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It's ok Spikey. I was typing after 2 cap fulls of Nyquil, and 2 Tylenol PM. I barely remembered what I typed until I just re-read it. I was just looking for a last minute reason to stay awake before I crashed hard, so I went on and on.
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Here's the basic skeleton for my Chapter the Iron Talons:

Why was the Chapter Founded?
Standing Force

When was the Chapter Founded?
35th Millennium (10th, same as the Astral Claws)


Gene-Stock Purity
A New Generation

Chapter Demeanour
Suffer Not The Alien To Live

Gene-Seed Deficiencies

No Deficiency

Who are the Chapter's heroes?
Chapter Master Varus Anvilus- Ork's Bane

1st Captain Tyr Beltane- Imperial Glory

What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World?
Uninhabited World

Home World Predominant Terrain

Relationship with Home World
Direct Rule

How Closely Does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?

Codex Chapter

Combat Doctrine
Codex Combat Doctrine/Terror

Special Equipment
Preferred Fighting Style

Chapter Beliefs
Death Cult

What is the current status of your Chapter?

Adeptus Arbites

The Orks


So now I've just got to add some meat to these here bones, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far (especially the fact the CM has Ork's Bane as his Deed of Legend, the Chapter has a special hatred for Xenos, and the Chapter's most hated enemies are's like the generator handed me a story on a silver platter).
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Immortal Redeemers

Why was the Chapter Founded?:

Strategic Prognostication

When was the Chapter Founded?




Gene-Stock Purity

New generation

Codex Demeanours

Swift As The Wind

Who are the Chapter's heroes?

Chief Librarian Romanus
Deeds: Crusader

Company Captain Lexon Malachai 10th company
Deeds: Enemy of Chaos Daemon prince slain Gratus Adeon

What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World?

Hive Urban
Rule: Distant

How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?

Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine

Shock And Awe

Modified Weaponry

Chapter Beliefs
Revere the Primarch

What is the current status of your Chapter?

Under Strength

Friends and Enemies

Adeptus Titanicus
Scholastica Psykana

Daemon Prince/Daemon/Disciple of Chaos
The Orks

This is a awesome tool! loved using it my only quesiton is about chapter beliefs what do they all mean? I get revere the primarch. Its just some of the others I don't really get.

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Originally Posted by Azzagorn View Post
This is a awesome tool! loved using it my only quesiton is about chapter beliefs what do they all mean? I get revere the primarch. Its just some of the others I don't really get.
Glad you find it useful, here's a more indepth look at the various belief systems (again it's very generalised and doesn't go into quite as much depth as Deathwatch: Rites of Battle)

Revere The Primarch
- The Chapters holds the Primarch of it's Progenitor at the centre of it's belief system. Theyworship/venerate the Emperor but most of their devotions are directed to the Primarch.

The Emperor Above All- The Chapters holds the Emperor as the ultimate object of it's devotions.

Honour The Ancestors- The Chapters worships one of it's heroes above all others. Though the Emperor and Primarch are fully acknowledged the hero is considered an intercessional figure who sits at the right side of the Master of Mankind.

Death Cult- The Chapter's beliefs are not centred on one figure but on the abstract notion of death itself. As the so-called "Angels of Death", the Space Marines' very existence is defined by their ability to slay their foes.

Totem Creature- Many Chapters have as their symbol some form of animal, either an actual creature or one from mythology. Many aspire to the qualities displayed by the creature, displaying related motifs in their livery and titles. Some even utilise tactics and weapons inspired by the manner in which their totem creature fights or hunts.

Purity Of Man- While all Chapters detest mutation in all it's forms, some take their values to such an extent that they believe the Adeptus Astartes alone are the true inheritors of the Emperor, that they were made according to his peerfect vision and that mere mortals are inherently inferior. Some carry this through to a rejection of artificial augmetics.

Steel Over Flesh- The exact opposite of those who believe in the purity of the human form, there are those Chapters that believe the flesh is weak and that only steel can withstand both time and the rigours of war.

