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Index Astartes: Lantern

the following information is formatted so that anyone using the "DeathWatch" rulebook may use this chapter as a playable or NPC character as it is formatted in the same way others are formatted within Rites of Battle.

this information will be posted again in a second post after this one to bring more character and information to the chapter. input is apreciated and welcome.

ALSO! as a forewarning to all of our artists here on heresy. i will be hosting a contest starting next month on Deviantart for art of this chapter. the prize for the contest will be 100 US dollars. Entry info can be obtained via IM.

as a disclaimer. any Cease and desist order i receive from a confirmed and authenticated member of Games Workshop or their legal branch will result in the prompt termination of the contest with no compensation to those who entered. while i hope this doesn't come to pass, i put it here for legal reasons saying that i will comply with their wishes.

Chapter Name: Lantern

Rites of Selection: Exposure and Challenge Trial

Exposure:characters that underwent an exposure trial before being accepted into the ranks of a chatpter's neophytes are often stoic and dour in the face of discomfort and adversity, uncaring of environmental ills that others would find insurmountable. they are unmoved by challenges of crossing mountains, wading through sucking swamps, plunging into snow storms and many other such environmental hazards. some even seek out such challenges seeming to prefer life in the wild compared to that in the watch fortress.

Adventure seed for Exposure: at his discretion, the GM might decide to award the player character a bonus in situations similar to those in which he underwent in his trial. this should only be done when a mission's success or failure is at stake, the battle brother drawing on his inner reserves and the lessons learned during his trial to overcome the last hurdle before attaining the objective.

Challenge:characters that underwent a challenge trial before being accepted in the ranks of the chapter's neophytes are often possessed of a highly developed sense of their own superiority. instead of superiors they often regard the officers of their chapter and the deathwatch as equals, especially those rare few who actually bettered the brother they challenged. this rarely manifests itself as outright insubordination but it can occasional cause tension. even the psyco-conditioning every neophyte endures cannot totally erase the notion that the battle brother is equal in skill if not rank to his superiors and he is never afraid to question their orders if he feels they are ill judged.

adventure seed for challenge: the battle brother that the character fought his challenge against appears in the game as a senior NPC, perhaps a watch captain or a senior member of another kill team. is there any lingering resentment between the two or did the trial actually result in them having a supreme trust and respect for one another? perhaps the only way to find out for sure is in the field, when the life of one is in the hands of the other.

why was the chapter founded?: Counter (rebels)

when was the chapter founded?: 26th founding. M738

Progenitor: dark angels

Genetic Stock Purity: a new generation
(attempts have been made to "breed out" real or perceived flaws in the progenitor's gene stock. introducing some divergence. such chapters often go onto define their own traditions and write their own histories, looking forward to the future more than back to the past. some links may be maintained with the progenitor chapter but it is just as likely that the new chapter strikes out entirely on it's own. characters drawn from this chapter follow all the rules for those drawn from it's progenitor, but are not tied to the progenitor's chapter demeanor.

Chapter Demeanor: See, but don't be seen
( the battle brother understands well the value of maintaining a silent, unseen vigil on the foe, striking only when his target is at it's weakest and most vulnerable. the chapter stalks the night and the shadows, approaching the foe from unanticipated quarters before disappearing once more. such chapters foster patience and wily cunning in their battle brothers, and regard as rash and unsuitable those who charge headlong into combat.

Gene Seed Deficiencies: Oversensitive Occulobe
the organ that allows the space marines to see in low light conditions has become overly sensitized, working exceptionally well in the dark but suffering in full light conditions. the character can see in total dark as if it were merely low light, and low light as if it were full light. however should he remove his helmet in full light conditions he will suffer -10 to all awareness tests.

Gene-seed Deficiency manifestation: the oversensitive Occulobe manifests itself by turning the eyes florescent, causing them to glow. this glow is so intense, that even with a helmet on, the lenses of the marine's helm seem to have pupils.

