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Conversation Between Sangus Bane and TechPr1est
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  1. Sangus Bane
    11-16-12 05:29 PM - permalink
    Sangus Bane
    Thats a damn shame to hear. Teachers suck at planning stuff like that, I know.

    Tell the Dutch this (might wanna show him, you won't be able to pronounce it.) ''Gast, even dimmen over je spelletje, mensen proberen te leren, bij voorbaat dank!''

    Your character died a warrior's death alright, he shall be remembered.
  2. TechPr1est
    11-16-12 05:37 AM - permalink
    Pretty lousy, im in the final two weeks of grade 10 and the pressure is on for assignments. its like the teachers all plan to put the deadlines on the same day. This kid im sitting next wont shut up about minecraft. hes from the netherlnds and has Swanenburg for a last name so he gets teased about it and he is superovereactive and explodes.

    hows the RP? i noticed i died heroically.
  3. Sangus Bane
    11-16-12 12:36 AM - permalink
    Sangus Bane
    Whats up Brother? How's it been?
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