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Default 3000 Point All-Around Effective Guard Army

My friends and I are pulling together a planetary campaign for 40k, and I, being the only IG player, now find myself surrounded by Tau, 'Nids, Chaos SM, and a custom-made SM chapter bred for close combat and mobility. Aside from a 1500 or so points defense force which will permanently inhabit our main cities, we each start with a 3000 point strike force to split up or build on as we see fit. We ARE including all the Imperial Armour books with no restrictions except that the initial strike force cannot include super-heavies, although they all will include heroes. Rather than going for a powerblob regiment or a rolling wall of iron, I instead decided to go with upgrades instead of numbers. I wanted a good all-around army without any glaring weaknesses that are inherent with conscript masses or pure armored companies because I don't know who I will be facing right off the bat, although I know the Tau will be powersuit based (every frakking unit except the occasional fire warrior has marker lights and a 4+ invul) and the Space Marines will be rapid attack blitzkrieg style. The list so far is...

-Colonel Straken+Command Squad
+Carapace Armour
+Heavy Flamer
+2 Plasma Guns
+2 Bodyguards


-Techpriest Enginseers (2 identical)
+4 Servitors (each)

-Ministorium Priests (2 identical)


+4 Hellstrike Missiles
+Armoured Cockpit

=Ordnance Battery
-Medusas (2 identical)
+Camo Netting
-Enclosed Basilisk
+Camo Netting

=Tank Pack

-Leman Russ Executioner
+Sponson Mounted Plasma Cannons
+Extra Armour

-Leman Russ Demolisher
+Heavy Flamer
+Sponson Mounted Multi Meltas
+Extra Armour

-Leman Russ Battle Tank
+Sponson Mounted Plasma Cannons
+Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter
+Extra Armour


-Veteran Squads (2 Identical Close Combat Style Squads in Chimeras with Priests)
+Heavy Flamer
+2 Flamers
+Grenadier Doctrine (Carapace Armour)

-Veteran Squads (2 Identical Heavy Style Squads on foot)
+2 Plasma Guns
+Forward Sentries Doctrine (Snare Mines and Camo Cloaks)


-Ratlings (5 total Ratlings in one squad)


-Chimeras (2 identical with Close Combat Flamer Vets inside)
+2 Heavy Flamers

-Devil Dog

-Bane Wolf
+Heavy Flamer

I apologize for the lengthiness of this list but it's IG. If you don't take up 2 pages worth of binder paper when writing your list, you didn't bring enough troops or your tanks are barebones. Any input whatsoever is much appreciated!

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I just looked at one of my 3000 point lists and it outnumbers your list by 72 Men and 2 Vehicles...I have a 1500 point list that has similar numbers to this list though.

My point been that building an IG list should be about keeping every unit as cheap as possible, while still giving it everything it needs to be efficient and capable in whatever role it has...usually equates to type and number of weapons and maxing out on warm bodies.

I can see 315 pts on Upgardes I wouldn't take for various reasons, and that's without accounting for some weapons choices (HF's and the mix of weapons within the same unit), and the choice of some units that aren't worth fielding (Techpriests).

That said, at 3000 points and for a Campaign you can take whatever you feel like and bugger the competitiveness of the list...which is fine

Some (most) of your builds are fine, others I would change -

- mixing SW's in the same squad is inefficient...give them all the same type so they are specialised - this goes for the CCS & Vet squads.

- HF's aren't worth 4x's the cost of the standard Flamer, plus giving them to your BS4 Vets isn't taking advantage of that BS at all and just makes them only as good as standard Guardsmen...Plasma/Melta for Vets is by far the best choice.

- on those dual HF Chimeras...I would never swap out the Turret Multi-laser because it is a versatile and capable weapon that has dual roles of anti- AV and Infantry. Also I doubt that anyone will move/stay in front of a static Chimera that's toting 2 templates, plus if you move at all you can only fire off one of them anyway.

The best Chimera builds are ML/HF if constantly mobile, ML/HB if acting as a firebase for some turns...this depends on what unit you're transporting and what weapons they have...Plasma = static, Melta = mobile.

I would give the CCS a Chimera to keep it mobile so it can react quicker to any threat, plus seen as the transport offers some protection you could drop some of that expensive protection you have...80 pts spent to keep 5 guys alive

Nobody takes EA...simply too expensive for the bonuses it provides.

Camo Netting is iffy because for it to work the vehicles already need to be in cover so you're getting a Cover save anyway, plus seen as you have 2 Medusas only one needs to be in cover (5o% of it) and the other one gets that save also.
The Bassie has ECC plus seen as it's usually firing indirectly it should already be in cover.

Doctrines are also too expensive for what they grant, plus you could get a whole other unit for that 120 points...4+ Cover Saves aren't hard to get and it's free, plus the Chimeras are protecting them somewhat anyway.

Obviously feel free to ignore what I've written, as in the end the bit that I underlined and bolded is likely more important anyway...best of luck in the Campaign
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I would agree with HOBO.....you need more bodies or armor. There are a few things I would drop in your list that I have found wholly ineffective (trust me, I've used them) :

1. Special Characters that aren't Knight Commander Pask or Creed and his buddy
2. Both tech and ministorium priests....get that CCS in a transport...then you can drop the carapace armor
3. Mixing tanks in your tank packs. Believe me regular Leman Russ's with a lascannon in the hull and heavy bolter sponsons are super effective and cheaper.
4. Although, you would think, and I once thought, that Vet squads should be ok in close combat against the armies you listed, they aren't. Guard gets chewed up in close combat, no matter what they get loaded out with
5. Anything from our Elites section is waaay overcosted (You don't want to know how much I spent on Cadian Stormtroopers) Ratlings are ok, but become mediocre once turn 3 starts.
6. The Devil Dog and Bane Wolf always preform less effectively than a hellhound with smoke and a Vendetta. I am an advicate for Vendettas. 3 TL Lascannons are epic.
7. Medi-Kits and Camo Netting will let you down.

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