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Default 1st Verdia

The Night Shadows

Structure: Light Infantry supported by Stormtroopers

Current Commander: Colonel Idaeus Doomhammer

Current Subordinate Commanders: Lieutenants Tyran Corvus and Aden Varrus

Specialty: Forest/Urban engagements

Status: Non-chaos aligned renegades.

The Night Shadows are the more common name for the 1st Verdia. They are a regiment comprised of the planet's crack light infantry, renowned for their well rounded soldiers, able to adapt and eliminate both tanks and infantry with little notice as well as the fact that their commissars came from Verdia itself. Their fame in the system only increased by their well-known efforts to keep their land safe. Morgan Darius, the former leader of the Night Shadows, had a reputation that rivaled that of many more affluent leaders. It was their commander, Doomhammer, who was beloved by his men however. While Darius directed actions from a bunker, Doomhammer fought alongside his men. As a result, the latter's heroism was well known, and the former was talked about only rarely by his men.

Verdia's surface is blanketed by forests and giant lakes. The lakes are connected by a vast network of rivers, that stretch across the planet. The population is small enough that it can sustain itself on what the planet provides.In the past,The proud people of the planet pride themselves on their independence, and even after joining the Imperium, had only what was necessary to fulfill their duties imported. They live either in floating cities on the lakes, or on the forest floor. The easiest method of transportation is boat travel along the many rivers, followed by travel on foot or by hovercraft to the destination. In the few clearings that there are, spaceports were constructed, in order to defend the planet, in the event of attack. The most well known of these is Celadon, the capital city of Veridia.

The Night Shadows were first formed when the Imperium discovered the planet. A meeting between the leader of the Astartes force and the leaders of Celadon almost ended in violence after the perceived disrespect from a haughty noble. Had it not been for the efforts of Morgan Darius, then the Chief of Security, the meeting would have resulted in the bombardment of the planet from orbit. As a result of his actions, Darius was granted command of the planet's first regiment. He quickly took the most able guards from each of the cities of the planet, and formed a group of crack infantry. Equipped with the finest armaments he could acquire, the newly founded regiment, technically barely larger than a company, was quickly dispatched to fight an insurrection that was opposed to the planet's new allegiance.

Over the years, the regiment grew and Verdia developed. Despite early troubles with the Tau, peace was finally found. As a result, information was exchanged, and limited trade established. A truce was quickly established with the Eldar after pirate attacks resulted in a small, and unwelcome Imperial fleet being sent to defend the system. A natural consequence of being so far from a strong Imperial presence, communication slowly dwindled until it became non-existent. While still a part of the Imperium in name, Veridia today is now mostly independent. The Emperor is honored as a hero, but not a god. Shortly after the last communication with the Imperium, Morgan Darius began the short slide to Chaos. His first act as an agent of chaos, and his last as the Night Shadow's commanding officer was to declare that the newly formed 3rd Veridia tank regiment would escort him to the Celadon where he would take command of the planet from the current ruler. While the planet was in a frenzy, then company commander Idaeus Doomhammer took command of the Night Shadows and led them in an ambush of Darius and his troops. The ambush was a success, though the Night Shadows suffered terrible casualties, and every tank was destroyed. When the Night Shadows searched the field for survivors, the body of Darius was discovered. Though never made public, it is said that a lone man was found carrying his body, which had a single bullet hole right between the eyes. As a result of the battle, Doomhammer was officially appointed head of the Night Shadows, and he moved the regiment's headquarters and training grounds from Dartmouth, to the site of the battle, dubbed Graufeld.

Since the battle, the 3rd regiment was never reformed, and no new tanks have been built for Verdian regiments. The Night Shadows under Doomhammer focus on adaptability and organization. The light infantry of Veridia are sought after for both the training of PDF forces on other planets, and even aiding Space Marines in simulated battles. The commissars of the regiment were originally recruited from the planet's nobles, and as a result, none objected when Imperial ways were ignored. Now, they serve only to ensure that discipline is maintained, and the lines don't falter.

If anyone could point out inconsistencies and other errors, or otherwise help me refine this, I would be very grateful.

Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
Yup, that sounds about right. The only faction who are a bigger bunch of backstabbers than the Imperium are the Eldar (and this is debatable as the Eldar only stab OTHER factions in the back).
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I haven't read it thoroughly yet, but as a start, there seem to be some contradictions, at least to my eyes. I feel like forest and urban combat aren't compatible, and that light infantry and stormtroopers aren't compatible either. Imperial Guard regiments, in order to limit their power, only contain one kind of soldier and are rather two dimensional on their own, so they must be combined with other regiments to be their most effective.

More comments will come later, but I have quite a headache atm and can't read so much text at once.

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