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Default Some background on my warboss!

Howdy folks!

Here's a bit of background over my ork warboss, Gorfang Spinebreaka! Please note that this is tongue in cheek, so don't take it seriously!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

Da life an timez uv da Spinbreaka! Da troo mad profit a Gork (an' to a lezza ekztent, Mork)

At one time things were going great for Gorfang. Life was easy as one of Ghazghkullz killa nobz, a position he 'ead butted his way to with gusto(for Gorfang had an unusally thick skull..fer an ork dat iz). It all ended one dark day in the ruins of some rat-hole hive on Armageddon. Heading for a nice rest and some well-deserved squiggly crunchies, Gorfang's life changed forever when his ammo runt Norblad accidently blew off the top of his head with Gorfang's own dakka gun while fiddling with it(the little blighter saw himself as something of a musician). Laying there on the ground, his blood and brains(while not much were still oozing out) running across the fetid hole of some burned out building, Gorfang's life was dwindling away.

If it weren't for the timely intervention of a painboss by the name of Rotgut, his saga(albeit embarrassing) would have ended there. Working with the mekboy Snagga, Rotgut was able to patch up Gorfang's thick skull(a fact which probably saved his life) and replace the missing bitz of brain with a wee bit of teknology they'd scrounged up from the battlefield. Unbeknownst to all involved that little piece of machinery was in fact a primary training and tutelary engine, the likes of which could not be copied or manufactured as the knowledge had been lost to the Imperium(a fact which led poor Gorfang to butt heads with certain members of the Technomagi and their allies over the course of time).

While still alive, poor Gorfang's position in the WAAAAGH was forever changed. Hoots and calls about his embarrassing near-death experience couldn't be silenced, even with the application of liberal doses of 'ead buttin and boot leather. Leaving the Goff tribe in shame, Gorfang wandered across the deserts of Armageddon looking for a purpose. During one of his many firefights, he took a stong knock upside the head. The smack activated the dormant battery cells in the tutelary engine. Gorfang's small brain(even smaller now after his 'accident') was flooded with images of tactical flotsam and jetsam. Driven mad by the large amounts of information downloading directly into his brain, he went about killing anything and everything he came across.

In this time, Gorfang had become larger, stronger, and ded 'arder. Battles with nature, ork, human, and marine alike had pushed his orkoid physiology to it's limits. As the days passed, the screaming pain in his head turned into a dull ache and Gorfang soon found himself able to gather his wits(which for an ork usually means a quick trip behind the nearest tree, a good scratch, and a nice plump grot on a stick). The information bouncing around his bionik bonce began to slowly make sense and deep inside his mind(the equivilent of a good two or three inches of top soil shifted) he could make out a voice.

Thinking that Gork and Mork had blessed him, Gorfang went about putting this information gleaned from his constant vocal companion( his head at any rate) to good and 'propa' orky use. Coming across a small warband of Blood Axes, he set about taking over. The warband's current warboss voiced his displeasure at having someone try to oust him but, after a 'heated' debate, he soon found himself taking up his complaint with Gork and Mork directly.

Having a bunch of lads to back him up, Gorfang decided it was high time to get a little revenge on the Goffz who had sent him packing in shame. Blaming everything on Ghazghkull and his lads, Gorfang started his long quest to show that he was the 'troo mad profit a' to a lessa ekztent, Mork'. Unfortunately, in all the time that had passed, Ghazghkull had long since moved on from Armageddon leaving Gorfang rather vexed(legends still speak of him throwing his favorite trukk into a mob of loafing and rather surprised deathskullz...of course this event was also believed to be part of an ongoing fued with a rival warboss known as Magrukk Oomieskinna but semantics and orks really don't mix).

With Ghazghkull gone, Gorfang decided to move on himself. With his new-found tribe of Blood Axes, he commandeered a kill krooza(it seems their captain had a terrible accident with a faulty air lock...of course the choppa to his skull didn't help the situation much...) and set off to start his own WAAAAGH against Ghazghkull. Always a step behind, Gorfang found all of his plans thwarted in bringing his adversary to heel(many times due to his skumgrod Magrukk who himself was always nicking Ghazghkull's prized battlewagon when the chance arose). What followed was a long and bloody path through Piscina and various other worlds, once again never finding 'dat git' as he often referred to him as.

He soon found his rather voiciferous(though unseen) partner rather useful in his many conquests. Gorfang's name was plastered across many sectors and he was rightly feared. Time-honored tactics and traditions employed successfully against other ork invasions were battered aside as Gorfang out-manouvered and out-strategized his Imperial foes(a feat, in itself, which caused a constant consternation amongst many in the Ordo Xenos and his nobz..who thought that da boss 'wuz kwite da loon'..never to his face, of course).

When Gorfang finally caught up with Ghazghkull it was once again on the hellish plains of Armageddon. It had finally come full circle and he felt the time of his revenge was at hand. But, something strange happened. He found himself caught up in 'da git'z' fiery oratory. Putting aside his hatred(well..rather it was shifted to a new and readily available target in the form of Space Marines and plentiful squishy guardsmen), Gorfang and his Blood Axes once again took up the banner of Ghazghkull and WAAAAAGHed in his name.

After this, contact was lost with Gorfang(which left one Inquisitor Alabac rather perturbed..along with his squad of Death Watch space marines..nothing infuriates a space marine more than having to sit around twiddling his thumbs). It is unknown what happened to him. Reports come in from time to time of a raging warboss burning his way across one sector or another, crushing every attempt to stop him....

Good luck and good gaming,


"If you can't stun them with your tactical brilliance, baffle them with your superior grasp of BS."

"I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man."

Originally Posted by TheAllFather View Post
Well, seeing as how you capitalize your characters, use proper grammar and punctuation, I'd say you qualify.
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