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Default New team fluff?

Just tell me if this makes any sense at all (by the way its all going to be fluff)...
By the way, the description of the team is my last post.

For the last few weeks inquisiator Malos, of the order xenos, has been risking his life, his ship, and his honor going through the dead space of all that remained of this secter...ripped of all life by the tyranid fleet Leviathen. "For what, he thinks to himself, a recording sent to Terra just before the arrival of Leviathan.Stating the foul xenos have taken control of a nearby world?" The report stated of an alien invasion of a nearby world right before the arrival of Leviathan, and it is his duty to confirm this troubling news....And by the emperor Malos will never leave an opportunity for failure.

Suddenly the alarm sounds in his chamber, his personal ship has arrived. Looking at the scan of the system he chuckles at his naivety. All the planets of this system have been stripped clean of all life, and worse still the planet that this so called "xenos" landed on never even had life on it! Malos is about to turn around and leave, when the the scanner pics up something. Malos quickly takes a closer look, and gets ready to leave the system, not willing to get caught in an heretic trap like last time...
"By the Emperor..." Malos exclaims, right before the ships power goes out...

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Continuing....I will right dowmn the actual "team" fluff, but I figure that I'll introduce it and see if any one can guess what it is based around...Or to see if anyone will answer...

Around the outer rim, captain Dalian, of the 25th cadian regiment looks around at the miserable landscape he is told to defend. A charcoal colored soil surrounds what remains of a once thriving city. Darkor IV, once a thriving planet is now all but a wasteland after the defeat of a splinter fleet on its surface, nearly all of its vegetation has been consumed, the only reason for conserving this planet was due to the discovery of a huge amount of ore, hidden beneath centuries worth of vegetation, only found because of the tyranid fleet "How ironic, it is going to be this very ore that is going to be used to make more arms and armor to fight the new tyranid fleet" Captain Dalian smile, cuts short when he sees an unthinkable sight, in front of the bunkers walls... A woman, in between 18 and 25 years old, deffenetly human, walks calmly towards the gate. Already the the officers and the walls are screaming at her, asking what her busnes is, because there is no city nor village of at least 100 what could she be doing here?

She is brought inside forcefully by an over eager sergeant Phillips, though she is not offering no resistance. She asks to see there commading officer, and refuses to answer any of their questions, even , the now quite red in the face, commissair Blake. Cpt Dalian gives thanks to the girl, Blake has honestly been a pain in the ass ever since they got there, he moves forward and presents himself as the commanding officer, (quite a fib, seeing as the major is on a tour of the bases of the area, but she wouldn't know). But before he can ask her a single question, she smiles and says, "I didn't know that they made captains in charge of an entire planet, though no matter, all I want is one simple thing. Your surrender." Laughter from all the group, exept the commissar, and Dalian, because he was out of uniform, a detail that no one else seemed to have notieced. "I am quite serious captain, my fleet is going to be here any minute, and I don't want to have to waste my time, when I have to go prepare myself for an incoming tyranid fleet" What fleet, Leviathan is much to occupied with the orks for there to be any danger, Dalian thinks to himself...

Of couse Blake gets very emotional and is prepared to cut off the "heretic's" head, screaming and cursing. He drages her to the ground raises his power sword, and asks the lady if she has any last words..."I'm expecting an answer captain just as soon as I take care of this good fellow first. What happened next no one did expect, one minute Blakes power sword is flying in the air, next Blake is is lying on his back, a long blade sticking out of his chest, the rain begins to fall...
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Chaplain Godrick has been waiting for this moment for months, hunting for a Necron fleet that has been wreaking havoc in the near by systems. Finally they have located the tomb world, of this fleet. All this without alerting the Ordos Xenos. Godrick is pleased, "Those heretics called inquisitors would have gladly hidden this from the rest of the Imperium, just to study these monsters!" After landing on the planets surface, he is relieved to find out that the Necrons haven't noticed their presence yet. Just enough time to plant the beacons, bomb the planet untill there is nothing left but dust. Too bad they chose such a fragile world to rest in. All of those inner tunnels make it fragile, and it will shatter easily.

All the beacons are planted,and everyone is about to leave when the hear laughter comming from one of the caves. "It is sad to kill you all at your moment of victory, but I can not allow this system to be searched by your Ordos Xenos. You see I have been having trouble hiding my fleet in your "empire"(with more than a bit of sarcasm on empire) and I would not like to have to fight every one of your pitiful play ships to prove a point." All that Godrick had time to see was something big and metallic rush out of the nearby cave...And the rain began to fall...
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I've been kinda doing a million things at once, and I just realised that I haven't talked about what "team" I am actually talking about.

I got this idea when I heard that the tyranids are basically going to be impossible to defeat and that our galaxy is doomed to die a horrible death. Also with a new "bad guy" (well almost everyone is bad...just at varying degrees), making them uneven, I thought that I'll add my own idea of a team.

The Kelborn was once a great galactic empire, made up of different alian nations and empires and, for the most part, was fairly peaceful. That all changed with the arrival of the tyranids. Death and destruction for the millenium to come fell upon the Kelborn empire. In desperation, they turned to thir old weapons of war, outlawed because of the destruction that they caused (to there ennemies and themselves, when they turned..), machines. The Kelborn have indead created the ultimate weapon of war, only matched by the inexhaustible armies of tyranids, powerful computer entities capable of effecting numerous tasks at once. When they died they became stronger, when lived they became smarter, and they could live forever. I am talking about artificial intelligence. The Kelborn turned to their anciant weapons of war to hold back the treat, while thier greatest minds started to crack the tyranid DNA and attempt to create ecen greater machines of destruction.

Unfortunatly, the power of the tyranids was too great to handle, and at the final battle on the planet Kelborn itself, their empire crumbled.

But not all died...At the final defense, when the discovered the true nature and size of the beast they were fighting, they thought it best to send the remanence of their fleet to the closest galaxy...ours.
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Not a bad start.
I would go into a bit more detail about what the AI fleet can actually do though.

And WTF! is with the girl in the second story?!!!
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