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Default Templars of Steel backround

This is the fluff for my custom Space Marine Chapter called Templars of Steel. Like in almost all other cases, there's still stuff I need to do or finish. Multiple project are fun because you never get bored as there's always something you can do, but on the other hand there's always so much to do....

Oh well. Hope you enjoy, and do leave a comment.

"In life we were Men.
In reincarnation we became Warriors.
Oaths we swore,
And took up the Sword.
In service we killed,
With Honor we fought.
And now we have come,
To the last mighty struggle.
In Courage we unite.
With Steel and Blood we,
Prepare to die!"

-Chaplain Heer, commanding the 2nd Hammer Company in the battle of Helm Prime [088.M41] against Tyranids, while protecting the civilian transports. The whole company was declared to have been wiped-out. Helm Prime was later targeted by an Exterminatus.

Basic Data
Name: Templars of Steel
Founding chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Main colors: Black with dark red shoulder pads and grey trim
Specialty: Close Combat
Battle Cry: For Mankind!;
Templars- we will prevail
Steel - let us hail
For our Masters!
Estimated strength: Unknown

The Imperial sources are very vague of the Chapter, as it should not actually exist. According to mostly rumors, myths and even sheer legends that suggest that it was founded soon after the Horus Heresy. Allegedly the Chapter was formed by Marines from seven Legions, whom for one reason or another had felt unsatisfied with the Imperium. In their eyes the Imperium was no longer the place Emperor had intended it to be.
Thus the seven Legions combined their forces, forming the Templars of Steel, and began to fight their own war, according to what they believe was the Emperor will and to fulfill that vision. Since then the Templars have been fighting in the name of the Emperor as a ruler, not a god, and this has caused the fact that they are considered to be heretics by the hardest lined members of the Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy. Most merely turn a blind eye in the matter.
The Templars have since then fought against the forces of Chaos alongside the Imperial Guard and occasionally other Chapter. There seems to be some bad blood amongst the Templar and other Chapter, and its, according to rumors, believed to be because the Templars also seem to recruit some Marines from other Chapters, as well as from the ranks of the Imperial Guard regiments that fight at their side. There are also stories about Mars priests that aid them to maintain their geenseed, but this is judged to be just a story.
Regardless, the official sources have very little material of the Templars, and even other Chapters records are vague. Still there seems to be a great number of unofficial civilian and other reports of these warriors, but these are mainly declared to have been nothing but cases of miss placed or understood identities.

The Templars of Steel is controlled not by a Chapter Master, but a "Council of Seven". Their identities are a closely guarded secret and it is rumored the even the members don't know each otherís true names or faces. The Council decides on the more important decisions, where as the "lesser" every day decisions are left to the commanders in the field. Even so, the commanders still have to make special request to the Council for some more unusual or rarer methods or recourses.
The Supreme Grand Masters of the organization are not what the name might suggest. They are more the sort of special agents of the organization, whom have much more power than other leaders of the Templars. They are responsible to none, bar the Council. The actual depth of their real power is a mystery, but the most famous of the Masters, The First Supreme Grand Master Arkticus WarWolf, is known to have fielded a notable strength of Templars to the field in a number of occasions seemingly without an confirmed permission of the Council. None the less, the Masters are well respected within and without the rank of the organization.
The Chaplains of the Templars of Steel are usually the ones that lead their forces in battle, acting as the highest commander. They also attend to the other responsibilities of "regular" Chaplains as well. The Chaplains of the Templars have been divided into three main groups:
The Chaplain Crusaders are the most senior members of their brethren, with possibly hundreds of years of experience. They are the ones to lead the Templars of Steel Crusade forces.
The Chaplain Guardians are the ones required to accompany the Companies on the fields of battle and tend to their spiritual needs.
The Chaplain Aspirants are the most junior members and they are mostly the ones to tend to the lesser tasks of the Chaplains as well as guarding the Chapters holy relics.
Where as the Chaplains are the main leaders of the Templar forces, the Captains are placed as tactical officers, commanding the troops from the front. A captain commands a Battle Company.