Estoeric Beliefs
- A small number of Chapters have inherited quite unusual beliefs from the cultures they recruit from, and these have become intermingled with their veneration of the Emperor or of the Primarch.
Anything from adhering to the Cult of Mars to believing the Emperor is a Sun God.
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A quick go at my Chapter, currently known as the "Vigilant Icons".

Why was the Chapter Founded?

To crusade against the threats possessed by Xenos.

When was the Chapter Founded?

38th Millenium

Gene seed


Raven Guard

Gene-Stock Purity?


Progenitor Demeanours

Raven Guard: See, But Don't Be Seen

Codex Demeanours

See, But Don't Be Seen

Founding Fathers/Figures of Legend

Who are the Chapter's heroes?

Mortes Valar, Chapter Master

First Chapter master of the [chapter name]. Known to the entire sector for having liberated a dozen planets from the alien orks. To this day the Chapter maintains a small monastry on each of these worlds, both as a memory of the great purge and a bastion to protect the planets.

Sartak Arteus, Master of Sanctity

Led the Chapters fabled first Company in a long crusade that saw the complete defeat of an alien empire by now forgotten. After several more centuries of war, he, and the most of the first company were lost in the warp. The Chapter is still waiting for him to return to them.

Home World

While the Chapter itself is fleet based, it is constantly rectruiting from the small monastries raised on the planets conquered by the first Chapter Master.

[Will detail these in my upcoming Index Astartes article. ]

Relationship with Recruitment Worlds

Distant Rule


How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?

Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine

Lightning Strike, spearheaded by a squadron of Storm Raven gunships, often combined with a drop pod assault. Upon a planetary invasion it will also just minutes before be proceeded by a orbital bombardment.

Special Equipment

Sword fighting is an old tradition in the Chapter, and it is considered an great honor to bring the Emperors judgement upon his foes with a sword of some sort. This sword ranges from the standard Chain Sword to Power Swords and Combat Blades. The chapter maintains a unusually large number of power weapons of varied sorts.

On several occasions, a member of a strike force has carried with him a holy relic from the chapters past to inspire his comrades to greater deeds on the field of battle. Thus it is a common site to see the Company Standard bearer carry a relic of some sort instead of the banner.

The favored transport of the Chapter is the Storm Raven gunship, which they have been employing since their founding.

Chapter Beliefs

The Chapter venerates its Primarch and the Emperor as almost holy figures, but above all they venerate the memory of the greatest heroes from the Chapters past.

Current Status

The Current status of the Chapter

The Chapter has always been under strenght compared to the standards set by the Codex Astartes. The Chapter fields only eight Battle Companies, of which three are Battle Companies.

Friends and Enemies

The Chapter is at very good terms with the Imperial Navy, and on several occasion has one of the Navy cruisers been in the Chapters service for extended periods of time, under the command of a Captain, and some times under a Sergeant leading a strike force, sometimes as small as just a combat squad.

The Chapter reserves a particular hate for Xenos of all sorts, prioritising their extermination from the stars above all other.

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Heyo everybody. i decided to go through this whole thing and pick out what i wanted with the way my chapter fluff is heading. this is just a base overview and i'm gonna flesh it out when i have the chance to sit down and work hard at it. if this piques your intrest the rest o my fluff i've done so far(admitadely of varying quality ) i got a link to the other stuff in my signiture.

why was the chapter founded
Crusade to standing force

when was the chapter founded
35th millenium

Sanguinus\Blood Angels

Gene-Stock Purity
A New Generation:

Codex Demeanours:
Scions of Mars/See,But don't be seen


Chapter Master: Dienekes

Chief Librarian: Dileas


Type of Planet: Mideval

Home world terrain: Desert(day); Jungle/wasteland(night)

Relationship with Homeworld: Distand Rule


Codex adhearence: Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine: Stealth

Special Equipment:Beastial Companion/special vehicle

Current Status: Over Strength

Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus/Titanicus

Enemies: The Orks
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This was a really good idea Baron S, its a really great generator that gives all ideas and lends to the imagination. It does favor Ultramarines though I do know the reasons why, they are a more widespread chapter as are there beliefs. My new Chapter is in fact Ultramarines descended.


