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Default The Children of Rapture, Slaanesh reaver-band

The Children of Rapture
I murdered thousands for the Emperor yet he gave me nothing except his damning silence. Now his lapdogs yap for every life I take, whilst the Lady of Dark Delights promises me the galaxy
~ Khalkus Pyros, Prophet of Delphus, Arch-Deacon of Rapture

We shall cleanse ourselves in the crimson waters of our enemy
We shall bring the ecstasy of quick release to those who stand before us

We shall give bloody praise to the Lord of Pleasure and sing his name as we dance across the fallen

Follow me, my Children, and you shall taste the undreamt joys that lie beyond the bounds of mortal sense


The Children of Rapture are the traitor-marine servants of the Daemoness Nyx, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. From their depraved palaces on the Daemon World of Helikion, these former servants of the Emperor regularly strike out at nearby Imperial worlds, terrorising the local populous at their leisure, often for weeks on end before fleeing back into the Eye, their ships laden with thousands of fresh slaves.

Homeworld: Helikion, a Daemon World on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Once an Imperial World it was lost to the warp in 301.M39 due to the sinister machinations of the Prophet of Delphus Hive.

A miasma of viscous narcotic mist chokes the once verdant plains of Helikionís surface. Feral packs of cannibals and zealots roam the wasteland plains, driven to madness by the miasmic mist and confining the saner of its mortal inhabitants to the winding cities nestled atop the peaks of the northern hemisphereís towering ranges. Beneath the baroque tower-houses of the Sensates and the soaring monuments dedicated to the Lord of Pleasure, the populous etch out a miserable existence in thrall to their demented masters, the Sensates Deacons of Helikion.

Though the deacon-lords of Nyx hold sway over the teaming horde of Helikionís population it is ĎThe Children of Raptureí that rule. The vast majority of the Children choose to dwell in Delphus, the former capital of Helikion, concealed at the epicentre of the planet wide mist-storm. Dwarfing the mountain cities in its excess Delphus is a riot of colour and sound. Fallen Astartes saunter down mist-cloaked boulevards acting out their every whim often at the expense of their eager minions. At the heart of Delphus lies the citadel-fastness of Rapture, a vast city within a city and the palace of Khalkus Pyros. Harems of pleasure servants, cunning thespians and artists of genius skill all make their home in the six sprawling wings of this mecca of unencumbered expression.

Key Characters: The core of the Children of Raptureís reaver force are the renegade marines of the Scything Talons chapter led by their heretic lord Ezekiel Varum alongside a score of ancient veteran warriors of the Emperorís Children, Pyrosís personal cadre. Ill clad militia of perverse, mutated Helikion citizens are oft employed as readily renewable fodder for the Childrenís machinations. Over the years Helikion has become a haven for the decadent, from Battlefleet Scarus Navy officers and highborn thrill-seekers to powerful Rogue Traders and fallen Marines

The Keeper of Secrets Yychchbhaa, Nyx, The Lady of a Thousand Delights Ė The Lady of a Thousand Delights is an ancient servant of Slaanesh. Summoned from the darkest depths of the human psyche given true form, she is the perfect mix of cunning, sadistic pleasure and carnal desires to create one of the Pleasure Godís most depraved and sadistic servants.

Khalkus Pyros, Prophet of Delphus, Arch-Deacon of Rapture Ė This sorcerer lord of Slaanesh was once a Librarian of The Emperorís Children legion ten thousand years ago. An ancient and wise servant of the ruinous powers, Khalkus Pyros is a potent sorcerer and an even more skilled orator, his words alone can stir up a raging mob or deliver willing servants into the Lord of Pleasureís clutches. An ambitious man he seeks to carve out an empire of unparalleled decadence and experience with him as its tyrant-master.

Ezekiel Varum, Chapter Master of the Scything Talons, The Scourge of Devilia Ė Once a loyal hero of the Imperium, Varum was seduced into the service of She Who Thirsts by Khalkus Pyros. Khalkusís superiority has never sat well with this proud warrior, he has nurtured a bitter hatred for the Arch-Deacon of Rapture. Ezekiel has firmly entrenched himself as steward of Delphus though he greedily eyes the palace of Rapture.

History: The origins of the Children of Rapture start with Khalkus Pyros, a powerful sorcerer in the service of the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Nyx. Though the truth of his past is unknown, it has been assumed that he was once a Librarian of the III Legion, the Emperorís Children. Pyros first came to the Ordoís attention shortly after the uprisings on Corab IV in the early half of M.38 when it was realised that the Arcane Archives, buried and hidden beneath the planetís surface had been systematically pillaged under cover of the cartelís riots.

Scything Talons Battle-Brother
Prior to official Excommunicate Traitoris

Over the next millennia, scores of insurrections, riots and recidivist activities across several sectors were traced back to Khalkus and his ever growing network of pleasure cults and heretics. At some point during the dying days of M.38 Khalkus made contact with the loyalist Scything Talons chapter. Aided by his warp-spawned powers, the Chaos Sorcerer seduced Ezekiel Varum into the service of Nyx and Slaanesh, forsaking their loyalties to the Imperium of Mankind and forging the beginning of the Children of Rapture.

The most notable and heinous treason committed by Khalkus Pyros was the Damnation of Helikion. In the guise of a prophet-seer, the traitor marine roamed the planet for nigh on a decade, converting the population to worship of the Lady of Dark Delights. Eventually, Imperium governance overthrown, the Prophet of Delphus led a grand, planet wide ceremony in celebration of their goddess. At the height of the carnal ritual Nyx manifested herself, drawing upon the willing souls of billions. The physic backlash ripped at the fabric of reality, allowing the Eye to spill out over the system, claiming it in the name of the Ruinous Powers. The world of Helikion was transformed overnight into a bastion of Chaos, Khalkusís servants flocked to him in droves, utterly corrupting the planet.
For the last two millennia the Children of Rapture have only grown in strength. The Sensates pleasure cults spread out across scores of civilised planets in the Scarus sector whilst Varumís corsairs pillage worlds at whim.
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Added to 'The List'.

Wonderful backstory for your Chaos Warband, I must admit Chaos Space Marines seem to have the easiest of it when it comes to writing a plausible backstory but this is fantastic anyway.
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wow thats all i can say really. i like it real in depth detail and very plausable stuff keep it coming

bleeding from countless wounds he charged.... full speed in to the bathroom holding his breath. this could be it this will be the end of me. the young marine thought. alas brother Bag Fart had just been in here.
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