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Conversation Between lokis222 and Irmgaal
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  1. Irmgaal
    04-03-13 06:47 PM - permalink
    Hi there lokis222, I had to register and tell you that, I ran your tactic and followed your instructions to the letter and tabled my Necron opponent 13 - 0.
    Big Guns never Tire, Hammer and Anvil, let him deploy first and didnt grab Initiative.

    Kited him around for 5 Turns, popped all his vehicles and grabbed 3 Objectives. By the time I came within 24 inches he had lost most of his teeth...

    Thanks for the awesome and intelligent posts on the matter. The others didn't know what they were talking about. One thing I will remember... Play mindless swarm... get Pwned.

    Thanks again.



    That's the thing. The right list won't worry about the cover. Necrons have limited range. So, you build lists around exploiting this. You have three possible win conditions. Two of which are objective (...)
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