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Cadian 443rd Infantry Regiment "The Death Cards"

This will be some home-made fluff for the Cadian 443rd Infantry Regiment "The Death Cards", my own personal army. I got currently 2 written stories about them, almost 300 pages long both of them and Im looking for some peple who are interested in reading them. I can get some information up and running in this thread to see if youre interested.

The Founding:
No records show exactly when the current latest founding of the Cadian 443rd took place, but its believed to somewhere before 972.M.41, when one of its senior members signed up. The first action it was set up against was the invansion of Cadia and the beginning of the 13th Black Crusade with many veterans of the struggle against forces of Chaos. Somewhere along this line the regimental commander grew out to be a Colonel Graham Locker [born 968.M.41].

Its a infantry based regiment with 13 companies, all named after a card of spades (ace of spades, 2nd of spades ect ect). 11th company (knight of spades) is special designed as it the only armored company, consiting of a certain numbers of tanks, Sentinels and Basilisks. Each company is lead by a man by a rank from Lieutenant up till Major.

First Pandoran Liberation:
This is a conflict that the regiment never took part in but is heavily affected by. Taking place between the years 990.M.41 and going on until 008.M.42, its where an entire sector consisting of at least a 100 different worlds fell to Chaos worship. Not much information has been released as of yet, but there are theories some of the people responsible for this were a force consisting of an Alpha Legion warband, a small Host of Word Bearers, a Thousand Son sorcercer and some left overs from a Emperors Children warband.

Under leadership of one Admiral Saridian Jacbarr and his sub-ordinate General Greetchov (both names returning much later dure to different reasons) a huge Imperial force consiting of thousand Imperial Guardsmen, en entire Chapter of Lizard Warriors Astartes and the 7th company of the Dark Angels can put down the rebellion.

What the Imperial records doesnt show is in fact the Ruinous Powers won as they managed to corrupt every single Imperial commander who managed to hide for some years after the liberation ended, but also almost the entire Chapter of Lizard Warriors. The Admiral fell under the Alpa Legion persuasion, where their goals are yet to be determined what they want to achieve and who the leader is over this waband. General Greetchov fell under the seductive unfluence of Slaanesh when Lord Baal of the Emperors Children took over his ship. The Lizard Warriors fell during a climax battle against the Thousand Sons when at that point, the Captain of the second company, Valor Dade, "killed" (as in destroyed the mortal body of the TS) but got possessed by his corrupted soul and slowly changed into a servant of Tzeentch.

Thats all I'll write down for now. I'll get back to it later on. Give me feed-back as the story progress.

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Leaving home:
After a huge battle against Orks in the north, the 443rd regiment was pulled off, away from Cadia. When the Pandoran Liberation was done, many feared retreating Chaos cultists would attack the systems lying at the outskirts of the sector. 443rd would be transported to the Harad system, newly found world [found circa 849.M.41), a system consisting of 4 worlds, all named after the founder of the worlds; Admiral Barak Harad. The world was low on PDF-forces so the Cadians would "baby-sit" meanwhile they would start founding Haradrian dragoon regiments.

The first Noboly conflict:
During transit towards Harad, the force stopped at the planet of Nobuly where a experimental installation had lost contact with the outworld. Apparently a force of Orks (called Night Boyz, weirdly being corrupted by Chaos forces without even knowing it) had attacked the world. The Threat was put down to a rest but not without losses and the main force continued.

The Harad Battles:
First part - The betrayal of an Admiral.
Ivary Bowe: Characters that come in the center during this time is Sergeant Ivary Bowe, Cadian born and one of the youngest Sergeants in the regiment, beng only 17, something that wasnt approved by other officers.
Redrick Sark: Vox-trooper that get to know Bowe later as the story progress.
Gerek Leweter: Captain of the 50th Elysian storm-troops regiment, an ally to Bowe that will get more and more space.

Upon arriving at Harad IV, the Cadians soon learned there wasn't much to do other than just sit around and wait off the time. After a couple of months of sitting around, the main force of Admiral Saridian Jacbarr comes to Harad, including 7th company of the Dark Angels. But something isnt right here. Sometime before a half crippled Tyranid fleet had begun to infest the planet where, unknowned to the characters in the story, is that the fleet barely escaped the wrath of Lizard Warriors first company and is on a suicide mission. Their Hive ship crashlanded and they had only one goal at hand which, of course, happened to be the same goal of the Admiral.

The regiment is divided and set out to protect nearby cities to the capital which ends up with massslaughter and almost 3 entire companies are wiped out. Meanwhile, a mixed force of Elysians that had just arrived at the planet, under command of Captain Gerek Leweter and Dark Angels 7th company commander Armadius is sent out on a search-and-rescue mission. They soon find a hidden city with a heretical temple that is hidden from the Imperial eyes by some ancient force or technology. Leweters force is killed, him being the only one to escape, alongside the Astartes Captain by the Admiral storm-troopers. Why they are killed, is because the found the key of Malagrar, an ancient artefact.

This soon ends when every Tyranid organism moves towards the capital where every citizen and soldier, including many Cadians, that havent escaped, were killed when a bombardment was ordered from orbit. Bowe who meanwhile, had been elsewhere on a secret mission, is dragged in to pursuit the Admiral which ends at a located secret base, where the Admiral is killed by the last living Tyranid and the Tyrant is killed by the Elysian Captain. Scans later shows no Tyranids survived this, as the fleet was already crippled and no new organism had been in prodution. The key of Malagrar is lost during the battle, but would return again, 5 years later.

Second part - Host Invsasion.
Characters: Two Kasrkins by the name of Sergeant Lex and Corporal Bates gets a much bigger part, as well Captain Thaddeus Delafor and Sergeant Immortalius of the Dark Angels Chapter. Newly elected Governor von Carstein, ruthless and idiotic leader of the Harad system will be a slight center of problems.

Five years later, most of the 443rd regiment is spread out on Harad III dealing with Orks. Harad I (I = 1) have a major strike among the population where the Elysians, under command of Captain Leweter, is sent in to deal with them. Meanwhile a sickness has started to spread in a minor city which leads to rebellion, outbreaks of mutation and even zombie infestation. Once the Ork threat is laid to rest, the truth is uncovered. A small renegade Host of Word Bearers have invaded the system together with a small warband of Emperors Children, at Harad IV and I respectivily. Both have a key of Malagrar each, which has a history dating back to the Horus Heresy.

Combined forces of the Imperial Guard and Astartes, soon the Word Bearers are all but killed and the Emperors Children driven out before they can conduct anything further. Visions comes to haunt Bowe where it is showed something about the Chosen 9, which is a part I will get back to on later on.

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