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Default "Juggernauts of the Sand" Chaos Kill-Team and Fluff

An idea for a kill-team along with fluff, their isn't a lot of variance in the list, but I think the fluff gives it a number of good coversion possibilities.

Chaos Kill-Team, Juggernauts of the Sand

Chaos Terminator Champion
Heavy Flamer
55 points

Khorne Berserkers (5)
105 points

Total 160 points 1 mutable law broken

Two decades ago, the planet Osarius Beta came under siege from a fleet of ships from the World Eaters legion. The few Imperial ships in orbit were quickly wiped out, leaving the guardsmen on the surface to face the might of the traitors. The siege of Osarius lasted months, the Imperials holding out as they could against the brutality of Angronís warriors, but in the end, their faith wasnít enough, and the world fell to chaos. The citizens burned alive in vast pyres and itís warriors were butchered to the last man. The entirety of the fleets warriors swarmed through the ruins of the final city to fall. One group of berserkers in particular prowled the lower sections of the hive, praising their bloodthirsty god and honoring him with the blood of the families they found cowering there. Their slaughter complete, they returned to the surface and boarded their dropship. Approaching their cruiser as it pulled into low orbit to bombard the surface into ruin, a hole appeared in warpspace a hundred thousand kilometers from the edge of the system. A massive Imperial fleet dropped into real-space, holy warships of the Ordo Malleus and Space Marine battle barges sailed through the void alongside the warships of the guard. The battle was fierce, the flagship of the World Eaters fleet, Angronís Fury, obliterated a score of the Emperorís ships before it exploded in a massive ball of fire, taking another six ships full of loyalist scum with it. Perhaps fortunately, the shuttle carrying the berserkers had never reached itís destination. The fleets had intercepted each other as the dropship cleared the atmosphere and it was quickly targeted by the Imperiumís fighters. Numerous glancing blows along itís fuselage forced them back down to the surface of the planet. The landing was violent, the Skull Champion bellowed his challenges to the pitiful mortals that swarmed around them. He never stopped, not even when the shuttle slammed into the ground and impaled him on one of the beams that made up itís superstructure. Struggling from the wreckage, the berserkers found themselves caught up in a small-scale war that had erupted on the surface between the remaining forces of Khorne and the drop troops of the loyalist Space Marines. The closest immediate firefight was between two surviving chaos warriors clad in the ancient terminator armor against a squad of Dark Angels. The terminators fought with fury, hatred burning in their eyes, but the Angels had them outnumbered five to one. More then happy to even the odds, the berserkers charged into the rear of the loyalists. The battle was over quickly, but the loyalists still managed to slay another of the terminator clad warriors before they honored the Lord of Skulls with their heads. The mighty terminator reared up, towering over the Khorneites. Adorning his armor were symbols of death, skulls hung from chains and lined his shoulders impaled on spikes and the sigil of Khorne glowed on his shoulder in burning iron. Working the surviving berserkers into a bloodlust, he led them on a brutal spree through the streets, slaughtering any marine foolhardy enough to challenge them. Eventually, they found themselves alone, an Imperial lander sitting abandoned nearby. Climbing aboard, the warriors fled the planet, loosing themselves amongst the droves of other imperials leaving the surface. They had barely left the atmosphere when the black ships of the Inquisition unleashed the hell of Exterminatus onto Osarius Beta. Avoiding the ships of the Imperial fleet, the group eventually landed on the deathworld of Osarius Delta. Imperial troops soon landed, but the hostile deserts of the planet often made finding their own men, let alone a small squad of six chaos warriors, all but impossible. The group has since survived in the wilderness, their own brutality matching that of their new homes perfectly, striking at the Imperials where they could find them and slaughtering them in the name of their god. Called the Juggernauts of the Sand by the soldiers of the Imperial Guard, they have yet to leave any survivors and have plotted, as much as Khornites can be said to plot, for years and hope to find a way out of Imperial space and return to the glory of the Eye of Terror, blood surging around their feet and their armor weighed down with skulls for their lords throne.

Originally Posted by Lexington
Ward's writing is the graffiti of an imbecile, scrawled drunkenly on something well-loved, and simply pointing out that it can be true doesn't make it any more palatable.
-Tyranids are a state of hive mind.-

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I like it, but I seem to recall 2+ saves were an immutable 'one-offs' only law.

I wouldn't fault you for it, just letting you know it's there.

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Whoops, looks like I passed right over that.
I'll just need to re-write this then.

Originally Posted by Lexington
Ward's writing is the graffiti of an imbecile, scrawled drunkenly on something well-loved, and simply pointing out that it can be true doesn't make it any more palatable.
-Tyranids are a state of hive mind.-
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