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Default Rewrite of Amethyst Brothers - the second legion.

Re-edit further down.

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good but the AB arestill gay
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not bad, some parts might need a bit more detail, but other than that, nice creativity and effort.

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Default RE-rewrite of the 2nd legion fluff.

I think I'm finally happy with the background for these guys. After a lot of questions from friends on a few more details and me finally painting these guys I've also added a few bits about the present legion.
The second Primarch landed on the planet of Contego 14 years before he was first found,landing in a group of Amethyst covered caves. The light caused by these gems was so bright that only fools went in without eye protection. Only the personal guard of the governor were given such protection and so a force of one hundred men were sent in when life readings were picked up near the caves. After days of hunting a young teenager was found, his gleaming white eyes somehow protecting his vision. He looked up suddenly and within seconds had launched himself at the guard and bested them before they had a chance to react. The boy was finally captured after hours and taken to the governor who laughed at the tale of the events and decided to foster the boy, naming him Amethis due to the location he was found in.

Amethis was trained in the way of combat and before long had outstripped all of his teachers in skill, rising to the rank of second in command by the age of 19. His tactics against his enemies were unique, covering his and his men's armour in thin diamond strips that reflected the sun in blinding rays, while their protective eyewear saved their sight. The feral tribes in the north of the planet shook in fear as the sun rose to its peak and Amethis led his troops over the hills, slaying them quickly as they swung wildly with their eyes shut to protect from the searing light.

On his return from one of these attacks Amethis buckled as pain jolted through his head and he witnessed visions of the capital burning and his father dead. Racing quickly to the crest of a hill he saw the city burning and ordered his men to hurry forward. Upon reaching the gates he realised that the feral people had attacked the city and were still engaged in reaching the main sector of the city. Through brutal force the enemy was destroyed but they were too late to save the governor, who had been burnt alive. Amethis flew into a rage and singlehandedly annihilated the remaining tribesmen in the surrounding hills. Returning he re-designed the army's armour to contain amethysts in the sword hilts and guns of the men, with blue cloaks given to the veterans. Amethis announced that from then on the army would be known as the Amethyst Brothers and would wear black armour in memory of his father.

Weeks later a group of strange craft landed outside the city, near a group of Amethyst Brothers who Amethis had taken out to greet the arrivals before any word was heard of them. A light more blinding than the forces diamond armour shone out of the golden ship at the front of the group. Only Amethis could look into the light even though others had eye protection. He looked at the Emperor in sadness and, much to the surprise of his men called him father. The Emperor spent many days telling Amethis of the Great Crusade, although it was obvious he knew most of it already. Realising that Amethis could foretell events as well as, and sometimes even better than he, the Emperor was silent for a few minutes before telling him that he as he would be able to see what the others could not and even somethings the Emperor could not see clearly, he would never fit in with his brothers. Amethis told him that he already knew, and that for some reason he wasn’t sure he could trust all of them.

The new legion was quickly prepared. The armed forces of Contego all joined the trials and, although some failed, many of them joined the ranks of the Amethyst Brothers legion. Soon a crusade force was ready and the forces left their homeworld. The foresight held by Amethis was to become an openly known curse for the 2nd legion. The marines were given a glimpse of their death a day before it occurred, and a sense of foreboding fell upon the legion, their warriors becoming grim and distant from their allies, glimpsing a small fragment of how their Primarch felt. Only one librarian existed for each company, aptly named the foresight fathers due to them holding nearly equal prophetic powers to Amethis. These librarians were sent to assist on campaigns only when Amethis could not attend, as they were valuable assets to the legion. Thankfully they could find their replacements years before their death and leave them on Contego to study in their arts to prevent the loss of such priceless tacticians. For years the legion campaigned against the enemies of the Imperium in the Eastern sector of the galaxy, discovering unchartered worlds and new species every week. The Amethyst Brothers were never caught unawares, the prophetic powers of Amethis usually warning of any danger to his forces. Only when they entered a solar system protected by the Eldar was any real resistance met. The Eldar could disappear into the webway and outmaneuver Amethis' forces, slaying hundreds of his men and stalling the progress of the campaign. This forced Amethis to destroy any of the webway portals they found to prevent attacks occurring unheralded. Unfortunately this meant the destruction of the planets due to the webway gates being shrouded, and Amethis was said to have shed a tear for every bomb they sent towards the beautiful planets.

Amethis was always estranged from his brothers, preferring to stay alone on his campaigns, and only Sanguinus was ever permitted to join him if he did need help. On one occasion he relented and met with all of the Primarchs but an insult from Horus caused Amethis to strike him down before storming away. He ignored all orders from Horus when he became Warmaster and when asked why by Sanguinus he said " I feel nothing good can come of him".

During a particularly harsh campaign,where the whole 2nd legion had been brought in, Amethis received a vision of his homeworld exploding and decided to remove his forces. The commanders of the Imperial Army watched astonished as the second legions fleet entered the warp leaving them unsupported. If these commanders had not turned soon after to fight against the Emperor, it seems likely Amethis would have been called into question for this rash act.

Emerging from the warp the 2nd legion were astonished to find little trace that their homeworld was ever there at all, save a few asteroids floating slowly through space. Listening to the vox-chatter and communiques picked up by his navigators Amethis learnt that he had been in the warp for longer than first thought and had missed the Horus Heresy. Horus had taken great delight in destroying his world and Amethis was struck with grief as he heard that the Emperor and some of his brothers were dead. What intrigued him even more was the striking of his name and legion from the records, as they were presumed lost forever. He formed a fortress monastery on a new populated world and, after handing command to the 1st company master, took the 1st company into the eye of terror to fight against his traitor kinsmen.