Why was the Chapter Founded
Strategic Prognostication (created in order to oppose some future prophesised/anticipated event)

The Spectre Knights were created to hold dominion over the Aura Region, a region of space in the Eastern Fringe famed for the colorful auras its planets emit due to conflicting chemicals in their atmospheres, it is unknown why all the worlds in this region have these chemicals. In M37.351 it was prophecised that a force from the Great Enemy would emerge in the Aura Region and that the region would be the staging grounds for an assault on Holy Terra. The Spectre Knights were created with the purpose of preventing this as the prophecy states the invasion will come from within the region.

When was the Chapter Founded?
38th Millennium

The Spectre Knights were founded on the dawn of the 38th millennium. Their chapter was created at double speed over five hundred years as the Hight Lords feared the Aura Prophecy, as it came to be known, was not far off.

Spectre Knights

The Chapter was named for its battle style and colorings. Their stealth and terror combat doctrines combined with their gun-metal grey, pale white and deep black colorings make them appear ghostly.



The Spectre Knights are originally of the Ultramarines. Their ties with their parent-chapter are strained due to differences in ideals and combat doctrines, mainly that the Spectre Knights think of the Codex Astartes as 'a useful guide to war, but not the holy tome that many believe it to be'. Though they do not see eye to eye they have a standing promise that should the Aura Prophecy come true, the Ultramarines will mobilize to aid them. Marneus Calgar renewed this promise the dawn of M41, the chapter's 3000th Founding Day.

Gene-Stock Purity
A New Generation (attempts have been made to "breed out" real or perceived flaws in the Progenitor's gene-stock, introducing some divergence. Some links maybe maintained with it's Progenitor but it's just as likely to strike out on it's own. Instead of using the Progenitor's Chapter Demeanour, choose or roll on Table 1.5 to select one of the Codex Demeanours)

The Spectre Knights believe their parent-chapter to be slavish in their devotion to the Codex, but are truly horrified by their aversion to free thought. However they have respected Ultramarines who share their viewpoint such as the deceased 4th Captain Idaeus, and mourned his passing.

Codex Demeanours
See, But Don't Be Seen (The Chapter understands well the value of maintaining a silent, unseen vigil on the foe, striking only when his target is at its weakest and most vulnerable)

The Chapter practices free thought and encourages marines to think beyond the parameters of an answer. Though strict in discipline they encourage all to weight in on situations, command discussions accept anyone with an idea, all ideas are weighed until a decision is made.

The Chapter uses a stealth doctrine of combat, preferring to harry the enemy with sabotage and sniper attacks. Their terror doctrine adds into this as they kill those who are most likely to bring soldiers together and make a spectacle of their corpses, they have also been known to infiltrate enemy compounds and assassinate those in the greatest position of safety to demoralize the enemy and make them fear.

Gene-Seed Deficiencies
No Mutations

The Spectre Knights have no mutations or gene-seed deficiencies.

Founding Fathers/Figures of Legend

Who are the Chapter's heroes?
1.) Master of Sanctity Numitor Endymion

The 2nd Master of Sanctity and Chapter Master of the Spectre Knights during the end days of M38 and the first half of M39, Numitor Endymion is a legend amongst the chapter. Leading the defense of the shrine world Belsarius Tertius against the Daemonic hordes of Kamt'ehal'gar the Tainting One the Master of Sanctity fought the Daemon prince in personal combat and slew him, taking his head as a trophy.

