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Default The Frost Angels (Long, BEWARE)

Chapter Name: Frost Angels
Primarch: Acromichus
Census: 3050 Space marines
Current Chapter Master: Venar “Empty Stare”
The Frost Angels are rarely thought of and unappreciated. Acromichus received from his Father but three thousand space marines while his twin, Sanguinuis received ten thousand like the other Primarchs. Yet Acromichus felt blessed at this opportunity to defend mankind. Their small numbers forced Acromichus to use each man sparingly and with great thought. Acromichus disapproved of Horus, predicting his turning to chaos. He believed that no one should get too much power, and no one should get too little. He also disapproved of Sanguinuis’ deep ties with him.
Acromichus was Sanguinuis’ polar opposite. His skin was pallid and frosty, his wings silver unlike the bright white of his dear brother’s. He rarely smiled but he was always kind. His snow white hair grew shoulder length, framing his face. Acromichus was said to be much wiser than Sanguinuis, though never as strong. His weapon, his long, slender, silver glaive was wrought out of the richest banks in Baal. But after his weapon was made, Acromichus left the planet behind to his brother, finding a more suitable world for himself. Remembrancers who had seen Acromichus described him as handsome in a cold way. They said he was less hot-headed than his twin. He was cool and lithe, like an albino lion.
Acromichus settled on a world called Pluto; it was so cold and small that the population numbered in the mere thousands. The animals that the civilization hunted were massive and hairy or buried hundreds of feet under the ground where it was warmer. Acromichus felt at home there, he never shivered in the temperatures dropping below minus one-hundred and thirty degrees. The population was primitive; they still ranged back to the middle ages on Terra. They spoke of knights and had castles and warred against each other. They could not afford full scale war with each other since their forces were too small. They were his kind of people. The oldest member of the Frost Angels is “Knight” whose name no one knows except Acromichus. Knight was inducted three years after Acromichus arrived. All space marines show him respect, even the “Empty Stare*” himself.
The gene-seed of the Frost Angels is altered in that after the Biscopea is implanted and matured, two stumps appear on the marine’s back, where Acromichus’ wings were. The Frost Angels had always been pure in the gene-seed, except for a few minor flaws.
The Blood Angels and Frost Angels have a bitter rivalry much like that of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves chapters. The two chapters have battles every week during peace. A squad of the finest warriors arrives from each chapter on a non- biased place, world and time. They engage in combat, using all necessary means to capture and hold the other chapter’s Standard. To lose means great dishonour, the Blood Angels never tell about the matches to anyone else since the Frost Angels held the two flags for a decade and a half due to Acromichus’ greater tactical sense.
During the Horus Heresy, Acromichus was away from Terra, waging war on orks stationed near imperial worlds. Their position was too far away to give up. Instead, Acromichus and two companies of his space marines flew to the civilian’s aid. While the majority of the Legions defended the Emperor’s palace, Acromichus defended the civilians as they were cut down by the cruel worshippers of Slaanesh, the Emperor’s Children. They were so outrageously outnumbered that Acromichus decided the most damage could be done if they made a stand and lured the chaos space marines away from the civilians. Five predator tanks, three stormbirds, a vindictator and several Rhinos ploughed past the Emperor’s Children from the behind. Shooting and running over the vile traitors. They skidded to a halt on a hilltop and disembarked. There they stood and fought. They fought and fought and fought. They fought for near a day before the transmission came in from the Emperor himself, “Acromichus, your twin is dead. Sanguinuis has died by what I cannot bear to call Horus. You were righ—.” Acromichus bellowed with rage. His wings snapped open; the wind took the attacking spawns of chaos in an arch where they fell on their comrades’ raised swords. Acromichus bum rushed the enemy. He ran forward, smiting the foe with godly speed. He dashed forward, slashing with his glaive, jumped in the air and plummeted back down. He lost his tactical sense. Before he died, he voxed his closest friend, Rogal Dorn, “Rogal, I... I made a mistake...” The only one, who survived that ordeal, was Knight, the oldest space marine to have ever lived. He drove off in a rhino to the Emperor’s palace during the battle. “If you pass his quarters at night,” Fido Neverus once said, “You can hear him crying.” Knight rejected all promotions he ever received, feeling that he had failed his master.
The Frost Angels did not split up after the Heresy. Out of respect, no one objected to them staying as a whole chapter. Even though they now outnumber most other chapters, the Frost Angels still use each man with as much caution as Achromicus showed.

*Venar had both his eyes shot out of his skull. He has two bionic eyes set into his forhead and where his eyes were are empty sockets.

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Nice fluff! I love the name, love the primarch. I might be adding a few of them to my upcoming Reclaimed army (if you don't know, they're a pirate band of many Space Marines theat left their chapters). What is their color scheme?


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I have mentioned before I don't like people messing with the missing legions, but this is a decent one, so I'll not worry about that. It's pretty good, but I think the working out Horus would rebel beforehand is a bit silly, as Chaos was fairly unknown no-one would be able to think of something powerful enough to turn a Primarch. Also pre-Darius and the lodge healing Horus was a perfect loyalist Primarch and Warmaster. Also you say 'Knight' was the only surviving marine, yet a whole chapter was set up. Also driving a rhino from
away from Terra
to the Emperors palace may be difficult. Still not bad.
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ive actually posted other fluff about my chapter. A long time ago. It dealed with Achromicus fitting into previous fluff well or so some thought.

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."
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