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  1. DelvarusThePitFighter
    09-01-15 09:35 AM - permalink
    Hi Stephan, I have a question, do u think FW will produce models for either of these characters- Argel Tal and Delvarus?

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    Anything that I do not play....
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    Against Raven guard-even though I lost bad it was funny seeing Shrike die to a single shuriken catap
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FW White Scars 07-31-15 05:59 PM good points all of them
Problems with CSM Codex 01-15-13 04:54 PM Very well said. 3.5 CSM is dead. Thank god.
Problems with CSM Codex 01-12-13 12:39 PM Good elaborations. Good grounded points. Have some rep. ;)
40k of Awesome 01-08-13 12:53 PM Nice point.
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