It was four hundred years later that Kamt'ehal'gar returned and fought Numitor Endymion for the second time. A disruption of the Warp caused a time shift, creating a zone out of sync with the rest of time on Belsarius Tertius. Both Numitor and Kamt'ehal'gar were trapped within the field and still fight to this day, neither tiring or stopping. The Chapter Librarians have said the field is beginning to weaken as of M41 and that both may be freed one day, a hero and a daemon. The chapter whispers that when the field falls both will have a final confrontation that only one will survive.

2.) Seconded Hadril Morden (Original Founder/Chapter Master) (Former First Captain)

The former First Captain of the Ultramarines Hadril Morden was chosen by the Chapter Master and the Hight Lords of Terra to form the newly created Spectre Knights chapter. Hadril was famed in his chapter as an expert on Orks and was known both by the Imperium and the Orks as the man who masterminded the Imperial invasion of the Dakkmar Empire and killed the Dakka-Warlord Grunchlagar. It is estimated over five million Orks perished in that conflict and many Orks still curse the name Morden, the Empire-Enda.

Perished during the Adarian Crusade M38.508. Died at 846 years old, 508 years after Chapter's founding.

3.) Battle-Brother Rius Damiel (3rd Company, 4th Squad)

During the Castielial Crusade M40.320 against the renegade world Raxan, a crusade the Spectre Knights were losing, Battle-Brother Rius Damiel claimed to have had a vision of the Emperor. He had been told of a major supply depot that the rebels had hid from them. Acting on this information the chapter successfully destroyed a huge supply cache, denying the rebels fresh supplies for a year.

Damiel's visions continued, allowing him to guide the chapter in the systematic destruction of the rebel forces and their Dark Eldar sponsors, finally leading the last battle against the enemy forces and taking the heads of both the rebel leader Anxol Kanda and the Archon Tela'massal of the Lords of Iron Thorn Kabal.

Mortally wounded during the Zachatal Defence M40.571. Currently entombed in a Dreadnought. Known as the Prophet of the Spectres. Has been tested but is confirmed to possess no psychic gift, yet continues to receive visions.

Deeds of Legend
1.) Enemy of Chaos (The individual was a stalwart enemy of the servants of Chaos, and slew a Daemon Prince)

2.) Ork's Bane (The figure is remembered as the bane of the Orks, to such an extent that his name is known to the vile greenskins even to this day)

3.) Imperial Glory (The hero led a glorious campaign against a rebel army, defeating the foe and bringing an entire sector back into the Emperor's light)

Home World

What type of planet is the Chapter's Home World?
1.) Medieval World (Belsarius Secundus, known as Umberin to natives)

Belsarius Secundus, or Umberin to the natives, is a temperate Feudal planet. Split into many kingdoms each king pays their fealty to the High King who rules them all. They are aware of the Space Marines as demi-gods and every generation a tournament is held to determine who will go with the demi-gods to become legend. While not created by the chapter, they use this as a recruitment tournament, and it is customary for the Master of Sanctity to attend and address the aspirants. This is the only time a Space Marine will set foot on the planet's surface except in defense against an attack, this has not occurred yet. The chapter is forbidden to land on the planet at any other time or to reveal their true identities in public to prevent culture shock.

While Feudal Worlds are not normally good recruitment stock Belsarius Secundus is famed for brutal wars that continuously wage between the kingdoms. Champions of these wars are often selected to join the chapter, usually they are abducted however some are offered the chance to join if they have ties to their world. The generation tournament is the prime recruitment method, taking around 30-45 recruits every time.

Numitor Endymion hailed from this world and was famed as a champion before his tournament victory.

2.) Hive World (Belsarius Primaris)

Belsarius Primus was once, likely in M34, a jeweled Hive World and famed for its artists, dancers and singers. However a prolonged war decimated the planet's surface, missiles being launched from orbiting satellites ruined over 90% of the planet. The Hives long since broken the survivors now roam in techno-scavenger gangs that harvest what technology can be taken from the hives and eke out an existence in the barren wastes. Few gangs are lucky enough to find an oasis, but those that do are the envy of all the planet for their sustainable home.

