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Default Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet B3-732

My first attempt at fluff for my Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet. I have most of the models fully painted up with the exceptions of Enginseer Blank, Kataphron Destroyers T-16 and the Inquisitorial contingent. Hoping to purchase those soon and get kitbashing for Solaih and Ij'in. Here are some images of what I have so far: Adeptus Mechanicus 1 Adeptus Mechanicus 2 Adeptus Mechanicus 3.

Designation: Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Fleet B3-732
Origin: Stygies VIII
Clearance: Inquistorial, Alpha.
Sigil/Symbol: Ancient Terran Identification Device designated ‘UPC’.

A cover for the infamous Hjalg Solaih and a Xenarite faction of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Explorator Fleet B3-732 knows no master save (begrudgingly) the Master of Mankind. Equipped with all the power and mysteries of the Adeptus Mechanicus and further supplemented by a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor it travels the galaxy under the guise that it roots out all Xenos filth in the name of the Omnissiah, the Emperor of Mankind. Yet its true objective is the acquisition of forbidden technologies be that through diplomacy or force.

Arch-Dominus Teuticius
-Utterly insane even by Mechanicus standards. Arch-Dominus Teuticus is wholly driven by the desire to identify and recover alien archeotech - the more esoteric the better. He often demonstrates multiple personality traits who appear to collaborate as a collective. His approach to war is wildly impractical due to his theoretical approach to operations. Often reigned in by Blank.

Enginseer Blank
-The practical to Teuticus’ theoretical. Grounded, straight talking and often at odds with the more risky ventures the Xenarites embark upon. Often found tending to C-674 ‘Armour Bane’ with great care and reverence.

Skitarii Rangers F-300
Ranger Alpha F-346
Ranger F-347
Ranger F-348
Ranger F-349 Arquebus Specialist
Ranger F-350 Arquebus Specialist

Skitarii Vanguards J-900
Vanguard Alpha J-916
Vanguard J-917
Vanguard J-918
Vanguard J-919 Arc Rifle Specialist
Vanguard J-920 Arc Rifle Specialist

Kataphron Destroyers T-16
Destroyer T-16a
Destroyer T-16b
Destroyer T-16c
-Salvaged from the remains of an impressive (but deceased) Astra Militarum Heavy Weapons team, these former Catachans were reborn as powerful Kataphron Destroyers at the behest of Inquisitor Solaih.

Kastelan Robot Maniple
Fury (0-231) and Wrath (0-232)
-‘Siblings’ who have formed an unusually tight knit bond which appears to extend beyond the normal parameters of combat defence regarding collaborative units. Known to actively ignore Data-Smith orders and willingly endanger their own safety for the safety of each other.

Data-Smith Cho-X983
-A brilliant coder who is thoroughly exasperated by his twin charges but utterly consumed with curiosity regarding their anomalous bond.

Onager Dunecrawler C-674 ‘Armourbane’
-Designated ‘Armourbane’ due to the atypical volume of kills against enemy machines, C-674 is the personal project of Enginseer Blank. It’s Neutron Laser has many intricate, non-standard and even non-Imperial additions to its internal workings and demonstrates a 0.7% higher damage output yield than Mechanicus records for Onagers in the field of battle. The Skitarii piloting C-674 are rarely seen but fragmented reports (Zealously guarded and subsequently ‘misfiled’ by Enginseer Blank) state that perhaps they aren’t Skitarii at all, showing signs of classic metallic bodywork that the Skitarii are known for but with an odd ‘living’ aspect.

Freeblade Knight Alexander
-A knight of Questor Mechanicus origin, its previous House or Forgeworld affiliation is unknown. The freeblade is known to favour brutal long range tactica. Despite enormous standing and respect within the Exploration, Alexander refuses to contribute to tactical discussion, future planning or even battlefield command. The silent giant appears simply content to obey the commands of others, an attribute somewhat at odds with the usual attitude and disposition of an Imperial Knight freeblade.

Inquisitor Hjalg Solaih
-An Ordo Xenos Radical with an unrelenting thirst for Xeno tech. Extortionately charismatic; utterly confident in his own abilities and somewhat lacking in his Inquisitorial remit as well as dangerously unconvinced of the Emperor’s divinity. Known to boast that he has made contact with and formed relationships with every known major Xenos power including the Tyranids as he claims he once slept with an uninfected Genestealer Cultist in an attempt to infiltrate the coven. Possibly more Rogue Trader than Inquisitor, Hjalg has plied the stars for over three centuries and, if he wasn’t considered agent diabolocous by all but a few members of his own Ordos, would be the premium source of information on a huge variety of known Xenos. Hjalg is a low level psyker with few abilities other than his ability to play puppets with others using his will.

Daemonhost Ij’in/Yona
Daemonette head on Howling Banshee
-A daemonhost with severe identity issues. Hurriedly bound to its still living host Yona, Ij’in is a Slaaneshi daemon who isn’t always in control. Due to complications in the ritual, more than a fragment survived of the host trapped inside a spirit stone. As a result, the two are in a constant state of internal conflict and flux with one rarely gaining dominance and ,when they do, rarely retaining it for an extended period of time. To the constant irritation of Hjalg, this means the Inquisitor has to deal with a depressed, dour Slaaneshi daemon who doubts their own abilities at the best of times and at worst, a rebellious, indignant and confused Eldar with the powers of a daemon of their great enemy.

Ra’Chun Officio Assassinorum Callidus Temple
-Requested by Inquisitorial order; Origin Inquisitor Hjalg Solaih.Unknown Date; Unknown Reason. Request granted; Unknown Validation.

Oisin Krat Officio Assassinorum Culexus Temple
-Requested by Inquisitorial order; Origin Inquisitor Hjalg Solaih.Unknown Date; Unknown Reason. Request granted; Unknown Validation.

Phiqx-Ip Officio Assassinorum Eversor Temple
-Requested by Inquisitorial order; Origin Inquisitor Hjalg Solaih.Unknown Date; Unknown Reason. Request granted; Unknown Validation.
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