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  1. El Mariachi
    10-20-13 02:23 PM - permalink
    El Mariachi
    Hi Jezlad,

    In response to your blanket email, the only reason I don't come to Heresy Online anymore is because after 15 years, I finally dropped Games Workshop and miniature wargaming as a hobby about a year ago.

    There are multiple reasons (including trying to pursue real life dreams and ambitions) but the fact of the matter is the expense to keep playing was no longer worth it for the amount of fun I was getting out of it. I stopped buying my own figures regularly after 2007, after 2011 I felt the prices were too high to stopped requesting minis as gifts on birthdays/xmas and as of last year, lost interest in learning new rules and playing with the stuff I already have because I've moved on to other hobbies and interests.

    Best of luck with the site.
  2. Myen'Tal
    10-20-13 04:35 AM - permalink
    Hey Jezlad,

    I am still checking HOL every now again, especially if I need questions answered for anything Warhammer related. The only reason I might leave is because I think I've spent way too many years browsing through 40k forums . I will come back to Heresy from time to time, but I think I need to begin moving on at some point.

    I'm not trying to complain or anything, but I don't think I'm meshing with other members so well. No conflicts or anything like that, just seems that not too many people actually want to respond to me. I don't really get sense of comaraderie with the forums to become really connected to HOL. I understand that I take part of the blame for that, perhaps I didn't try enough.

    I think there are some very awesome people on this forum, and I think Heresy is still one of the greatest forums I've come across since after 40KOnline's massive exodus. I hope your forum rises out of the ashes like a Phoenix and will be here for many more years to come.
  3. squadiee
    10-20-13 01:07 AM - permalink
    Hey Jezlad,

    Got your blanket email. I haven't moved on for any reason other than I play much less 40K now. The rules update far too quickly for my wallet (I am that poor). This community is and always will be great! I didn't realise it had got so bad on the site, and although I don't play too much 40K, I still play Only War, Inquisitor and Necromunda if that ever helps you.

    PM if you want anything more roleplay rather than table top based

  4. GeneralSturnn
    10-19-13 04:54 PM - permalink
    I'm always here and will never leave, I just have other places to go, other games to play, other forums to visit, but I always come back here ultimately.
  5. VixusKragov
    10-12-13 08:33 PM - permalink
    Saw the blanket email sent out the other day, and it was definitely a disheartening read.

    I haven't been active on Heresy for quite a bit, but I do remember how great the community was, both in terms of the effort and material that was put out by members, and the help received, in terms of both criticisms and advice, from the members that came before.

    Due to said absence, I can't provide much feedback on what might have caused the current incarnation of Heresy to come about- but I can say that I'm sure it's not all lost. Just skimming through the forums reassures me of that.

    So to you, and to all the mods, and all the users who keep Heresy afloat and great- keep up the good work.
  6. Dakingofchaos
    10-09-13 12:25 PM - permalink
    Alright mate,
    Read the e-mail and can see where your coming from, the forum seems to have moved on from 'the golden years' if you will. I havent moved on from the hobby and still find time to game and even paint regularly, just havent been posting down to the time it takes to upload photos! I think there is still a lot of good blogs being updated, but not much in terms of homebrew fiction - I still stalk the forums for some of Mossy's writing but dont see much new stuff. For me, juggling A levels, a crappy McDonalds job and my girlfriend I don't find much time to post.

  7. Alsojames
    10-09-13 12:20 PM - permalink
    Yo, Jez wassup.

    I haven't really been active around here simply because, thanks to GW's stupid price hikes and my lack of a job, I've been losing interest in Warhammer. I've been playing now and then on Vassal and I'm keeping up with the lore, but I'm getting annoyed with GW's policies so it's not really something I'm still into as much as I used to be.

    I do still come to the site every now and again, but not much is happening so I don't comment as much.
  8. Critta
    10-09-13 08:11 AM - permalink
    Hi Jez, Not really been gaming much recently and had other commitments in my life. I still poke my head in every now and then and take a glance at what's going on, but haven't really got the time to log in as often as I used to. Hope you sort out your issues and get things going strong again soon.
  9. forkmaster
    10-09-13 07:12 AM - permalink
    I take it the mail should be left here then! I haven't left, as much as I am forced to leave! I'm currently writing a huge paper in history, and I barely have or shouldn't have time for anything else. I do post sometimes, but usually I don't get answers on my questions in the Fluff-area, and I'm kinda tired of tired pointless "V.S"-threads that doesn't go anywhere. Also I think the biggest problem is that such a small "elite" that can afford the hardbacks can discuss the books much earlier than me. So when I'm actually finished with my softback, the discussions are already over. That thing I blame BL for. So if it weren't the uni-studies and BL fucking its fans over, I would be much more active.
  10. Dagmire
    10-09-13 07:02 AM - permalink

    Hi mate, I hope this email finds you well.

    I have started to get back into HOL as I have been away form the forums and to a lesser extent the hobby for a while now.

    I think my use of Facebook for hobbbying related goodness might have had an effect on the amount of time I spent on HOL.

    Being able to look at everything I want (family, friends, hobby) all in one place does have its pulls.

    I also think that as a community if a few "key players" leave then others follow suite. Maybe that happened towards the end of 5th ed 40k as people were getting bored of the gaming side of the hobby.

    Just my 2 pence.

    Hope it helps.


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