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post #1 of 9 (permalink) Old 05-12-10, 07:38 PM Thread Starter
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Default Blood Ravens, Game Characters in Table Top Settings

This is where I'm going to over a little bit of time make all the player controlled heroes from DOW2, and DOW2 Chaos Rising. I would like opinions, comments, or you just being a jerk.

No, I haven't decided a point values, opinions?

Special rules used multiple times,

Hero of Typhon - Units with this ability and their squads gain Tyranids as preferred enemies. In adition they gain +1 Strength and +1 Toughness when rolling to wound, or be wounded by Synapse Creatures.

Slayer of Ulkier - Units with this ability and their squads gain Chaos as preferred enemies. In adition they gain +1 Strength and +1 Toughness when rolling to wound, or be wounded by Daemons.

Sergeant Tarkus

WS-5 BS-5 S-4 T-5 W-3 I-5 A-2 LD-10 SV-2+

Equiptment - Storm Bolter, Terminator Armor, Power Fist, Special Issue Ammunition (As seen under the Sternguard Veteran Squad listing), Cyclone Missle Launcher.

Special Rules - And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Hero of Typhon, Slayer of Ulkier.

Sternguard Terminator Squad - Sergeant Tarkus must form a squad of 4-9 aditional Terminator at +40 points each. All said Terminator are allowed the Special Issue Ammunition from the Sternguard Veteran Squad entry.

I Shall Not Fall - Any roll that would succesfully remove the last wound from Sergeant Tarkus must be rerolled, if second roll also succeeds Sergeant Tarkus is killed.

A Debt of Blood and Fury - Sergeant Tarkus and his Squad have Eldar as preferred enemy's.

No More Lies, Eldar Witch - If the opposing Eldar Army has a Farseer Tarkus and his Squad are immune to all opponent direct psyker abilities on them.

The Nemedian - Tarkus and his squad automaticaly pass pinning tests caused by Eldar Rangers.

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Default Avitus

Sergeant Avitus

WS-4 BS-7 S-4 T-4 W-2 I-4 A-2 LD-10 SV-3+

Equiptment - Heavy Bolter, Power Armor, Krak Grenade, Frag Grenade, Signum.

Special Rules - And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Hero of Typhon, Slayer of Ulkier.

Elite Devastator Squad - Sergeant Avitus must take 4-9 Devastator Squad Space Marines at +16 points each with full access to their selectable aditional wargear. Wargear costs remain the same.

Focus Fire - Once per game, during shooting phase but before rolling to hit, Sergeant Avitus may activate Focus Fire, making his and all his squad's weapons count as twin linked for that round.

Cowards! One and All! - Sergeant Avitus and his squad have the Imperial Guard as prefered enemies.

Sprint - Once per game Tarkus and his squad may move twelve inchs ignoring rough terrain checks (still take dangerous terrain checks), and may not run or shoot that turn.

Entrench - While in cover of 4+ or better Avitus and his squad shoots with +1 to their BS.

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Pretty good so far. Though I'm not sure that I would limit Tarkus to a Terminator squad. Other than that, I'll reserve judgment until all of them are done.
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My take:

Tarkus: 85pts
WS- 5, BS- 6, S- 4, T-5, A- 2, W- 2, I- 4, Ld- 10, Sv, 2+
Wargear: Artificer Armor, Frag/Krak grenades, MC Bolter, Sternguard Vet ammo options.
Options: +15 MC Plasma, +20 MC Meltagun, May switch to MC BP and CCW free, +20 Power weapon, +30 power fist, may take Meltabombs for +10pts.

Tarkus may lead a Tactical Squad, Sternguard Veteran Squad, Command Squad or Honor Guard Squad. He may also wear Terminator armor, and lead a Terminator Squad or Terminator Command Squad with the following wargear and options for +40pts.
Wargear: Terminator Armor, MC Storm Bolter, Sternguard Veteran Ammunition options, Chainfist.

Any squad led by Tarkus gains the Sternguard ammunition options, and has the following Special Rules: Combat Tactics, ATSKNF, Slayer of Ulkair, Hero of Typhon, I shall Not Fall (Tarkus only), A Debt of Blood and Fury, No More Lies Witch, The Nemedian.

Avitus: 70pts
WS- 4, BS-6, S- 5, T- 4, A- 1, W- 3, I- 4, Ld- 10, Sv- 2+
Wargear: Artificer Armor, MC HB, Signum, Frag/Krak
Options: Avitus may take a MC Missile Launcher for +30 pts, a MC Lascannon for +40 or a MC Plasma Cannon for +30pts.