The new world became prosperous, but a dark cancer bubbled away at it's heart, a warp rift close to the planet slowly infecting the legion. Sometime in the 41st millennium fully 2 thirds of the legion fell to Chaos as daemons ripped into being in their bodies. Only the strongest willed survived to mount a defence, but their numbers were dwindling quickly. A distress call was answered by an Inquisitorial Fleet nearby and before long it had brought its full might to bear on the daemons. The present Legion Master fought side by side with the Grey Knights of the force, besting mighty Daemons, finally laying down to die after helping to slay a lord of change. The new Master, Corteaz gave permission for the remaining 2000 men to be be put through strict processing to check for any taint. To their credit not one failed and they chose to join the crusade to repay the debt and perhaps find their Primarch. They did however ask for their reappearance to be kept secret from all but the Inquisitorial Crusade, as they wished to be kept alone from their brother legions as always.

In the last few years sightings have been reported of a large force of terminators sweeping out from the eye of terror, never staying put long enough for identification, but always striking cults and invasion forces before they even attack, protecting worlds and even solar systems from enemy incursions. It is said a large figure leads them to battle, his presence instantly causing the retreat of many a veteran soldier. Their dark armour shrouds their presence, until the gleaming eyes of their leader show up metres from their targets, quickly overcoming them and disappearing into the shadows. Going on information from the one remaining foresight father, the Amethyst Brothers have chosen to believe that this is definitely their Primarch, and the Crusade has changed course to converge on the course plotted from the forces sightings. What this holds for the Imperium none can say, but the idea of a Primarch abound in the galaxy makes the Inquisitors in charge of the crusade tremble in anticipation.

Legion colours: Black armour, Silver shoulder pads, Silver and black weaponry, Blue incorporated into all ranks/ mostly cloaks for veterans and aquilla’s on tactical squads.

Legion banner: Red cloth with Amethyst colours on insignia.
These are the main people in the legion. Obviously I only use them all when I'm playing Apocalypse, otherwise I limit myself to the Legion Master plus the Chapter Master)
Legion Master -Corteaz (Normal Chapter Master)
Chapter Master- Demetrius (Sicarius in game -Chainmail coloured armour)
Legion Saint -Amelia - Once a lowly acolyte, Amelia recovered a suit of armour and weaponry touched by the emperor that she carried round with the Legion Master. After being cut off from her forces on a space hulk, with the enemy closing in, Amelia donned the armour and was imbued with power. Her sword glowed an icy blue and it could shoot bursts of ice so cold that they burnt the enemy, while her armour seemed impervious to most weaponry and enabled her to hover above her attackers, searching for her allies. She was immediately declared a saint and the Amethyst Brothers claimed her as their own, which the Inquisition gladly accepted, lest they lose the support of their useful allies. (Celestine)
Scout Sergeant- Egeus ( Telion)

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I like it.

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The only problem taht I can see is that Primarchs age ridiculusly fast. I don't know how fast, but somehting in the back of my mind is saying they are adult sized by age three. So in the hurt they would have found a huge person and probably just killed him rather than fostering the brute.

Do not disallusion yourself brothers, today we die, our bodies broken and our souls shattered, we will be remembered as corpses on a battlefield.Raise hell my brothers for one day our great Father will hear of our struggle, and he will be honoured to call us his Sons. In death our Glory shall become eternal.' Karik Farron, 1st Lord of the Dark Scorchers at the Fall of Kempar.

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i dont think so Zondarian, didnt the ultramarines primarch have a similar background? (being found as a kid and raised by the people who found him)
nice alex, cool fluff

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Decided to add a bit more of their organisation and a picture of my Primarch model.

II Legion - 2000 men

1st Company - 150 Veterans 12 terminator squads, 3 Vanquard Squads + Armoured force ( Smallest Company as the whole 1st company left with the Primarch and rebuilding the strength has been slow)
2nd Company - 200 Marines 10 Tac squads, 5 Assault squads, 5 Devastator Squads + Armoured force.
3rd Company - 200 Marines 10 Tac squads, 5 Assault squads, 5 Devastator Squads + Armoured force.
4th Company - 200 Marines 10 Tac squads, 5 Assault squads, 5 Devastator Squads + Armoured force.
5th Company - 200 Marines 10 Tac squads, 5 Assault squads, 5 Devastator Squads + Armoured force.
6th Company - 200 Marines 12 Tac squads, 2 Assault Squads, 6 Devastator squads + Armoured force.
7th Company - 200 Marines 12 Tac squads, 2 Assault Squads, 6 Devastator squads + Armoured force.
8th Company - 200 Marines 12 Tac squads, 2 Assault Squads, 6 Devastator squads + Armoured force.
9th Company - 200 Marines 12 Tac squads, 2 Assault Squads, 6 Devastator squads + Armoured force.
10th Company - 250 Marines 20 Scout Squads, 5 Scout Bike Squads. ( Largest Company due to the newer initiates not succumbing to the warp due to less contact, so more survived the daemon incursion)

As you can see, his heights fine put against Terminators and Tactical Marines. He's a bit thin compared to what he should be, but he looked so nice I knew he was exactly what I wanted .

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