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Default God Hunters Codex

Since I have no idea where to get a template of a GW codex (and I'm too lazy to search longer than 3-4 min) I decided to post some ideas I've been mulling around bit. Introducing, The God Hunters. If you want an in depth explanation of who they are, I'll try and explain it as best as I can.

During the 32nd millennium, Abbadon the Despoiler wanted more chaos marines to join his cause. He secretly sent out messages to different legions that he knew would not tell other legions of his plans of creating a whole chaos marine legion from scratch. The message that was supposed to go directly to the Word Bearer's Daemon Prince, Logar, was intercepted by a ambitious and greedy Chaos Lord of the Word Bearer's, Tempris, The Hunter of Kings. Tempris thought that if he and not Logar created a new legion from scratch, Abbadon would see that Tempris was now more important than Logar was. So, for seven months, Tempris worked in secrecy, creating new gene seeds for his "God Hunters". Through trial and error, Tempris had created his first batch of God Hunters known as The Masters of the Hunt. Of all of the Hunt Masters, one stood out beyond the rest. Deus Venator quickly became Tempris' favored subject, putting him through different tests to test his speed, his strength, wisdom and willpower. There was, however, one small flaw that proved to be Tempris' last error. Deus Venator began to sneak out of the secret laboratory that he and his legion were created and began to hunt the native species known as the Hounds of Zeus with his fellow brothers. When he returned with his brothers, he would mount his kill's heads on a wall and collect their fangs, making them into a necklace. Tempris began to grow frightened at this new development, thinking that his creations would get hurt and that all of this would be for naught. One night, while Deus and his brothers were out hunting, they saw a ship. It was a Black Legion ship that had just returned from a successful raid and stopped to see what kind of planet this was, for it did not show up on any maps they had. Deus and his pack that he was leading this night, stealthily made their way into the ship. While in the ship, Deus felt some sort of presence on board. He saw blood trails that no one in his pack saw and smelt blood and iron where his pack only smelt rust and smoke. Deus led his pack into the grand quarters where a large hulking figure slept at the end of the room. Deus picked up a large axe that had a daemonic presence inside of it and leapt at the hulking figure, slashing the axe down upon it's head and back. The figure awoke with a loud roar that would have disoriented a regular human, but Deus fought on. Claws and teeth from the daemonic chaos lord met Deus head on, but Deus just kept slashing away. Finally, Deus ended the chaos lord's life with one last swing of his axe, meeting the neck of the lord. The chaos lord's retinue burst through the door only to see Deus holding the head of their leader. Then, something happened that has never happened in ages. The chaos marines fled the room with Deus and his pack following closely behind, still bearing the head of the lord. The pack fought with in human strength, crushing power armor and daemons that were spawned by chaos sorcerers alike. As the sun rose, Deus and his pack brought back hundreds of trophies from their last battle. As Deus and his legion rejoiced and set off to gather weapons and vehicles to add to their armory and trophies, Tempris took a shuttle and went off world. Tempris knew that he would be connected to the war band being killed and he would share the fate of his creations. So, Tempris destroyed all evidence that he was apart of his creations and went to tell a Black Legion war band that was found nearby. While Tempris was plotting the down fall of his newly created legion, the God Hunters found a way to create new space marines and using new psychic powers that some of their own had. For two months, the God Hunters practiced and awaited their creator's return, to show him their achievements and progress. Tempris did come back, but with a whole war band of Black Legion, being led by two daemon princes, Lon'kir and For'tir, close brothers before being granted the powers of chaos. Tempris had told them that his ship was shot down when he was attempting to return to his legion and the Black Legion war band that had been slaughtered heard his distress call, before being brutally murdered by this new legion. Tempris attempted to cause confusion in his creations when he walked into the lab with Black Legion right behind him. Instead, he found that he had become a target. The God Hunters thought of him as their god, and as such, he is their target. Both Tempris and his Black Legion counterparts were killed within the hour and their ship was taken from them. For'tir and Lon'kir's heads were mounted on spikes and their essence infused within the bayonet with of a Storm Bolter and the power axe that Deus had taken from the chaos lord that he had killed. From that point on, any legion that saw the God Hunters nods their heads and leaves. For they know that this legion has proven themselves in blood and fire.

Take a look at all the primarchs that stayed loyal.
Dead, missing, or in critical condition.

Now, take a look at the chaos primarches.
One missing primarch, the rest are Daemon Princes.

Chaos, The Better Solution.

Paid for by the Word Bearers.