Chapter Flaws: Pride in the colors, Chapter Cult
Pride in colors: while all chapters take great pride in their badge and livery some take this pride to such an extreme that they regard anything that hides them as a form of cowardice. they wear their colors proudly and make use of back banners the better to announce their presence on the field of battle. such battle brothers may baulk at the deathwatch's tradition of painting over it's member's armor when the apocryphon oath is taken. some have even refused to do so, serving only a short time with the deathwatch before returning to their chapter in bitterness. others have, in time, overcome their hubris and earned a place in the annals of the long vigil.
Chapter Cult: every chapter venerates the emperor in it's progenitor's primarch and it's own hero according to it's own traditions. some of which are wildly at odds with the tenets of imperial creed. this particular chapter has developed ritual practices so extreme or exotic that even fellow space marines baulk at the site of them. such practices range from gristly sanguinary rites to dark victory celebrations, and are perhaps best left to the imagination of the player. a battle brother serving in deathwatch may have to conceal the worst excesses of his chapter's cult, even from the closest members of his kill team. and practice them in seclusion lest he grave offense or disgust.

Chapter Cult Extreme: the lanterns participate in ritualistic dance, song, and practices on the eve of every battle. these events are similar to the space wolves drinking before a battle, however while food and drink is around, it is not the center of attention. the music played is drastically different from what most would expect. the chants, the notes, everything is much harsher, and caries a very different tone. so intense is the ritual that marines are known to hallucinate and receive visions. the ritual continues until one marine receives a vision of the emperor and his great battles. ritualistic fights during the event are also known to break out frequently. in battle, marines are known to start singing, firing in a particular rhythm, or acting out to the music that was played without them realizing it. therefore the songs played are carefully considered and planned out depending on the battle to come. a song of standing your ground in defense against a horde does no good when you're on your enemies heels whilst mounted on a recon bike. the collection of skulls and spinal cords is also rampant. the skulls are polished, cleaned, and put to use as speakers and vox units.

Characteristic modifier: equally famed for their skill with both blade and gun, space marines from this chapter are highly sought after by the deathwatch. space marines of this chapter gain a +5 ballistic skill and +5 weapon skill.

The Chapter's Heroes: Techmarine Gannon Drive, hero who lead a glorious campaign against a rebel army, defeating the foe and bringing back an entire sector the light of the emperor despite a ever present ork invasion that was later driven off with the aid of Chaplain Iron hide, who together breached the defenses of the ork waagh's main fleet, and infiltrated the command ship, slaying the ork warboss in valiant hand to hand combat. the heroes still live to this day despite an assassination attempt by the officio assassinorum. to this day, the chapter laughs at the officio assassinorum every chance they can.

Home World: Ocean hiveworld Servalst.
Relationship with home world: Direct Rule. the chapter rules over it's homeworld and subject peoples directly, and it's leaders are regarded by them as figures of ultimate authority. it is comparatively rare for a chapter to involve itself in the practical considerations of administering it's home world, and even when one does so, the more prosaic details are often left to the chapter serfs or leaders from the population. the advantage of direct rule is the chapter can enforce every element of it's will upon it's subjects, sharpening their development the better to produce promising aspirants in times of outright war, the space marines may take direct control over the world's military, sometimes even dispatching it's officers to serve as generals among the lesser armies.

Servalst is exceptionally clean for a hive world, with pollution and waste levels monitored extremely closely so as not to contaminate the ecosystem. the hives are either floating atop the water in vast floating cities, or at the bottom of the ocean.

how closely does the chapter follow the codex astartes?: Unique Organization.
in order to recover from past losses, the chapter blatantly ignores the 1000 limit stipulated by guiliman. estimated strength fluctuates between 1000 to 1500. the chapter does what it feels it needs to do to fend off a tyranid invasion.

Combat Doctrine: Siege

Specialty restrictions: the chapter's veterans are not restricted to the first company.

Special equipment: Totemic charm: this chapter has strong beliefs in the icon of their chapter and would never be caught without it. (intricate tattoos, necklace, ext).
ModifiedWeaponry: most if not all of the chapter's weapons come equipped with a flame lobber. this device lobs a incendiary glob of gel at a target location much like a grenade would be fired out of a grenade launcher. the acceptations to this are the chapter's melee weapons. however most of their melee weapons include flame in some way. for this purpose most standard ranged weapons (bolter, flamer, melta, ect) can be considered combi weapons as the "grenade launcher" aspect is physically built into the weapon and not snapped on as a afterthought. also, the chapter lacks true flamers, instead a twin linked flame lobber replaces this. flame lobbers use a special mix of flamer fuel that is treated and prepared by the techmarines of the chapter.

Beliefs:Honor the Ancestors

Chapter Status: Fluctuating. currently fending off a tyrinid invasion. chapter fluctuates too rapidly to acquire a accurate count.

