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Default New models:Doing more with less!

It's quite fun and interesting to re-stat Independent characters and other bigshots. So here goes a different challenge for a change.

Let's use this thread to create new models/untis of the cheap kind. 12 points per model, tops. And please be considerate and do not create anything you would be uncomfortable playing _against_.

Some examples to get people warmed up. As always, comments are appreciated!

Tau: Rapid Assault Force (Fast Attack)
11 points (4-10 models)
WS: 3
BS: 3
S: 3
T: 3
W: 1
I: 3
A: 1
Ld: 8
Sv: 5+

-Wargear: PulseStorm Carbine (Assault 2, S 5 AP 5, range 12'), photon grenades.
-Rules: Routing Barrage; With a successful Leadership test after a Shooting Phase in which at least 1 enemy model is killed, the squad can re-roll their to-hit rolls during the following Assault phase.

The brave veterans of the Rapid Assault Force believe in firepower as much as any Fire Caste warrior, but they prefer to serve it from up close. With lighter armor to allow for easier transportation and faster deployment, and special carbines that sacrifice range for intense rate of fire, they are also not above charging in and finishing an enemy that has beem properly demoralized by their fusillade.


Chaos (Deity) Thralls (Troops)
6 points (5-20 models)
WS: 2
BS: 2
S: 3
T: 3
W: 1
I: 2
A: 1
Ld: 7
Sv: 6+

-Wargear: Autopistol, close combat weapons.
-Rules: Stubborn, Chaotic Gift.

-Chaotic Gift: All Thralls bear the mark of the deity that consumed their souls. Its cost is already included in the point value.
Khorne: CC to-hit rolls can be re-rolled once per game.
Nurgle: Units facing the Thralls in CC suffer a 4+ poisoned attack for each Thrall they kill.
Tzeentch: During a single Shooting or assault phase per game, the Thrall's saves are increased to 4+ Invulnerable.
Slaanesh: The Thralls are considered Fleet.

Those cultists who have had their minds devoured by Chaos may still find themselves used in its plans. With just enough sentience to be gibbering vessels of their deities, they are herded into battle as cannon fodder or, more rarely, as a way to achieve even greater surrender unto their dark Gods' graces.


Eldar Saboteurs (Fast attack)
9 points (3-6 models)
WS: 3
BS: 3
S: 3
T: 3
W: 1
I: 4
A: 1
Ld: 8
Sv: 6+

-Wargear: Shuriken Pistol, Spectre suit, Disruptor charges.
-Rules: Infiltrate, Stealth.

-Spectre suit: Made of molecule-thin psychic-reponsive alloys, the Spectre suit allows its wearer to shift through the warp through an intense exhertion of will. Once per game, during a movement phase, the unit can move like Jump Infantry.

-Disruptor charges: (1 per 3 models in the unit) S5 AP 5 Heavy1 Blast, Rending, Range 12'.

Guardians consumed by the loss of family and friends sometimes volunteer to become saboteurs. Operating behind enemy lines, they risk lives they no longer fully want to deliver powerful sonic-disruptor satchels onto the enemy's artillery positions.


Yes, still needs fine-tuning, and I need to come up with sergeants/champions for the units, along with optional wargear. But it might be a good start.

Look forward to your ideas!
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This should probably be in Homebrew.

I like the idea of Spectre suits but that is a really awful unit, I mean Eldar are not blessed in the Fast attack section of their codex but that is the worst unit there by far. They have pistols and 1 or 2 guns which are Heavy so they cannot move and fire them and even when they do fire them are slightly better than the unit just having Shuriken Catapults.

I'm not really feeling the fluff for them either, suicide bombers is just not Eldar style at all.


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