper.

So, I've been bitz box diving to see what I can toss at the group. I asked the guy who's DMing the death watch game what sorts of enemies we can expect to face so I had some idea of what to toss in the box. Well... you ever have one of those days where you're diving through your bitz box looking for stuff and you find other things that might be of use? Yeah that's what I've done lately:

As you can see I've assembled a rather impressive group of models and such to use in the RPG games.

I built this Grey Knight mostly because the parts had been staring me in the face for the last week. First time I've used the muzzle flash bitz. Have to say I rather like them. Will probably be using them more. I figure we can use it as an NPC marine in the Death Watch campaign. Or who knows maybe the GM will be psycho enough to actually have us meet up with a Grey Knight. God that'd be a trip, Death Watch + a Grey Knight....

I've built a bunch of guardsman but I still need to build more. I want to give the GM a series of 3 distinct groups of models:

"Thugs" IE Guardsman that moonlight as bouncers/enforcers/robbers/ect. I'm using a combination of Guardsman and Maurader parts with some other random parts thrown in for good messure. I want to make this group look "smelly". Like they're those big ugly guys that would saunter in, take over one entire side a bar and no one wants to deal with them just because they're so loud, fowl mouthed and obnoxious. Oh and they smell bad, like mad BO problems in this group.

The second group I'm building is more or less your typical Guard. These guys may be regular army, port security, Planetary guard, whatever. They're here for the job or the glory.

And then finally I'm building a group of traitor guard. I have no clue where or when I got the Traitor guard torsos from, but whatever. They came out of my bitz box... which is suddenly making me worried that my Bitz Box may be random creating forge world models...Why don't you make me a Reaver titan or a Thunder hawk!?

Here we have my Devastator Marine for the upcoming Death Watch Campaign. I give you Brother Quintus:

Quintus was part of the Ultramar Defense during the first Tyrannic war and the sole survivor of his respective squad. When his friend Marcus, whom Quintus had known and been a rival of since before they were selected to become Ultramarines, was killed Quintus took Marcus' Heavy bolter as his preferred weapon.

I have him magnetized so that as needed I can swap weapons on him.

You can read his full profile here.

Aaaaaaaand what Death Watch would be complete with out the Obligatory Genestealers to kill?

I swear these things just bred in my bitz box somehow. I've never played Tyranids, and outside of one conversion I've never used Genestealer models before so I truely have no idea where or when I got 32 Genestealer models from. But whatever, more for Quintus to shoot at.

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Some nice, out-of-the-ordinary mini's there mate, what a pity that your Deathwatch team will all be mind wiped or executed for seeing a Grey Knight and your house will be Exterminatus'ed because of the 'Nid infestation.

Love to see these guys with some paint !
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ive accidentaly forgot to put on the lid for my glue once and it got knocked into the bitz box and i pulled out a ork stormboy rocket attached to a scenery tree and half of a high elf spearmen with an empty citadel foundation bottle

Originally Posted by
Bruva Alfabusa
"My first model had so many layers of paint, that an excavation team could probably find fossils in it".
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Bits boxes and firearm chambers are magical places where things simply appear there... Your kit bashes look absolutly fantastic as well! and with so little green stuff.

If you find random weapon bitz you can cut them up and glue them together to make some small ships with BTW. I.e. two bolters, cut the grip, forearm, and file the front flat. glue them side by side, then take an ork gun with the huge front barrel (appears to be water cooled like the old school single barrel machine gun.) cut the barrel off and glue that to the front... then use eldar shurikan "magazines" (for lack of a better term) on the sides for wings/fins. and you've got an interesting little ship. little bit of green stuff and you could have something very original.
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the way my group solved that was a strict rule that everyone had to make their own marine (we are playing deathwatch) and we only fought armies that one of our group owned. at the time were traitor guard and plague marines.

IMHO that is the best way to do it.

Ive started to update this project loge again, you should all check it out. it has some stupid things on it, and some fun things on it haha

Order of the Crimson Dawn (Rogue trader pirates, using Coteaz henchmen spam rules)
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Where did you get the muzzle flash bitz?

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Originally Posted by CattleBruiser View Post
Where did you get the muzzle flash bitz?
They look like the ones from Armorcast to me; I'm curious as to where he got the metal ammo belt.

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Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
They look like the ones from Armorcast to me; I'm curious as to where he got the metal ammo belt.
The flash bitz came out of a package with a card in it that says "Armorcast" so that seems like a reasonable assumption. As for the Ammobelt, I want to say they came from Dragon Forge Studios, but I'm not 100% positive about that.

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Well this one wasn't pulled out of my bitz box. I did go out and buy this one speccifically. Still it is for my upcoming DW game. The GM has expressed a request to have 2 broods of Genestealers with brood lords. Now I like the look of the Broodlord model, but not the positioning of it. So I took the model and modified it to something I like a bit more.

I wanted to make this Broodlord to look as it was crouching in preparation for a charge attack or facing off against someone/thing. Think of the movie Predator where Dutch was facing off with the hunter. The way the Hunter was hunching over almost bearing its' fangs at Dutch. That's what I was going for with this model.

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i know what you mean, i found loads of cool stuff in my boxes, and some fully assembled genestelers |(though like you, i dont remember ever buying or making them)
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