The number of companies varies, as the Templars do not follow the Codex Astartes. Instead they divide them in the task forces by their roles in the field, and have applied a unique insignia to all these different units:

The Blades are the most elite units of the Templars. Usually under direct command of the Chaplains, they are the ones to wear Terminator amour. They can be compared to the 1st companies of most Chapters, but there seem to be a number of these companies as well.
The Hammers form the main bulk of Templars of Steel Space Marines. The newest recruits are first assigned to Hammers, before they can join or assigned to the other more specific detachments. Each company is led by a Brother-Captain.
The Spears are not formed from space Marines, but from Imperial Guard Regiments that support the Templars. Their numbers are unknown, but on many campaigns many separate Regiment have been observed to having been fielded. It is that from these elite regiments the Templars draw most of their recruits.
The Templars have also divided the their more heavy support units to the Bows and the fast moving support (mainly Land Speeders and variants) to the Arrows. They are seemingly deployed according to the overall situation.
The Staffs are the psykers of Templars. There seem to be only a handful of them, and they are rarely seen in the field. Within their ranks some of the troopers have nicknamed these strange people as the Brains.
The Daggers are the Templars scouting unit. Itís an odd mixture of Guards and Templars, and some believe it to be the equal of 10th company, although the numbers of Daggers seem to indicate them to be more of Space Wolf Scouts like detachment.
The Shields consist of the mightiest of the tanks in the considerable armoury that a Space Marine Chapter can field: the Land Raiders and the Predators. These mighty machines of war enter the battlefields as the Council of Seven sees fit, the ďspecialisedĒ companies being the only exception.

Battle order
A standard Templar strike force is supposedly made up from:

-Chaplain Crusader with detachment of Blades (can range from a few squads to a whole company), or Chaplain Guardian.
-1-2 companies of Hammers (up to 5 companies, each led by a captain)
-3 Templars Guard Regiments (up to 12 Regiments)
-Irregular number of Bow and Arrow detachments
-Irregular number of Dagger detachments

Templars companies rarely operate alone, although such incidents are not unknown.

A standard Templar Battle Company is formed of:

-Captain and Command Squad
-10 Tactical Squads
-5 Assault Squads
-5 Devestator Squads
-a number of Dreadnoughts
-Rhino APC Transports

There are some "specialized" Companies, such as the 4th and 5th "Besiegers" Companies. The 4th Company is known to extensively use Vindicator tanks as well as Land Raider Redeemers and Crusaders. The 5th Company are expert defenders and excel in making fortifications.
The Templars regular tactic seems to be to use 6 of the Tactical, 2 Assault and 2 Devestators Squads as the main fighting force, leaving the rest as reserves. The Templars of Steel do not have any Reserve Companies.

The Templars of Steel are an odd group by many standards, but what singles them out the most clearly is their religious dogmas. The most obvious is their regard of the Emperor; they see him as a ruler of Mankind, the greatest ruler ever to have lived amongst Humanity. But not a god. Yet they still believe that they follow the route that the Emperor had intended the Mankind to walk.
The Templars, instead of gods, "worship" the Universe itself. They believe it is meant to be a place of balance, and that the Eye of Terror is the most horrific offence to this. The Templars are trying to find ways of closing or destroying it, so that the balance is restored. At this, there seems to be three different groupings as to what this balance is meant to be. The first and so far the largest follow the teachings of First Supreme Grand Master WarWolf, that it would mean that all races should live side by side, one way or the other. The second grouping is the opposite to this, claiming that all the other races should be destroyed and that Mankind should be the only race inhabiting our galaxy. The third grouping goes the middle way, so to speak, believing that Humans should close their society from all alien affects, leaving them to walk their own paths while Humans walk their own. Currently these claims have very little value, as the Chapter is pulling one rope to defeat the Chaos forces and force them out of the material world.
The Templars are also seemingly obsessed with learning of the past. Their Librarium is easily a match to any of the better known ones, such as the Blood Ravens and even some the first Founding Chapters archives. The Templars have an incredible amount of knowledge of ancient human kingdoms, empires and other dominions that were presumably formed after the Age of Strife, prior the forming of Imperium, as well as rumored information of lost xeno races. This information ranges from knowledge of the hierarchies, everyday life customs to military organization to weaponology. It is also said that they possess the most complete history of the Imperium reaching all the way to the days when the Emperor united Terra. It is said to contain this and much more, and the Templars spend their free time studying all this knowledge, to understand the Universe and the Mankind and its foes better and thus be able to take full advantage of any situation.
"Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

The Templars of Steel have no world to call their own, their mighty fleet trekking between stars. There are wild and seemingly random rumours and speculations that the Templars actually have a small empire of their own, not unlike that of the Ultramar. Most well respected scholars and the official authorities regard such a thing ridiculous and blasphemous. No other force in the known galaxy could achieve such a monumental achievement than the Ultramarines, much less without the knowledge of the Imperium.
The information on the Templar fleet is just as elusive as any other regarding this mysterious Chapter, but there are dependable reports from the Divine Inquisitions archives that speak of a mighty Battle Barge; the Blade of Master. It was reported last seen engaging a small Chaos fleet with a force of other smaller Templar vessels near Cadia in 998.M41
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Nice Fluff you got there.
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