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Default horus at the height of his powers

Warmaster Horus


WS 9





I 6

A 7

Ld 10

Sv2 +/4+


Talon of Horus, Slayer of Mortals, Blessed Armour, Eye of Horus.

Psychic Powers:

Horus is a powerful, dark sorcerer who has made a pact with the Chaos Gods. Tzneetch has conferred on Horus the Sorcerer ability. He has the major psychic power “Wind of Chaos” and automatically passes all Psychic Tests he is required to take. Horus disdains minor psychic powers.


Talon of Horus
The Talon of Horus is a fearsome gauntlet with enormous, razor-sharp claws and built-in combi-bolter, fashioned by the greatest artisans of Horus‘s rebellion, inscribed with Chaos symbols and blessed by the Chaos Gods. The Talon counts as a master-crafted lightning claw with built-in combi-bolter.

Slayer of Mortals
The Slayer of Mortals is a huge, ancient mace that has crushed so many heads and limbs that it is said to be imbued with a daemonic thirst for combat and will fell the mightiest enemy with a single blow. The Slayer of Mortals counts as a master-crafted 'rending' power maul, with the additional effect that each Wound it inflicts instead causes D3 Wounds.

Blessed Armour
The Warmaster’s Armour is adorned with arcane devices, runes and fetishes and blessed by the Chaos Gods. It has the abilities of normal Terminator Armour but the invulnerable save is increased to 4+ (included in the profile). The Armour will also nullify any psychic power used against Horus, or that includes him in its area of effect, on a D6 roll of 4+. In addition, the armour incorporates a Daemonic Rune, making Horus immune to Instant Death.

Eye of Horus
Horus bears an insidious, evil eye, gifted from the Chaos God of Change, which he uses to see what will come to pass, allowing him to pre-empt opponents in combat. The Eye allows Horus to re-roll either a single armour save, a single to-hit roll or a single to-wound roll in each of his own turns.

As well as being a ferocious warrior, Horus is a consummate leader and skilled orator. The Warmaster, his personal retinue and any other Chaos units apart from Daemons with a model within 6” of him will automatically pass any Morale Tests or Pinning Tests they are required to take.

Chosen of the Gods
Uniquely, Horus does not follow any one particular Chaos God, but is blessed by all of them. He counts as having all of the Marks of Chaos: Mark of Tzneetch (Chaos Sorceror, automatically passes Psychic Tests); Mark of Slaanesh (Warp Scream); Mark of Khorne (included in profile); Mark of Nurgle (included in profile).

Daemonic Gifts
Horus has not succumbed to daemonhood, but has the following daemonic gifts: Daemonic Essence (included in profile), Daemonic Rune (included in Blessed Armour).

Attracts Daemons
With his strong presence both in real space and Warp space, and with the blessing of all of the Chaos Gods, Horus is a focus for daemonic incursion. He counts as having a Personal Icon aligned with any and all Marks of Chaos.

Independent Character
Warmaster Horus is an Independent Character.

if there are any tip plz do just dont be rude =)

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power maul is basically a thunder hammer
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I would for simplicity sake, combine the effects of the power maul and the talon of horus, much like abbadon does. He seems fairly balanced (for a primarch that is) and thats what i like. What sort of points value is he gonna be? i would also, if you plan on using him like this or making a model, make him an apocolypse character.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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thank you i am still deciding on the points should he be more than 500 or less?
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Overall I think your on to something here. But there are a few things that caught my eye.

-Slayer of Mortals, why give it Rending when he has strength 8 and strikes at Int? I just think Rending and +D3 wounds is a bit redundant.

-Eye of Horus, with both the LC and combi-bolter and combi-bolter being master-crafted he wouldn't be able to use the Eye of Horus on either of these as you can only reroll something once, unless I'm mistaken?

Not trying to be nit-picky just some thoughts.
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the combi bolter allows you to re-roll one hit the eye of Horus allows you to re-roll 1 of anything so you can use it with the master crafted stuff kind of a better safe than sorry thing and i changed the strength to 7 =) the rending thing doesn't cause instant death it just causes a wound with no armour save allowed

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wow thats really cool dude! i would kind of think he's overpowered but really if you THINK about it hes really really balanced.

Great job, +rep

"The Knights are broken, the Renegades are defeated, there remains only one truth to our order... Vengeance"
Chaos Lord Darkblade, Darksteel Disciples
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thank you for the reply helps me create more rules
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You could just give him warptime instead of mastercrafted weapons, makes sense that he would have 2 psychic powers anyway...

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meh hes the warmaster hes supposed to be complicated and pwnaging peps
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