Avatus may be bought as an upgrade to a Devastator squad and replaces the squad's sergeant. All other rules for the squad remain, with the following Special Rules: Focus Fire, Cowards! One and All!, Sprint, Entrench.

Thaddeus: 100pts
WS- 6, BS- 4, S- 4, T- 4, A- 3, W- 3, I- 5, Ld- 10, Sv- 2+/4+
Wargear: MC Bolt Pistol, MC CCW, Artificer's Armor, Rosarius.
Options: Thaddeus may upgrade his MC Bolt Pistol for a MC Plasma Pistol for +25 pts, and may exchange his MC CCW for an MC Power Weapon for +25pts, an MC Lightning Claw for +35pts, or an MC Powerfist for +40pts.

Thaddeus may be purchased as an upgrade for an Assault or Vanguard Assault Squad. Thaddeus may exchange his wargear for the following options and points cost if he is purchased to lead a Terminator Assault Squad.

Terminator Thaddeus: 150
Same stat line
Wargear: Terminator Armor, Rosarius, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield.
Options: You may upgrade the Thunderhammer to MC for +15pts, you may replace Thaddeus' Thunderhammer with a MC Powerfist for +10pts, or a chainfist for +20pts. You may replace Thaddeus' Thunderhammer and Storm Shield with Lightning Claws for +25pts.

Special Rules: Thaddeus: Hero of Typhon, Slayer of Ulkair, Thunderous Assault, ATSKNF, Combat Tactics, Favored Enemy: Ork.

Thunderous Assault: Any time Thaddeus moves his full movement and then assaults in the same turn, the assaulted unit(s) suffer a -2 penalty to initiative for that assault phase.

Cyrus: 100 PTS
WS:4, BS:6, S:4, T:4, A:1, W:3, I:4, Ld:10, Sv:4+
Wargear: MC Sniper Rifle, Demolition Charges, Camo Cloak, Revival Kit
Options: Cyrus may swap MC Sniper Rifle for an MC Combat Shotgun for free.
Special Rules: Slayer of Ulkair, Hero of Typhon, Specialist Ammunition, Fearless Infiltrator.

Demolition Charges: May be used in the shooting phase once per game with following statistics.
Range: 18", Str: 10, AP: 2, Type: Ordnance

Specialist Ammunition: Cyrus may take a crack shot once per game at any target within range and LOS. He automatically hits, wounds on a 2+, may re-roll to wound, and the shot counts as AP1. For vehicles, Cyrus may roll 2d6 for armor penetration (2d6+str 0 = penetration value), with double 6 counting as a result of 13. If using the shotgun, 2d6+str3 is used instead, the shot still counts as AP1.

Fearless Infiltrator: Cyrus unit can only be fired upon as in a night mission (roll 3d6 to determine if a squad has range to see Cyrus) with a -6 penalty on sight rolls if Cyrus is in cover, -6 if Cyrus did not fire in the last turn, and -6 if the game is a night-fight mission (Cyrus cannot be shot in night fight if his squad is moving through cover and not shooting). Cyrus' Specialist ammunition and demolition charge do not count towards the shooting penalty. Cyrus can still be assaulted if within a unit's assault range.

That's all I've got right now. Thoughts?
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Default Sergeant Thaddeus and Sergeant Cyrus

Sergeant Thaddeus

WS-6 BS-4 S-5 T-4 W-2 I-6 A-3 LD-10 SV-3+

Equipment - Pair of Lightning Claws, Power Armor, Jump Pack, Krak Grenade, Frag Grenade, Melta Bomb, Combat Shield.

Special Rules - And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Heroic Intervention, Hero of Typhon, Slayer of Ulkier.

Elite Vanguard Veteran Squad - Sergeant Thaddeus must form a squad of 4-9 additional Vanguard Veteran Marines at +30 points each, and each must be equipped with a jump pack (at no extra cost.) All said Vanguard Veteran Marines are allowed full access to additional wargear.

I Will Not Abandon Them! - When Thaddeus and his squad assaults an enemy squad already in combat with an allied squad they each get an additional +1 attack.

Strike From the Skies! - If Thaddeus assaults an enemy squad, that squad gets -1 attack that assault phase (minimum of 1).

Victorious Cheer - Thaddeus has Orks as prefered enemies, and receives a +1 attack when fighting a nob or a warboss.

Sergeant Cyrus

WS-4 BS-6 S-4 T-4 W-2 I-4 A-2 LD-10 SV-4+

Equipment - Special Issue Sniper Rifle, Scout Armor, Krak Grenade, Frag Grenade, Detonation Pack, Teleport Homer, Camo Cloak, Melta Bombs, Smoke Grenade.

