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Default my 1st go

ok so im either thinking vanilla SM with half white and half black armour.

Founded to investigate and maybe start the invasion of Vincies Subsector, Scarus Sector aswell as found a homeworld

Close support of the adeptus mechanicus and some IN+IG they found on the way


a Rogue Trader army using IG rules.... i had the thought of using Tau rules but not sure how that'd work

like this idea alot, use some skittari as veterans, put the RTs bodyguard in some homemade power armour (think drugged up genetically engineered nutters) also if the sisters can have it why not a VERY rich dude with his own Naval fleet etc

any ideas would be appreciated, please be nice
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Both dandy ideas.

Re SM:
I've always thought that half/half colour schemes look good if you can pull it off.

That said - With a very few exceptions, Marine Chapters are not founded to do a specific job.

Instead, The High Lords of Terra decree a founding (they've done it 25 times, so 26 foundings in all) in which many Chapters are created and it's pretty much up to the chapters and their mentors what they do.

Also, there are rules against Marines commanding other Imperial forces in a strategic sense (the last time it happened it... Didn't turn out well.)

However, a black and white armoured force who are conducting their own crusade into the Vincies Subsector, with the intention of claiming a homeworld is a sound idea.

Particularly interesting is the question of why they don't currently have a homeworld. Was it lost or did they never have one? Do they perhaps just want a better one?

Re Rogue Trader:

Power Armour is ungodly expensive, but equipping a squad or two of soldiers with it is well within the budget of even a minor Rogue Trader dynasty.

Modeling Skittari will be time-consuming, but well worth the effort if you can pull it off

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Your chapter could be undertaking a crusade into the Vincies subsector. If this was a penitant crusade it could explain why they lost their homeworld too.
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i was thinking didnt have a homeworld YET

and the IN/IG/Mechanicus are just tagging along as support

the real reason is i have a mass of Space Marines (BA) and Guard units and would make it better flluff wise in armageddon games

i have this vision.... a brand new chapter setting of from mars with an escort of adeptus mechanicus and IN/IG (for support and to help transport resources etc aswell as help quell the local population if needed)

then enroute being met up by an either larger number of IG and another Astrates chapter (Blood Angels...suprise suprise)when stopping of at Cypra Mundi

this armada of Astrates Battle Ships (2-3 Battlebarges, 7-8 Strike Cruisers plus the blood angels strike cruiser) an IN fleet with troop transports and transports of material etc for the Astrates Homeworld AND the Adeptus Mechanicus to help set up the home world.......yeah an inquisitor is coming along too

they would MAYBE even ALSO need a Rogue Trader to help get intel on the 'lost' sector :p

OMG im gonna have fun doing the fluff :D
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btw the reason im picking Vincies Subsector is because the sector is 'lost' by the imperium and i can go a little mental :p

so what do you guys think??

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ok so this is it so far

Origins of the Dragoons
They were a late 18th, early 19th founding chapter, they were setting out from Sol with an almighty crusade fleet to investigate the Vincies Subsector to hunt Orks, Eldar pirates and to ensure the Emperors words were carried to the far reaches of the galaxy. It consisted of a brand new Space Marine fleet and they had close support from an Imperial Navy detachment. It was an entire Adeptus Astrates Chapter including all of its support, a fleet of materials, ammo and spares to help the chapter found a Homeworld and a detachment of the Adeptus Mechanicus to safe guard their investment.

By the time of their arrival the fleet had grown to include an entire battle group of the Imperial Navy and Guard, a Blood Angels strike force, an Inquisitor, a regiment of the Adeptus Mechanicus Skittari and a local Rogue Trader. On arrival to the sector they sent out scouts to investigate systems that the Rogue Trader had visited and more importantly ones which he (OOOOH MAYBE A SHE) had avoided. One of these systems reported a mass of automated defences and tech which the escorts could not approach. After the fleet had made the system safe the Mechanicus ships set about scanning neighbouring systems and investigating the wrecks of the system. This system appeared to be a long abandoned and overlooked Adeptus Mechanicus outpost from the time of the age of strife or before.

Now it seemed that the whole system was abandoned and the Adeptus fleet while not wanting to leave, the marines also were dissuaded against leaving. Therefore it was decided that the fleet should set up base in the outer rims of the system while the Mechanicus investigated more and looked for any STCs that may be there.

After two months the Astrates and accompanying Imperial Navy and Guard commanders were getting weary of being couped up bored in a system in a barely defendable system. On threatening to leave the Mechanicus suddenly discovered how to reactivate the sentry guns, to the downfall of a couple of escorts sat too close. Several neighbouring systems appeared to be habitable so the fleet divided up into strike forces to investigate any possible life on these planets and bring the systems back into the fold.

These systems consisted of several dead worlds, but more importantly several worlds that may have, at a time before the age of strife and the warp storms, supplied the system the Mechanicum were so interested in with raw materials, man power and supplies. On this the fleet set out hunting down the pirates and renegades surrounding the immediate area.

The Chapter Master of the Emperors Lancers had a massive fleet, millions of tons of resources and potentially a forge world to help him with his crusade. With this knowledge he decided to create a home world on one of the Hive Worlds within one of the most heavily inhabited systems.

The Imperial Guard acted as temporary PDF while a sufficient force was trained and outfitted. The Blood Angels set of on missions mainly against the Orks while the Emperors Lancers expanded their territory and set about the Eldar and Pirates in surrounding systems.

hope it looks good, please be nice and ill explain all that i may of missed or mucked up

by the way i haven't decided on a name for them yet
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So be it.
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Originally Posted by Hellados View Post
Origins of the Dragoons
sc1 anyone? :D
its good fluff though. What are they descended from? And what? I thought their name was the dragoons... thats a name

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Like Jamob said, each chapter of space marine newly created descend from an original geneseed of a space marine chapter. Instead of having the guard accompagning the fleet , mb having them raised has thite on the planet ? Otherwise its pretty cool. We need more fluff on the planet and system and eventually famous battle for conquering the world ? Keep rocking
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