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Default 2.5k of scales...

ok so still pondering about army to expand into (and giving lizardmen some looking over atm. a lizardmen definitely looks like it would be an absolute blast to paint up, but i've not been keen on them (always seemed to be very OP - slann-mages). main question i have, right off the bat before the list, is this army doesn't have any stegadons (in any flavor) and wondering if it's a big stfu.gtfo mistake on my part?

2,500 Points - Lizardmen (2,498 Points)

Lords: 596 Points (23.84%)
Slann-mage - BSB, Cupped Hands of the Old Ones, Higher State of Consciousness, Lore of Beasts
Saurus Oldblood - Shield, Sword of Might, Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Ironcurse Icon

Heroes: 235 Points (9.40%)
Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Staff of the Lost Sun
Skink Priest - Lvl 2

Core: 906 Points (36.24%)
Saurus Warriors x30 - SB, Musician
Saurus Warriors x30 - SB, Musician
Skink Skirmishers x15
Skink Skirmishers x15

Special: 461 Points (18.44%)
Temple Guard x25 - SB, Musician, Sun Standard of Chotec

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Salamander Hunting Party
Salamander Hunting Party
Razordon Hunting Party
Razordon Hunting Party

- So split the hunting packs and skirmishers down the flanks and the priests attached to them can be used to fire off one empowered amber spear across a rank or some high toughness target on other side of board hopefully rather soon. Took the staff to help with ranged flank attacks.

- or should i swap lore of beasts for lore of shadows and drop the 2 skink priests altogether since no magic missile spells in shadow?

- lore of light might be a good pick with empowered speed and timewarp, doubt it, but chance to get both spells off without dispel and then warriors and temple guard could get across the field quicker with WS10/I10 and/or ASF. 2 magic missiles to bounce off skinks as well.

- thinking i might drop the dawnstone (1+/4++ is really good already) for a dispel scroll on 2nd lvl 2.

- not sure if it's worth taking the ironcurse icon so temple guard can use it?

- are razordons any good or should i switch them for 2x doubled up salamander parties?

- the saurus and temple blocks will be 10x3 or 6x5, but wondering if i should nab a couple more for each block so they can go 8x4?

- skink skirmishers too big or too small? they are not supposed to get caught up in cc hopefully, but nothing ever goes to plan, ever, so should i find points for 2x champs?

oh well, thoughts, suggestions, advice, C&C, etc. are always appreciated.



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I prefer that the oldblood have crown of command so he can hold one of the saurus units (which will sometimes lose combat and risk breaking). My son runs the Slann and oldblood combo and just recently went 4-0-1 and was second best general in a large and prominent Indy GT. He used armour of destiny and crown of command on his oldblood and becalming and focused rumination plus paque of tepok (giving the Slann five spells to roll for, which almost always allows for the spells he needs/want) and lore of life.

Two skink priests is too much, especially with each at lvl 2. Heavens is not strong enough of a lore and the Slann is your best castor. One priest with either a dispel scroll or cube of darkness is good enough. Some people run the skink priest as a lvl 1 (the signature spell is good) but it is nice to have a lvl 2 just incase the S. The Slann should have the two discliplines (becalming- the best magical defense) and Focused rumination (+1 PD peer casting attempt). You can almost buy the loremaster ability by simple buying plaquge of Tepok (knows +1 spell). While life is optimal for the Slann, Beasts is a good lore but does require cupped hand

I would switch the razors to double sally units. The ability to share handlers has benefits and the double shooting and march and shoot abilities make sallies awesome in 8th edition, especially against large rank and file units.

I would break the skink skirmishers into 3 units of 10 each. I would also consider a larger unit fo chameleon skinks (like 10) to go after war machines and tough monsters with lower saves.

You may find, depending on the local mix, that a TG unit of only 25 models is slightly small if you cannot use lore of life to regrow the unit and protect it with earthblood or flesh to stone. TG are good, but a unit of 25 is beatable, especially with the low initiatives of the models.
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so something like this then?

2,500 Points (even)

Lords: 621 Points (24.84%)
Slann-mage - BSB, Plaque of Tepok, Dragonbane Gem, Becalming Cogitation, Focused Rumination, Lore of Life
Saurus Oldblood - Gold Sigil Sword, Armour of Destiny, Crown of Comman

Heroes: 125 Points (5.00%)
Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll

Core: 825 Points (33.00%)
Saurus Warriors x30 - SB, Musician (10x3 or 6x5)
Saurus Warriors x29 - SB, Musician (10x3 or 6x5)
Skink Skirmishers x10
Skink Skirmishers x10

Special: 629 Points (25.16%)
Temple Guard x28 - SB, Musician, Sun Standard of Chotec (8x4)
Chameleon Skinks x10

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Salamander Hunting Party x2
Salamander Hunting Party x2

- thought about maybe making the skink priest lvl 1 and swapping the dispel scroll for scepter of stability and that gives me the points to take that lost sun staff. just thinking it would be useful out on the flanks.

- with the slann-mage buried in the second rank of the temple guard, do i need a champ in the TG block still? originally i had the oldblood in the TG block.

- still wondering if not having a stegadon (of any sort) in the list is a big mistake?

oh well, thanks for the info. any thoughts, suggestions, C&C are always appreciated...



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