If it wasn't Horus the Heresy was centered around, who would it have been? - Wargaming Forum and Wargamer Forums
View Poll Results: Had Horus stayed loyal, who would've been the next most likely to start the Heresy?
Lion El'Jonson 2 6.67%
Fulgrim 1 3.33%
Perturabo 0 0%
Jaghatai Khan 0 0%
Leman Russ 0 0%
Rogal Dorn 2 6.67%
Konrad Curze 0 0%
Sanguinius 0 0%
Ferrus Manus 0 0%
Angron 1 3.33%
Roboute Guilliman 3 10.00%
Mortarion 1 3.33%
Magnus the Red 2 6.67%
Lorgar 16 53.33%
Vulkan 1 3.33%
Corax 0 0%
Alpharius 1 3.33%
Voters: 30. You may not vote on this poll

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Default If it wasn't Horus the Heresy was centered around, who would it have been?

Just curious... say Horus had passed the test at Davin, which primarch would have been the next likely candidate for the Heresy to have formed around and why?
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Lorgar would of created the Heresy if Horus didnt fall to chaos, because it was Lorgar who decided to turn Horus to chaos. So yeah it would become the Lorgar Heresy. Though Typhus/Typhon would still of likely corrupted the Deathguard, Magnus would end up still having to deal with Tzeentch. Angron would be turned pretty easily, Alpharius im not sure about, Fulgrim would most likely remain loyal. and Perturbo im not sure.
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I don't think it would be Lorgar he seemed unwilling to start to shed blood. Lion seems like he would be a perfect pawn.
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Actually depending on how it was spun to him by the Cabal Alpharius maybe the culprit.......
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Lorgar, simply because he had already fallen. I'd think the more valid and interesting question would be if Lorgar didn't fall who would have been the first to fall?

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I don't think it would have been Lorgar. He seemed to be content playing behind the scenes as a manipulator having Erebus do his dirty work. It seems highly unlikely he would have taken the lead, but rather would have sought to undermine and manipulate someone else...

Who would that other person have been?

It seems likely the Heresy would have split along the same lines as before, for the same reasons as before (i.e. the Legions who were susceptible to Chaos's call [WB, SoH, DG, EC, WE, IW, NL), Alpharius seeing that it was the only way, and Magnus being forced to run to the rebellion because of the Emperor misjudging who it was who had fallen).

The only one that IMO might have switched sides had things gone differently was the Lion. If Erebus would have switched his focus to the Lion, I think he might have been able to turn him for the same reason that chaos was able to turn Luther. However, I'm not sure how the Lion would have received Erebus... Johnson was pretty untrusting by nature and probably would have been like, "what are you doing here Word Bearer?" So I guess that seems unlikely to me...

I think if Erebus would have failed to turn Horus, he would have more likely stayed where he was at and continued to work his subversion with the Legions he had been working with.

Had Horus not turned, he would have died on Davin's moon because of the wound inflicted upon him on there. Had Horus died, I think Erebus would have tried to continue to work through the warrior lodges and continued to spread the influence of Chaos amongst the 4 legions that were the easiest to turn.

For me that would have been one of the 4 legions that was at Istavaan III (the Sons of Horus, the World Eaters, the Death Guard, and the Emperors Children). With the Sons of Horus out of the running to lead the Heresy (no way Abaddon would have had the sway to turn other primarchs to the cause), that would have left the WE, DG, and EC.

Of those three, I don't think Angron would have had the sway with his brothers to make him a viable replacement for Horus. Fulgrim would have been a logical choice, except his decent into chaos seemed to cause him to become increasingly unstable. I think this would have affected his chances at effectively drawing the other traitor legions into the rebellion. Mortarion on the other hand... seemed to remain cold, calculating, and on top of things during his entire decent into chaos. For me, Mortarion would have been the next logical choice with Fulgrim being a close second (Fulgrim would have been my first had he not been so mentally unstable).

Mortarion could have worked that instability in Fulgrim, and Abaddon was already poisoned against the emperor and would have been easy to turn. Angron would have been a piece of cake, as his blood lust made him an easy candidate for Khorne from the get go, and the Word Bearers were already on board. Perturabo would have been just as easy to turn for Mortarion as he was for Horus (due to his hate for Dorn and the fact that the emperor favored him over Perturabo), and Alpharius would have turned regardless because his joining the rebellion had less to do with the warmaster and more to do with his vision of the future and feeling that it was the only way to save the universe. Curze was violent and unstable and just like Perturabo would have been just as easily turned by Mortarion as he was in the actual timeline by Horus, and Magnus would have been forced into it (again, just as in the original timeline) when he tried to stop Mortarion instead of Horus, warn the emperor, and been attacked by Russ when the Emperor sent him to destroy the Thousand Sons.

So for me, it would be Mortarion with Fulgrim coming in a relatively close second...


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I'm gonna say Gulliman. He was one of the farthest from the emporer and he was least effected by chaos. but then again the most visibly effected by chaos was the closest to the emporer(sanguinus) i think that the main factor that led to horus fall was pride a sin that could have just as easily taken Gulliman. Maybe easier since he was so far from his father. just a thought
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Angron or Magnus would be my next guess. Angron has temper issues, and would more than likely chop someones head off, which would start a war which would excalate into a Heresy.

And magnus would still have that awesome sorcery talent, and might have become a conduit for demonic possession.

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Possessed Primarchs...
Say hello to Leman, Jaghatai, Vulkan, Ferrus and Kyle (primarch of the Frenzied Blade Legion)
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I am going to say that no one would be able to pick up where Horus left off at Davin. None of the other Primarchs had the cunning spirit and charisma that Horus possessed. I feel that the Heresy would just become a purge of the tainted Legions.
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