Chapter Friends and Enemies:
(friends) Adeptus Astartes Chapter Space Wolves/ Dark Angels.
(enemies) the tyranids, heretics, Ork Waagh (Gazznagull's Waagh band)

Battle Cry: Never Give Up, Never Surrender, for it is better to burn out than fade away!

Heraldry: an embroidered Lantern inside of a hollow triangle. the lantern is white, the hollow triangle is red, and the background is black.

Helmet Color: Blazing Orange
Chest Color: Pitch Black
Pauldren Color: midnight black
Grieves: Blazing Orange
Gauntlets: Left Abyssal Orange, Right Mythril silver
Tabbard/robes: Embroidered with various "Tribal" designs. (black and white)
Veteran Markings: Sterling Silver helm with Tribal designs around the eyes as if to denote flames. the designs are in a florescent glowing orange.
Backpack is noted having two lanterns of varying design on either side. the design of the lantern is dependent on the type of marine, a scout marine has different lanterns than a tactical marine, and a assault marine has a different lantern than a devastator.

more images will be posted as they are made available.

Chapter Advances:Honor thy wargear

Special Notes
the lanterns refer to their priests as Kahuna. this is mainly their home planet's tribal nature influencing them. same tasks, same everything, no real difference other than imagery, just different name.
veterans, or venerated members sometimes call themselves kahiko when around members of their own chapter. they however refrain from this around other chapters.

aspirants and neophytes are called kako`o.

these are common names for members coming from their home world or one of the home world's moons.

Forgeworld Luminos: forgeworld Luminos is a lost forge world. the loss of this world was a dire blow to the lanterns and the act of recovering artifacts from this forgeworld's vaults is involved in the trials for the chapters veterans. in order to become a kahiko, a marine must venture to this world and recover three items. anything from power armor to weapons may be recovered.
Luminos pattern weapons are all combi weapons. featuring the main weapon and the flame lobber special weapon the chapter is "known for". these items are known to put off a soft light and actually glow with intricate designs and patterns. Liminos was known for it's devastating flame weapons. their ability to craft even melee weapons that would use flames. these items include but are not limited to the mighty magma hammer, a variant of the thunder hammer that burns like magma and is known to set it's foes ablaze with a single strike. the flaming chainsword, and the inferno fist, a special power fist which bathes it's victim in flames upon impact.

the forgeworld was subsequently lost to the tyranid swarm that invades the chapter's subsector. the lantern marines sacrificed over 800 marines and a quarter of their fleet to retake the forgeworld. while the marines drove off the the nids from the planet, the damage had been done. now feral nids roam the planet's surface and forges, forever cut off from the hive mind. this lost forge world is a stain on the chapter's honor, but they seek to put it to use still, deciding to instead use it as a proving ground for their veterans.

Forgeworld pele: Pele is the replacement forgeworld the lanterns make use of after the loss of luminos. it's halls, it's surface, it's everything, from mountainsides to it's valleys are a constant reminder of the chapter's battles as each forge on the planet is dedicated to a great hero, or a great battle. heros from other chapters are also represented here via Pele's moons which are also put to work as forges. the four largest forges are forge Russ which has grown to consume an entire moon, the moon of Pelu XV is now just commonly refereed to as Russ. forge Ironside has grown to the size of a starport, it's orbital elevator aiding in the production of the chapter's fleet. forge Drive has been turned into a proving ground for the chapter's vehicles. And last but not least forge Gullman, is noted at being a particularly moody forge. it's products are noted at refusing to work if their paint is ever changed. this includes armor, weapons, and vehicles. paint may go on orange and the other colors of the chapter, but it dries a brilliant blue that almost has a mirrored finish.

Pele pattern weapons are all combi weapons. the combi weapon's second weapon is always the flame lobber. everything from bolters to melta guns are equiped with the flame lobber. the chapter's Pele pattern flamer is also produced here. not a standard flamer in any regard it resembles a small version of a heavy flamer in appearance. this weapon lobbs out the fireballs like an automatic grenade launcher. what the weapon lacks in the standard flamer's prowis, it makes up for in range. the heavy variant of the pele flamer has two sets of barrels and resembles a flack cannon.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender. for it is better to burn out than fade away.
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An interesting chapter, although your pics don't appear to be working, FYI.
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Like B_o_k said definitely interesting. Was nice to get a bit more background on your chapter, gives me some more insight on your character in the Deathwatch RP.

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Wait a minute, you have a chapter that likes hiding but takes so much pride in the chapter that they insist on displaying it for all to see.

In other words, they like hiding but hate it at the same time
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