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Default Tanner, Lord Emperor of Zenetose

Well as of recently, me and my cousin have been discussing our story which is an epic journey of ultimate power, and in that discussion we talked about a certain kind of people who we came to call Zenetians. They are a human race who rely on their psychic powers and advanced technology to get through life. During our discussion on the Zenetians my cousin suggested I should somehow incorporate the idea into my csm army. So after much thought I finally came up with this cool idea.

During the Golden ages of the imperium, man conquered world after world and one of these worlds to be claimed was a planet called Zenetose. The planet was originally inhabited by the eldar race, but man came in and nearly wiped them all and began a human colony. For the next few hundred years the colony thrived and began to grow exponentially and with almost no threats nearby due to the isolation of Zenetose, things grew fast. When the Horus Heresy began, all imperial forces left the planet to defend terra and left its population to fend for itself. 400 years after the horus heresy the imperial forces came back to Zenetose to claim whatever had prospered during their time away. What they discovered was that the humans who had remained breeding with the last few eldar and essentially created a hybrid species, half human, half eldar. The Imperial forces saw these hybrids as taint on the human race and began a war with the people that was meant to doom them all. Little did the Imperial forces know what the Zenetians had done while they were away. They set up fully operational planetary defences, had a massive army and even it's own titan legion as well as a star fleet. The imperial forces launched an all out attack on the planet but were met with foes to the equal of space marines, no equal of something far fiercer. They expected weak human defects but instead were matched against super soldiers. These soldiers were as strong as the Emperor's finest soldiers...the space marines. No only were they similar in strengths and armor but some say that some Zenetian soldiers are that of chaos. This appears to be so at first but it is in fact different breeds of soldier bred for different purposes on the battlefield. The imperial forces questioned how these space marine equivalent soldiers came to be, it was then that they learned of Lord emperor Tanner, Ruler of the Zenetians. Tanner was a most prominent soldier and psycher when he first joined the Zenetian forces. He showed unmatched skill in the art of war and was soon appointed a top general of the army. It was in this position of rank that he met General Vaturossa. Vaturossa was a fierce warrior who bred his men to be stronger than anything else. He was also into genetic experiments that would help make his men stronger. Tanner learned of these experiments and decided he would help Vaturossa build these super soldiers. The experiemnts proved to be successful due to Tanner's high mental capabilities, he was able to withstand the mental trauma that goes into gene splicing. With these now numerous strands of powerful genetic material, Tanner and Vaturossa began creating super soldiers that came to take over the elite positions of troops in the army. Soon afterwards, Tanner had claimed Zenetose and all it's people free from the grasp of mankind and that He was the undeniably True emperor. Since then, Tanner has been quietly preparing massive invading forces hell bent to destroy all of mankind and whatever other race dare interfere with his plan.

So here are my stats for Tanner and I know you might think wow he's freakishly strong just remember this: He's an emperor to a new hybrid race. Oh and FYI all my models and my army is made up of chaos space marines who for all intents and purposes are not actually chaos slaves but very powerful and terrifyingly deadly super soldiers of a hybrid race.


WS:6 BS:5 S:5 T:5 W:4 A:4 I:6 LD:10 Sv:3+/4+

Wargear: Oblivion, No forgiveness, frag and krak grenades, grand armor,

Special Rules: Fearless, independent character, Eternal Warrior, psyker

Oblivion: counts as a power weap. with a built in bolt pistol

No Forgiveness: counts as a one handed weapon with the following profile: range: 18" STR:4 Ap:3 Type: Assault 3

Grand Armor: grants a 4+ inv. save

Enhancements: Tanner has given himself many genetic enhancememts that make him a powerful force. All stats are at +1 (already inc. in profile)

Gunslinger: Tanner can fier both the bolt pistol and the No Forgiveness in the same shooting phase but must be at the same target.

Psyker Special rules: Tanner does not harvest psychic power from the warp but instead gains his powers through his own mental prowess and bio enhancements. Tanner takes psychic tests as normal however he does not suffer from peril of the warp attacks. Instead, the psychic power does not work this turn. He is therefore immune to perils of the warp attacks.

Phychic powers:


Force wave: has the following profile: range: template STR:5 AP:4 It may be used in the shooting phase instead of firing his weapons or in cc instead of attacking normally. If the enemy unit suffers any unsaved wounds from the attack, they are moved D6 + 3 inches away from the wide end of the template. this move ignores difficult terrain but dangerous terrain tests are taken as normal. models cannot be moved into impassable terrain. Vehicles that are hit under the template do not suffer damage but are turned in a new direction. Use the scatter dice to determine the which direction the front will face. If a hit is rolled, the Zenetian (chaos) player choses which direction it faces. The vehicle can move the next turn however can not make any turns, it must drive straight in whatever direction it is facing.

Well that's it for stats fr him. I decided to start his point cost at 300. should this be higher or lower and are there any suggestions for possible rule changes? If yes, I'd love to hear them

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