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Conversation Between Xabre and loki619
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  1. Xabre
    01-20-16 02:07 PM - permalink
    I tend to run bikes mostly. A prince with Combat Drugs, with a Shadowfield (2++) and a Void Saber works well, alongside a bike squad of 3 felarchs with venom blades, and a baron with a shimmer shield (for a 5++ for the whole squad).

    If you're using them for ranged (like bikes or balestrikes) I'd suggest using the FNP power (since relentless can't be pinned) and just using him as a tank with the shadowfield.
  2. loki619
    01-20-16 12:23 AM - permalink
    you dude u seems to be a good guy i can talk to about things eldar as no one else seems to answer i am working my corsair list but i have no idea how to run my prince do u have any good builds for them to share
    thx in adv
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