The chapter uses sweeper teams of serfs to gather up these techno-scavengers and indoctrinates them into Imperial service. The chapter avoids the gangs that make the oasis's their home. Most gangs are still aware of the Imperium and a Council of Electives relay the few wishes of the Space Marines to their people, the chapter prefers not to interfere though.

Rius Damiel hails from this world, and was the leader of a captured techno-scavenger gang.

Home World Predominant Terrain
1.) Temperate

2.) Wasteland

Relationship with Home World
1.) Distant Rule (Many Chapters lay claim to a particular home world, yet are rulers in name only. In practice, they take no hand in the affairs of their subjects)

2.) Stewardship (Some Chapters cede the administration of their subjects to a ruling class drawn from the populace, issuing broad directives but maintaining their distance)

Space-based chapter.

Since the Spectre Knights cannot establish a permanent base on either of their recruiting worlds they were granted a relic space station known as Paragon Point as their fortress-monastery. The station is the size of a Hive and boasts enough weaponry to bring down an entire fleet, it has done so once before. The station houses at least 3,000 personnel and a small section of the station is given over to the Navigators who serve the chapter exclusively.

The station is situated in-between the two binary-orbit worlds Belsarius Primaris and Belsarius Secundus. In-between the two is a narrow air tunnel that shares atmosphere from the two planets, the station is situated in the centre of this tunnel. Because of this and use of gravity platforms to maintain a planet-like gravity the station personnel can walk unhelmeted in open vacuum and many Space Marines use the uniqueness of their environment to contemplate and think on their duty.

In the possibility of an air loss the entire station can put a shield generator up and flood the entire fortress-monastery with oxygen. It has been tested multiple times to ensure speed.


How closely does the Chapter follow the Codex Astartes?
Divergent Chapter (A divergent Chapter is one that strays from the Codex Astartes, but not by a huge degree. Such deviation includes the fielding of specialised formations, such as the Dark Angels' 1st and 2nd Companies, and such Chapters normally follow the Codex in other areas. Some Chapters field a proportion of specialised units that differs from that favoured in the Codex, such as favouring Assault squads over Tactical squads)

The Spectre Knights have specialized their forces in several areas. Firstly all marines are issued camo-cloaks that have been enlarged for their enhanced frames, since the chapter prefers stealth based warfare all brothers are trained in use of the camo-cloak from initiation and master its use. The chapter also issues its marines their own vox-amplifier, allowing them to project their voices across battlefields to demoralize and confuse the enemy.

Secondly are the existence of two distinct types of squads. The Wrecker squads consist of five marines schooled in the arts of sabotage and demolition by the Techmarines. They are taught how best to destroy emplacements and vehicles using explosives and well-placed sabotage. Many chapters consider them cowardly but the Saboteurs have proven to be very effective, many enemies surrendering without a single shot being fired.

The second unique squad are known as Ghost squads. The chapter maintains an eye on all recruits and singles out those who are best skilled for wetwork, namely secret operations, assassinations and spying. These squads formed of five elite marines are equipped with modified sniper-bolters and are trained to be used in black ops. Some in the past received extra training from the Raven Guard and passed these onto the chapter, furthering their expertise.

Combat Doctrine
Stealth (There are some Chapters that have honed the art of a stealthy approach followed by an overwhelming assault to an art form. Some Chapters utilise subtle modification to armour and weaponry, shielding them from detection till the last moment)

The Spectre Knights maintain a stealth warfare based combat doctrine, believing the greatest victory is when the enemy does not even know who bested them. They utilize observation of the enemy to determine the weaknesses, strengths and the best possible plan for victory. Once they have the plan the Spectre Knights engage in a war on two fronts, a silent war of sabotage and assassinations to weaken the enemy and a lightning war using the chapter's tactical and assault squads and vehicles to crush the enemy.

