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Default The Corax Heresy [Ragnar02's Heresy Generator]

Okay, here we go again then - Enjoy the Corax Heresy.


The Council of Nikaea

"When people look back to the past, they say that the Council of Nikaea was the turning point – the point in which the lines were drawn and the sides were chosen, Good, or Evil, Loyalist or Traitor.... the list goes on. However, the only thing that is clear is that this was where all things changed, and not for the better."
~The Opening of The Book of Magnus

Following the Council of Nikaea, the Thousand Sons agreed to the Emperor’s Decree, and Magnus the Red began a process of changing his ways. First, he painted the Thousand Sons’ armour a dark black colour, abolished the practice of sorcery in his Legion, and began a crusade, which would see the Thousand Sons be restored as one of humanity’s most loyal legions, and they would win a great many victory, thus increasing the size of the Imperium.

Meanwhile, The Raven Guard, Lead by Primarch Corax, heeded a distress call from some of the Dark Angels on Caliban, rumour had been, that they had fallen under attack by some sort of creatures. Proceeding at all haste to Caliban, the Raven Guard found themselves trapped by the Dark Angels legion in its whole, Including the Primarch Lion’El Johnson, who was presumed to be far away from Caliban and fighting on the eastern fringe.

After a confrontation between Corax and The Lion, it was revealed that the Dark Angels Primarch had fallen to Chaos. Corax initially began to lash out at his brother, but the Lion managed to persuade him that Chaos was the only true answer, and, added by the fact that Chaos gifted the Raven Guard even more abilities than the other legions, Corax seized the opportunity.

The fall of Guilliman

After Lorgar was punished by the Emperor, he too saw the errors of his ways and started to realise that the Emperor was not a god, and began mass purges of all of the worlds the Word Bearers conquered during the Great Crusade, only sparing those that cancelled the worship of the Emperor.

Meanwhile, Corax journeyed to Maccrage, where, now under the sway of the Ruinous Powers, the heretic started to convince the populace of the planet that there were new gods to worship, and on-by-one, the people of Maccrage, once loyal to the Emperor, discarded all oaths of loyalty and pledged themselves to the Raven Guard’s cause, and began to destroy whole cities in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

Corax departed as swiftly as he could, and his legion was gone completely by the time Guilliman and his Ultramarines arrived at Maccrage. Shocked to see his Homeworld rebel, and seeing no other course of action, Guilliman launched virus bombs onto each and every world of Ultramar, killing off the planet’s population.

When The Emperor heard of what Guilliman had done, and not realising that the worlds of Ultramar were in fact heretics, he decreed the Ultramarines traitors to Terra, and ordered the Thousand Sons to track him down, along with the support of the Word Bearers, as both legions were nearest to the Destroyed Empire of Ultramar at the time.

The Battle for Caliban

Meanwhile, the Warmaster somehow heard that the Dark Angels and Raven Guard had also turned their light from the Emperor, and dispatched four legions to deal with the threat – the White Scars, the Iron Hands, the Blood Angels and the fearsome Iron Warriors.

However, before the battle, the White Scars, Iron Hands and the Iron Warriors had pledged themselves to Corax’s cause, and the three legions were already stinking of corruption. The Iron Warriors had offered themselves up to Tzneetch, in return for the sorcery that would make their legion the most powerful at building bastions and defences. The White Scars, after seeing a display of warriors of Khorne, pledged themselves to the Blood God and became bezerk, furious and inhumane astartes, no longer obeying the Emperor.

So it was that when the Legions descended on Caliban, the Blood Angels, being the only loyal legion were surrounded and outnumbered. The only source of aid came from the Watchers in the Dark on Caliban, who distracted the traitors long enough so that Sanguinius and his surviving Sanguinary Guard could escape. The rest of the legion was completely obliterated, and it was said that Sanguinius flew into such a rage on seeing his brothers turn from the Emperor’s light, that he would remain alone and cut off from the outside universe for a week, sitting in his quarters.

The battle of Isstvan III

It was over the planet of Isstvan III that The Thousand Sons and the Word Bearers finally caught up with the huge army of the Ultramarines. However, during this time, the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman, had given into the false promises of the Ruinous Powers, who had said that the Emperor betrayed them, and only by joining Corax’s cause could the Emperor be put to justice.

So, as the first Drop Pods of the Word Bearers and the Thousand Sons descended on Isstvan III, the second major battle in the Heresy had begun. The battle for Isstvan III raged across the entire planet, and around it, as traitor and loyalist both fought for dominance, the Thousand Sons resisting their physic powers. However, eventually, Guilliman cast out Magnus the Red and Lorgar in the crowd, the loyalist brothers seeing what their friend, now was.

Lorgar, despite his strength, was cast aside by Guilliman, and hacked down, becoming the first Primarch of The Heresy to fall. Magnus, overwhelmed with rage at seeing his brother fall, showed no mercy and quickly disarmed the Ultramarines Primarch.

However, before Guilliman could be slain, fifty Ultramarine Terminators teleported to aid their Primarch, trapping Magnus the Red and cutting him off from the Primarch of the XIII Legion, his target. However, Magnus had a tactic of his own, and withdrawing deeper into his lines – and calling forth an armoured assault, where he broke the back of the Terminators with vengeful fury, and thus sought out the Ultramarines Primarch once more.

By now, the three legions were severely depleted, with the Thousand Sons suffering badly as a result of having their physic power taken away from them. The Word Bearers were losing morale rapidly with the loss of their Primarch, and the Ultramarines were heavily beset from the armoured assault of the Thousand Sons.

It was then, from unknown sources, the Night Lords arrived on Isstvan III. Only, they had changed. No longer were they wearing the dark armour of their past, but they had coloured their armour a dark purple to show their devotion to their new god, the Prince of Pleasure, Slaneesh, having cast themselves from the light of the Emperor and destroyed their home planet.

Surprised by this new arrival, the loyalists were heavily beset. Seeing a chance to demoralize the Ultramarines, Magnus eventually gave in, and unleashed a stream of sorcery that annihilated everything standing in his way. The Word Bearers saw this, but it only inspired them, and shouting praises to the Emperor, they hurled themselves with renewed strength at the traitorous Night Lords and their Ultramarine brothers.


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