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Default New Tau units... not mine

These following units are not my idea, but I thought it'd be worth having a look at what you all thought on them, on behalf of other people.

R'myr Veteran Tau
WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I2 A2 Ld8 Sv4+ -- Shas'Vre
WS2 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I3 A2 Ld8 Sv4+ -- Shas'Ui
Cost: 20pts each. Squad size: 6-12 Shas'Ui
You may take 1 Squad of Veteran Tau for every 2 normal or Honour guard Fire warrior teams in your army.
Special rules: Furious Assault, Infiltrate, Suicidal bravery
Wargear: Pulse rifle and Bond knife (Counts as CCW)
Options: -Each member of the team may replace their Pulse rifle with either a Pulse carbine or a Pulse pistol for free.
-Up to two members may replace their Pulse rifle with a Rail rifle for +10pts. They may add a Target lock to it for +5pts or a Targeting array to it for +10pts.
-Up to 3 members may replace their Pulse rifle with a Pulse carbine and Markerlight for free.
-1 member may be upgraded to a Shas'Vre for +10pts, and he carries a Mal'Ka bonding knife instead of a Bond knife. He may take a Markerlight for +5pts.
-The Shas'Vre may take an XV15 suit (giving him the Stealth rule, a 3+ Armour save, +1S, and Jetpack Jump infantry status) for +15pts. this replaces his Pulse weapon with a Burst cannon.
-The Shas'Vre may take any wargear from the Tau armoury, but may not take Drones.
-The team may have photon grenades for +1pt per model, and/or EMP grenades at +3pts per model.

Suicidal bravery: R'Myr veterans hit in close combat on a 3+ regardless of WS. But as they leave themselves open to attack for this determined strike, their enemies also hit them on a 3+ regardless of WS. They also ignore all negative Ld modifiers on their unit.

Mal'Ka Bonding knife: The Shas'vre wields this knife with the memory of many lost bonded brothers and sisters, and with such fury that it pierces through armour with ease. It subtracts 2 from all saving throws made against it.

They are Tau who have been reduced to Monat status as bonded 'La, rejoined other squads carrying their Bond knife with them, and being reduced to Monat again by the time they've advanced to 'Ui rank.
Time and time again, they have been alone in their bond, and they have gone off into the jungles of their home world (on a world called Ta'Shaia) and run off to die, but still have not.
So the R'Myr Veteran teams were formed, entirely out of Monat Fire warriors that still wear their MV4 armour.

Shas'O Vior'La Kaius Monat Shovah 195pts
WS5 BS4 S5 T4 W4 I5 A4 Ld10 Sv3+/4+
Wargear: As normal plus Ejection hatch
Special Rules: As normal plus Puretide's Kauyon

Ejection Hatch: O'Shovah has a hatch in his Crisis suit that can be used to keep him alive at the last minute. Treat this in all respects like an Ejection system.

Puretide's Kauyon: Despite piloting the mainly Mont'Ka XV8 platform, O'Shovah is a force commander who follows the Kauyon most of the time. His time being trained by commander Por'Au'T (Puretide) has given him a strategic enlightenment beyond most others, and as such his apparently Mont'Ka tactics hide an unexpected threat to any aggressors.
He and any unit he joins has the Counter-attack rule at all times.
At any time, at the start of his turn, O'Shovah may choose to leave his XV8 battlesuit if it is still functional. No matter if he leaves his battlesuit by choice or by destruction, he enters play afterwards with the following profile:
WS5 BS4 S3 T3 W* I5 A4 Ld10 Sv-/4+
Wargear: Dawn blade, Hardwired Shield Generator, Pulse Carbine, Photon grenades
Special rules: Independent character, Fleet.
* He has as many wounds as he had remaining in his XV8 suit -1, to a minimum of 1.
Ejecting while still live this makes his XV8 suit a 5+ cover save terrain piece that isn't difficult terrain.

XV22 Shas'O 91pts.
WS4 BS5 S4 T3 W3 I4 A4 Ld10 Sv3+/4+
The XV22 Commander has the Acute Senses and Stealth Special rules, count as Jetpack jump infantry, and can Deepstrike.
They come with a Hard-wired Shield Generator and have 5 Hardpoints which they MUST fill, and may take items from the Battlesuit Wargear list. They may take Special issue wargear.
The following Special Issue wargear may be taken only by XV22 Battlesuits.
Rail Rifle: 10/15pts (10pts: 1 harpoint, 15pts: 2 hardpoints and Twin-linked)
Smart Missile System: 20pts (2 hardpoints)
Advanced Target lock: 10pts (Must have Multi-tracker or HW Multi-tracker)
Command-Link Drone: 10pts (Must have Drone controller or HW Drone controller)
XV22 Drone controller: 0pts (May control up to 3 Drones)

This is a 3rd tier 1+ Tau Commander profile.

Now, what do you all think of these units? I'm open to suggestion as long as you keep the spirit of these ideas in mind.
Have at them!

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I really like the XV22, can't understand why GW didn't make it like this or close too... now thats this way it works in DoW and stuff - instead of a suit with forced equipment like Shadowsuns.

Oh and btw. have you converted a XV22 suit for gaming? If you have, I would like to see it then

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