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Blood Paragons

k so i have a new fluff idea for people to tear apart.

The blood Paragons are a Blood Angels/Grey knights successor chapter(i like some o the fun stuffs from the GK codex but want to play it without painting a whole new army lol)
So the story goes a particular inquisitor who shall at this point remain nameless(cause i haven't thought of one yet) was corrupted by chaos and managed to worm his way into the secret fortresses of saturn. On one of the other moons of saturn there was an attack by an unknown force during this attack the nameless inquisitor, using skills long dormant snuck inside the Fortress titan of the grey knights and stole several gene-seed.using the gene-seed he went through all of the powerfull rituals stolen from titan to create an actual grey knight while his test subject was held in stasis by dark eldar technology. He could not corrupt the Grey Knight and so killed him. After his first failed try he decied that the Grey Knights gene-seed was not volotile enough for chaos to take hold so with the assistance of fabius bile and foul sorcery melded the properties of the Grey Knights gene-seed with that of the Blood angels unknowingly curing the Gene-curse known as the red thirst/black rage. Fabius satisfied that the melding succeded in what he intended ordered the inquisitor to begin cloning the new gene-seed and implanting it in captured imperial citizens after the implantation process was complete the inquisitor proceded to a warped psycho-indoctrination process to almost ensure the new marines fell to chaos. But at this point the Farseer of the Tanihaki Craftworld arrived to the hidden choas bastion to save the new marines and induce the normal imperial psycho-indoctrination knowing that these marines would save his craftworld in the future only if they stayed loyal to the emporer who created them. when the Marines we're awakened sleep induced by dark eldar science which had allowed their creation they decided to fight chaos from the world on which they found themselves Naming themselves the Blood Paragons they appealed to the Blood Angels for assistance arming themselves and now they fight for the emporer based on the intelligence offered them in secret by a small group of inquisitors who have decided to keep them as an ace in the hole because if the Original Grey Knights were to fall who better to stop them than a creation of theirs seeking redemption for things beyond their controll.

Well there it is my long fluff excuse to buy the grey knights codex and a few Grey Knights terminators and still use em with my blood angels colors lol(the grey knights termies are coool lookin lol) Pick away
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Firstly let me just say that I'm always a fan of people creating their own backgrounds/chapters for their armies and simply attempting to do so shows a great deal of creativity.

Also, let me say that in the end of the day it is your hobby, not mine, not frank's, but yours so, whatever I say or other's say, do what you want.


Unless you're playing Apoc, or have a group of friends who will let you do this, almost no one will let you use two codexs in one army. You need to pick one codex and stick with it, mix and match plastic kits, but not codexs.

Okay, so onto the fluff, it just doesn't work, at all, there are far too many fluff errors and also far too many incredible feats. It's always important to have something cool about you're army, but have too many and it lessons the 'cool' factor. For example, myself and many other people consider Superman to be a very boring superhero because he's got everything, he's too good, too hard to kill, there isn't risk, whilst I'm a fan of batman as he's got limits, faults, he's not the best at everything. Do you understand?

What you need to do is pick one or two 'cool' things and leave it at that.

As far as fluff errors, really there's almost no way anyone is getting at Grey Knight gene seed, it's about as likely as getting some of the gene seed used to make Custodians. Also allowing SM that have been soo exposed to Chaos is also likewise not really going to occur.

I think that you need to sit down and think about what you're really wanting to do with this army, if it's just about having the grey knight stuff with your blood angels, just mix and match the kits together and use them as a normal blood angel successor chapter, perhaps one tied in closer with the high lords of terra rather than the blood angels themselves, perhaps even a successor chapter commissioned by the high lords of terra to secretly monitor/spy on the blood angels and their other chapters, therefore justifying the extra =I= icons on their armour.

I hope this doesn't come off rude or condescending, like i said to begin with, creating your own chapter is a great idea, you just need to refine what you're wanting to do with it.
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