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Default 30k friend help

Hello everyone . I play 30k emperors children and recently I am trying to get a few of my friends and my family into it. I told them what I know from the books and such. I know kinda what each legion is in the books but not much.. I was basically asked what is each legions strength and weakness as far as table top and even lore. What do each legion specialize in and as far as there primarchs go for table top what are each ones strength and weakness .. Can anyone help me out as I am kinda lost and confused as to what to tell them about each legion and primarch
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Since you play Emperors Children ... which one of the books are you using ?
HH 1 Betrayal ? Or the two red Legion Army List books ?

Betrayal should have the info on 4 of the Legions. If you own the red books, then all the Info on the Legions Forgeworld has covered at the moment is right there.

Otherwise, there's a thread about Legion Tactics here in the forum section above your post in the HH section right here, covering most of the Legions.

There's also tactics threads for the Legions available if you simply ask google.
Even the thread on .... (Emperor forbid) ... 1D4chan is not entirely bad.

As for the fluff, you could try Lexicanum .... BUT ... this is neither exhaustive nor complete and personally I think reading the HH books (1-5) is the most informative way.
If someone's really considering to get into HH / 30k, then they'll sure be motivated to read up a bit on the Legions that might come in consideration.

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I can only really tell you about the Legions that I've seen in my own local store as far as play value is concerned, but perhaps it will help. For fluff, you're really better off reading the HH books themselves to get a good feel for that, as it would be a very large chunk of TL;DR if someone really tried to do it all here.

First off, I play Salamanders as my dominant 40K army. The way I play them seems to work against most armies given that I've only ever lost to the Sons of Horus, and that was only one time. I use Breacher Squads to stunning effect, as they are both good at weathering fire power as they foot schlog down the table as well as good at dealing death to tanks (since you ALWAYS take melta bombs when given the option to). I also use Apothecary Detachments to stunning effect in my Legion, making my units less and less squishy as we go. Firedrakes are my mainstay as far as CC wrecking balls are concerned. Two wound terminators with a 3++ invul is more broken than anything else in my arsenal and I like it that way... And I cheat a tad and give them a Primus Medicae so they have feel no pain even though you can't normally stick an apothecary in their unit because... yeah. Beyond that, I use either Contemptor/Mortis Dreads, Sicaran Battle Tanks and Tank Destroyers, or my Deredeo Dreadnaught to deal pain and punishment as my army and mood requires and dictates. And once in a blue moon I throw tarrantula gun turrets down range because I'm evil like that.

I have a friend that plays Alpha Legion, and they are all about the shenanigans. If you aren't using Moritats, Destroyer Squads, and all the rad and phosphex you can get your evil little hands on, you aren't doing it right. My friend always gives me a run for my money with his Alpha Legion, but generally I can out maneuver him even when he does steal my initiative. It's a worth while army for anything that like to be subversive and evil in battle.

The Sons of Horus player I game with is all about brute strength and a whole lot of bodies, more so than you would think for them. He doesn't use a lot of heavy tanks, but he does sneak in a damnable flyer once in a while which can wreak face when you don't prepare for such things in your list. But I have noticed that they are a much more CC oriented army than some of the others out there.

We also have a Death Guard player, but I don't think he knows how to use them because I don't think he's won once with them... So perhaps going into details about them will only be counter productive at this point.

World Eaters, I know, are all about throwing bodies at a problem and hoping they get overwhelmed. Red Butchers, Angron, and Kharn teach you that lesson just in their state lines. Throw in their other special unit whose name escapes me right now, and something to drop them dead center into enemy lines (I recommend the Kharybdis Drop Claw just for space's sake) and you're cutting a bloody swath through all but the most heavily armored armies in the mix.

Night Lords have only ever done one thing in the shop, run away... which seems counter intuitive except that the player is a bit of a wuss and doesn't play as well as he paints and collects. They look awesome, but the boy just don't want to fight and that's all they're good for is fighting. I would say they are another CC army but I can't be sure of that since his face got wrecked by my Firedrakes in Zone Mortalis and he never played them again...

Hopefully that helps you a little in getting a feel for how some people use the armies. But I would agree with Sworn Radical, a little research may be in order for you to better explain things to those you want to convert to the resin crack hobby.

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Originally Posted by Sworn Radical View Post
Even the thread on .... (Emperor forbid) ... 1D4chan is not entirely bad.

1D4Chan is actually really useful for this sorta stuff - not the whole story, but a good starting point for "hmmm, i might read a bit more about that...."
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