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Default Narloq -Sotek's Chosen

Narloq is the Chosen of Sotek. He was spawned over 300 years ago in the Lizardmen temple city of Teotiqua. There were only 99 other Saurus spawned along with him. They all bear the mark of Sotek. Clearly the god has special plans for this unique group of Saurus. The wise Slann of the Teotiqua saw this as a sign, and from the very first moments, have sent Narloq and his unit out into the surrounding areas to cleanse the Southlands of the taint of the evil Khemri and the encroaching empire of Cathay.

Narloq has lead his small unit of highly skilled and ferocious Saurus on numerous raids, utterly destroying any foothill Cathay has tried to establish in the Southlands. He has fought the undead minions of Khemri many times, pushing them back to the tombs from whence they emerged, in the process reclaiming some lost Lizardmen relics stolen from them in ages past. For his effort in successfully defeating the army of the Kehmri Liche-King Amenemhetum and razed his tomb city of Zandri. It was titanic battle that ensued every Saurus of Narloq's command was slain. Although he survived, Narloq did not escape unscathed. His tail was withered and turned to dust from a powerful spell cast by Amenemhetum, and numerous scars crisscross his body as a testement to the epic fighting that took place. Narloq was only saved from being turned to dust along with his tail, in what many would consider sheer luck, but is in fact all part of the plan Sotek has set out for him.

Narloq recovered several lost plaques of the Old Ones, and the Slann Ten-Zlati, in honor of his momentous victory bestowed upon him a beautiful, ornate sword and matching shield. The Slann call this Huitzilopochtli meaning "Armour of the World Serpent". Although very ornate, they look like an ordinary Lizardmen stone mace and Stegadon hide shield, although the Slann believe they have been blessed by Sotek.

After fighting for another 50 years or so Narloq just vanished. The Slann aren't worried that they have lost a great warrior, as the will of Sotek will take Narloq where he is needed most to finally bring balance back to the world as the Old Ones ordained aeons ago.

Narloq stands almost 7 1/2 feet tall, his heavily scaled and muscled. He has a dark black body, with deep indigo and cobalt blue scales. He has a pale grey underbelly and has a short stub of a tail. His tail has not regrown since being taken from him, nor will it ever. His jaws are very capable weapons in and of them selves, just as vicious as his other weapons in close quarters fighting. He moves with surprising speed and grace for someone so big and bulky, but is still slow and akward compared to Elves and indeed even Humans. What he lacks in finesse, he makes up for in sheer size and toughness.

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Nice Background Grik, I have edited your title for you. You will be pleased to know that Narloq is lucky enough to own a Necromancer's Stone. I have added it to his Character Details profile. I will leave it down to you to decide if you want to describe how he came across it.
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Originally Posted by squeek View Post
Nice Background Grik, I have edited your title for you. You will be pleased to know that Narloq is lucky enough to own a Necromancer's Stone. I have added it to his Character Details profile. I will leave it down to you to decide if you want to describe how he came across it.
OOOO! now to find out what that does.
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While hunting a strange brown colored animal with horns, Narloq froze in mid step. He smelled something else in the air. The smell of corruption! Abandoning his hunt, he followed the scent back to human camp. There were 4 humans clustered around a fire eating and drinking. As Narloq watched and waited, he planned his attack. With one final look around, Narloq rose from his haunches, and froze. The man that just emerged from the large box on wheels, was exactly the the same as the human in is visions. The man Sotek wanted him to kill. Unbridled hatred and righteous wrath broiled inside Narloq, and with a ferocious and fearful rear he attacked.

The fist man never saw what killed him as Narloq's jaws closed around his throat, breaking his neck. Throwing his mangled body aside, Narloq impaled the man in front of him with his blade. While freeing his sword, the remaining men attacked, scoring a few quick hits against Narloq's toughened hide. Snarling with frustration at his impaled blade, Narloq took yet more hits, one biting deep into his side, opening a gash and bleeding freely. Yanking his sword out and turning with a snarl, Narloq beheaded one of the men. Turning he faced the last man standing, and with a snarl he charged forward. Three steps from this puny human, he was blasted off his feet in a wave of heat. Landing hard, Narloq looked around to see where this attack had come from.

Ah yes, how could he be so careless! Narloq had forgotten about the man in his visions. Looking to see where the man he had charged was, Narloq saw that he was little more than a burned corpse. Bellowing with rage and hatred of evil, Narloq charged the man from his visions. The man hurled another ball of glowing orange as Narloq charged him, enveloping Narloq in intense heat, burning the scales off his chest. Roaring in pain and rage, Narloq hurled his blade at this human. His throw did no damage, as the man easily dodged aside, but it allowed Narloq to close the gap and slaughter the man with his bare claws and jaws. As the man fell limp for Narloq's jaws, a stone fell from his robes. Narloq picked the stone up and peered at it, and roared in triumph. This was the stone he had seen in vision from Sotek, he knew this is why Sotek had sent him into this forest. he knew now that his journey was ready to truly begin. After feasting well, and in the breaking light of the new dawn, Narloq strode off into the forest.

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Oh I like the addition of the (I'm assuming) Bright Wizard, and its cool that Narloq doesn't know who the empire guys are. Good writing from his POV.

Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
have you read any existing fluff? Really; don't mean to be rude, but have you?  458
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Woot! Got my updated background in before the final bout! Enjoy.

The crowd roared in a frenzy of hatred and excitement for the battle to come, as Narloq stepped into the arena. Finally he was going to fight. Sotek may have a grand plan for him, but Narloq hated inaction and waiting when there was fighting to be done. Surveying his opponent Narloq was first assaulted by the immense size of the this human, then the stench hit Narloq. The stench was worse than the fen beasts Narloq had fought on Albion. This human would make a great sacrifice.

He barely had time to wolf down a haunch of raw, bloody meat before he was being hustled out and back to the arena. This is what Narloq lived for, the chance to fight! And to his amazement his opponent would be an elf! Narloq savored the chance to fight this member of the race that had been plundering Sotek's sacred temples for thousands of years. The will of the Old Ones was very generous indeed. Narloq let a bellowing, deafening roar of challenge and eyed the this elf with a predatory gleam. The Old Ones would have their revenge through Narloq this day.

Narloq paced around his cell impatiently wanting to fight again. When his time finally came he raced back to the arena, snarling, and gnashing his jaws in anticipation of another glorious fight. He roared as he entered the arena, silencing the crowd for a stunned second at his ferocity. Narloq's roar stopped abruptly as he smelled a musty, stale odor, Narloq has smelled this smell only once before, when he had lost his tail. Narloq turned his head towards the smell, and was met with a penetrating gaze that spoke of aeons of evil and despair.

A Khemri! Sotek had granted his request to fight the man who had taken his tail once more. Narloq snarled and roared in hatred as he sprang towards this Khemri. This fight was for Narloq alone, he would satisfy his blood lust and hatred once and for all. This Khemri would rue the day he had taken away Narloq's tail, and deprived him of a valuable weapon.

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