Special Issue Sniper Rifle - Range - 36", S- -, AP-4, Type - Assault 1

Demolition Charge - Range - 18", Str - 10, AP - 1, Type - Ordnance. One use

Smoke Grenades - Once per battle, at the begining of the opponents shooting phase Cyrus may use Smoke Grenades. One point within twelve inches is chosen, all units within 6" of that point are confered a 5+ cover save (stealth makes this a +4). If used over an existing cover save they are cumulative (6+ become 4+, 5+ become 3+ and 4+ become 2+) a max of 2+. Stealth only affects one cover save, and may not be taken twice for an additional 2 to their cover save. If Cyrus is using the smoke grenades from his own base, he may wait until his squad is targeted, but before rolls are made to hit.

Special Rules - And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Stealth, Acute Senses, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Scout, Hero of Typhon, Slayer of Ulkier.

Elite Scout Squad - Cyrus must take 4-9 aditional scouts at +16 per, all equip with camo cloaks. They may select anything else from their wargear selections.

Those Are My Initiates! - Whenever a scout in Cyrus's squad, or a scout in his line of sight is removed as a casualty Cyrus gets an aditional attack, and an additional shot with his sniper rifle, but may not use One Shot, One Kill if he takes two shots, the played must declare his inteintion before Cyrus fires. This effect cannot stack.

One Shot, One Kill - When shooting one shot Cyrus may allocate any hit he makes to any unit in the squad of the choice of Cyrus's controller. When using this ability Cyrus may to shoot a squad independantly of his squad.

Untraditional Tactics - Cyrus and his squad may infiltrate, scout, or outflank even if the scenario would not normally allow it.

A general statement, is I made mine without options because that's how all unique characters come.

To Akatsuki13's Tarkus in terminator armor, I wanted someone to be in terminator armor. And he is the one with canon terminator honors.

To Belthazor Aurellius's list. Everyone with artificer armor? Are you serious? They're sergeants. You have to be at least a captain to have artificer armor. Is it meant that everyone has more wounds than Tarkus? The one with taunt in the game? Why is Tarkus's BS equal with Avitus? And why does Avitus have 5 strength? Thaddeus has less initiative than a wraith. Cyrus has 3 wounds? (They all have 3 wounds?) that's usually for very famous leader space marines. Not sergeant. And especially not scouts. Though the demo charge is good, I'll take it, though I'm giving it 1ap.
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I think it needs some streamlining, as some things are a little overcomplex. Otherwise I love it, always thought that GW needed to make the Blood Ravens an official chapter with their own models.
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i agree don't limit tarkus to termies i would also suggest he's gonna be like 100 point just to add him to a squad he's a bit OP probably more than that. i'd say if you drop the nemedian and i shall not fall from him you may bring it down to 100 that and havin eldar chaos and nyds as pref enemies still makes him powerful not to mention the squad being immune to farseer powers. that and with the spec ammo he can hit at 30 in thas longer than some heavy weapons
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I am Alpharius.
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"Hero of Typhon - Units with this ability and their squads gain Tyranids as preferred enemies. In adition they gain +1 Strength and +1 Touchness when rolling to wound, or be wounded by Synapse Creatures."

Does that make them better at touching people? Ah, just kidding, but other vise fine!

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Default Been a while

Yeah, this is an old thread to continue, but I felt like some more creation was needed.

Davion Thule

Front-12, Side - 12, Back - 10, WS - 5, BS - 4, S - 10, I - 4, A - 3

Equipment - Two Dreadnought Power claws (power claws are considered close combat weapons), one equipped with a storm bolter, and one with a heavy flamer.

Special Rules - Extra Armor, Furious Charge, Venerable (This does not count towards your venerable dreadnought limit.)

Hardened Armor - Due to the diligent upkeep of Martellus, Davion Thule's armor is especially resistant to anti-tank weaponry. Whenever an attack would roll two d6's against Davion's armor they may only roll 1 d6.

Deep Night - At the beginning of the match, the player may invoke the Deep Night rule upon Davion Thule by reciting (Yes, you have to say this.) "I grow tired of this deep night. Let us walk forward into the light of his protection." If invoked Davion obtains a 4+ invulnerable save (Rolled after he is hit, before rolls against his armor.), but must always move towards the closest enemy unit, even through rough, or dangerous terrain. Davion may not shoot at any unit other than the closes enemy unit.

Next I'll work on Jonah, and he will probably take a little bit for me to work out. Any opinions on whether he should have a staff or a force sword? (I'm leaning towards staff.)
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