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Default Arnvast the Fellhanded

Arnvast the Fellhanded started life as Arnvast Rodel, the son of a king of a small tribe near what would one day become the cursed land of Sylvania. Through constant conflicts with neighboring tribes, Arnvast proved to be a prodigy when it came to combat. As a result he quickly rose in stature to eventually lead his tribe as king. Though he showed more promise than just warfare, he made pact with the Dwarfs of the nearby mountains and his tribe prospered. By the time of the coming of Sigmar, Arnvast was into his fifties, a nearly unheard of occurrence at this time. When Sigmar began calling for troops to help unify his burgeoning new empire, Arnvast led his warriors to Sigmars aid. Arnvast helped to win several battles, until a fateful encounter with with the dread wight Krell. This took place after Sigmars defeat of Nagash at the Battle of the river Reik, from which Krell had fled. Believing he could defeat Krell, Arnvast led his force against him. This would prove a costly mistake, as Krells cursed legion made short work of Arnvasts warriors. It was Krell himself who slew Arnvast, his fifty years of fighting no match for the ancient power of Krell. After the battle Arnvast was taken back to his holdings and entombed in a small cave, which the tribes shamans and Dwarf Rune priests inscribed with numerous wards to protect the dead king. But this was not the end of Arnvast.

Decades later Arnvast awoke to a new life of undeath, though he was trapped in his own tomb. Whether it was some lingering effect from Krells Axe or some other being that awakened him he would never know. He sat in his tomb in silent anger for the next one hundred years. All the while dark magic seeped into the tomb, corrupting his being, weapons and armor. Until one day some foolish necromancer found his tomb and sought to compel him into service. Now he was free. Arnvast pretended service long enough for the necromancer to raise his retainers as wights, whereupon he proceeded to slay the fool for the effrontery of attempting to enslave him. In the nineteen hundred years to come Arnvast would serve many masters and sometimes none at all. Some tried to compel service but most were wise enough not to. Very few there were walking the world who could forcibly compel him to any form of servitude. At one point he joined the ranks of Vlad von Carsteins forces as the vampire count rampaged across the empire. During this time of slaughter and mayhem he was almost happy, though that emotion had long departed him. He had even served with the subsequent Counts of Sylvania, Konrad and Manfred until the death of Manfred at Hel Fenn.

While sitting upon his throne within his tomb some years later, Arnvast felt a presence approaching his resting place. From the other side of the massive stone door he heard a Dwarfish voice speak "Here lies Arnvast Rodel, a King of Men. May his name be forever recorded as Dwarf friend." He had not heard that name spoken for two thousand years. At the sound of his name he exited his crypt to find a Dwarf Slayer standing there. The Dwarf immediately attacked him, clipping one of the ancient token he had been awarded in his living years from his belt. The Dwarf seemed taken with the trinket and it nearly cost him as Arnvast entered the fight. It quickly became apparent to Arnvast that the Dwarf was no match for him. He spent nearly two hours toying with the enraged little man until he felt a calling tugging at his mind. At this he promptly took the dwarfs life, and left to find who it was that had the audacity to summon him.

It took several weeks to find the person who had sent the call. He found it to be what appeared to be a man wrapped in ragged robes, although it was obvious that this man was no longer among the living but not actually dead. The man spoke to him in a raspy voice but had a note of intelligence and authority behind it. He said "I require you to travel to the Dark Elf city of Clar Karond. There will be a pit fighting tournament held there shortly. The winner of said tournament will be awarded a very rare poison. I have need of this poison for an experiment. You will retrieve this reward for me." At this Arnvast merely waited as he could sense that the robed man was not finished. "You will travel to the port city of Sartosa, there you will find a ship waiting to take you to the city of Clar Karond. Take this ring, it will shield your true nature from those around you. Once you enter the arena you will have no further need of it, as the Dark Elves are not likely to be as fearful of your true nature as normal men. Now go." the man said. "As you will Lord Manfred." Arnvast responded and left. As he rode away he thought to himself, he would show these paltry mortals what it is like to face a true warrior.

Organized people are simply too lazy to look for things.

Some of my Warhammer fantasy fluff. Give it a go whydontcha.
Throndil Stonebreaker.
Arnvast the Fellhanded.
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Great background Locust, you will be pleased to know Arnvast owns a Necromancer's Stone. I have added it to his Character Details post and confirmed it for you so he is ready for Series 2!
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