Terror (Some Chapters build their tactics around the notion of inspiring fear in thier foes, even above that they already invoke)

The Spectre Knights utilize terror in their campaigns, attempting to invoke the deepest fears of their enemies to demoralize them and further raise their chances of victory. Vox-amplifiers and gruesome trophy killings are used to great effect in battle.

Special Equipment
Blessed Wargear (It is common for members of this Chapter to have thier Wargear blessed by a Chaplain before battle)

The Spectre Knights revere their chaplains as living legends, thus it is common for every warrior to seek out a chaplain before battle and gain a blessing for his weapon. It has been noted that Spectre Knight weapons have been shown to have more effect on Daemons than standard Imperial weaponry.

Chapter Beliefs
Honour The Ancestors- The Chapters worships one of it's heroes above all others. Though the Emperor and Primarch are fully acknowledged the hero is considered an intercessional figure who sits at the right side of the Master of Mankind.

The Spectre Knights practice ancestor worship. The legends of their chapter, usually chaplains, are immortalized in statues of black glass from Belsarius Primaris and an entire wing of their fortress-monastery is given over to these statues, which depict the legends in their prime and detail what they were known for.

The chapter also has a reverence for its chaplains. They are seen as important figures and many will heed the advice of a chaplain without argument, though they will debate it but are usually satisfied with what they are told. Their reverence is so great that the positions of Chapter Master and Master of Sanctity were merged upon Numitor Endymion's ascension. Since then the dual-offices of Chapter Master and Master of Sanctity have always been held by one man.

Current Status

What is the current status of your Chapter?
Over Strength (Some Chapters maintain more than the prescribed ten companies, though it is rare for more than a handful more to be fielded) (Overall strength 1200 Marines)

The Chapter maintains an extra scout company at all times to replace their losses. Operations are considered so important that lack of men cannot be accepted as an excuse, thus the chapter maintains a second scout company so that reinforcements are nearly always available. The chapter also maintains a second elite company, so that the First Company is kept at full strength with veteran reinforcements from the 12th Company.

Friends and Enemies
Friends: Navigators

During the reign of Numitor Endymion the Spectre Knights answered a distress call by a Navigator clan who had come under attack by Dark Eldar. The First Company rallied under Endymion and not only repelled the pirates but were able to counter-board their vessel and rescue all those taken captive, over 10,000 were saved including the Navigator Patriarch's daughter. In gratitude the Patriarch pledged his clan to the chapter and an entire family of Navigators lives on the chapter's fortress-monastery.

Enemies: Daemon Prince/Daemon/Disciple of Chaos

After Numitor Endymion and Kamt'ehal'gar were trapped in the time dilation field the host of the Daemon Prince was taken over by his second in command, a Daemonic Champion named Roh'kelu'harq who has sworn to destroy the Spectre Knights chapter and free their lord and master. The host has been repelled twice since the last duel on Belsarius Tertius and they have not been seen for 700 years. Many in the chapter, including the Chief Librarian, believe they will return again soon for their third attempt.

The chapter has a pronounced hatred for those who serve with Chaos, believing them to have thrown away their free will and embraced slavery under evil. Brother-marines who can account an important Chaos figure in their kills are respected amongst the chapter.

Thanks for the great guide Baron, had a lot of fun creating these guys and I think I will be using them in some future short stories. Glad I got a Hero with Enemy of Chaos and then Chaos as an enemy. Very lucky.

Lord of the Night
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Spectre Knights.jpg (44.9 KB, 2 views) - The Kabal of Shattered Souls Project Log - Check out Talk Wargaming for reviews by Lord of the Night.

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Nice work LotN, have a rep from me .

That reminds me that I need to do the colour scheme for my Black Knights soon.

Bane of Kings Out.
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Baron Spikey: A soon as I finish with Sourcebook: Persica I will be using your generator for the Arkangels chapter that sorta grew out of that!

Check out my homebrew projects! Index Astartes: Arkangels Sourcebook: Persica
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Saw it only now, thanks Spikey solved a couple of problems for me ^^

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