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Master of the Hunt--- 100 pts
WS7 BS4 S4 T4 W3 I6 A3 LD10 Sv3+
Wargear: Bolt Pistol, Power armor, Spear of the Huntsmen
Spear of the Huntsmen: The Master of the Hunt is not a Master of the Hunt without his Spear of the Huntsmen. This weapon shows that he has forged his way to the top through trials of fire and blood. This is a power weapon that wounds on a 3+. If the spear is used against Independent characters or Monstrous creatures, The Master of the Hunt gains preferred enemy and Furious Charge against that model.
Special Rules:Fearless, Trophy kill, Feel no Pain
Trophy Kill: When the Master of the Hunt kills a powerful being, he brandishes it's head in the sky and roars. As the enemy sees their commander's head, they begin to feel as though they all hope of defeating their enemy, but the God Hunters gain renewed vigor. When The Master of the Hunt kills a Monstrous creature or an Independent character, all models that have line of sight of The Master of the Hunt when he kills the Monstrous Creature or Independent Character, must take a Leadership test at 3D6, The God Hunters do not need to do this. If an enemy unit does not make their Leadership role, they flee 3D6 inches towards the nearest Independent character that the enemy controls , or if there is no Independent character then they must run towards their table edge. If an allied army sees this, then role a D6. On a 1-3, nothing happens as they care not for the enemy morale being broken for they are still alive. On a 4-6, their men see this and rejoice, they can now move 2D6 in the movement phase and count as having assault grenades. The God Hunters gain Furious Charge, Counter Attack, and count as having assault grenades. This affect doesn't stack, though it may be repeated for other units that did not see the kill before. If a unit is in assault, they are too busy to notice their commander dying.

Retinue: If the GodHunter's army is over 1,000 points, then the battle become a grand hunt.

Pack of the Master Huntsman

Herald of the Hunt 45pts 1-3
WS:4 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:5 A:1 LD:9 Sv:3+
Wargear: Call of the Hunt, Power armor, Power Sword
Call of the Hunt: this is a non offensive weapon that cannot shot or attacked with. The Call of the Hunt is a horn the size of an arm. When blown, all God Hunters know that a new prey has been found and that glory will soon be had. Any friendly unit that is within 12" of the Herald of the Hunt may use The Master of the Hunt's leadership and weapon skill. Also, any unit that begins it's movement phase within 10" of the Herald when falling back, may automatically regroup, even if normal restrictions say other wise.
Special Rules: Fearless, Feel no Pain

Pathfinder 50pts 1-3
WS:5 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:6 A:2 LD:9 SV:4+
Wargear: Claw of the Hunter, Light Carapace Armor
Claw of the Hunter Range:72" S:X AP:4 Rules: Sniper, Assault 1
Claw of the Hunter (Heavy) Range:72" S:X AP:1 Rules: Sniper, Heavy 1
Special Rules: Fearless, Scent of the Trail, Feel no Pain
Scent of the Trail: Like Deus, these marines have the same powers as their True Hunter, able to smell their prey and see a trail of blood that lead towards a strong foe. While the Pathfinder is within The Master of the Hunt's retinue, night fighting rules to not apply to the group and the retinue gains +1 initiative. This does not stack.

Guardian of the Master 100 pts 1-3
WS:6 BS:4 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:3 A:4 LD:10 SV:3+
Wargear: Predator sword, Guardian Shield, Power armor
Predator Sword: The Predator Sword is a close combat weapon that allows no invulnerable saves to be made. When an unsaved wound is made by the Predator Sword, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3 nothing happens. On a roll of 4-6, an extra attack is made against the enemy unit, these attacks cannot generate extra attacks.
Guardian Shield: The Guardian Shield confers a 4+ invulnerable save to the Master of the Hunt and to the Guardian.
Special Rules: Fearless, Feel no Pain, "None shall hurt the Hunt Master!"
"None shall hurt the Hunt Master!": As his duty of the Guardian of the Master, he is expected to protect the Hunt Master with his life. If an attack is made against the Master of the Hunt, you may allocate that wound to the Guardian of the Master. If the Master of the Hunt is killed, the Guardian of the Master gains the Rage special rule and Hammer of Wrath.

Daemon Hound 10pts
WS:3 BS:0 S:5 T:5 W:4 I:8 A:4 LD:-
Wargear: Daemonic Fangs, Daemonic essence
Daemonic Fangs: These fangs count as a Power Weapon that gains +2 strength when attacking a vehicle.
Daemonic Essence: The Daemon Hound confers a 5+ invulnerable save.
Special Rule: Insane Daemon, Furious Charge, Release the Hounds!
Insane Daemon: The daemons has possessed their hounds for so long, they have gone mad. As long as the Daemonic Hounds are within 12" of the Master of the Hunt, the Daemon Hounds may move normally and attack normally. If they are outside 12", the hounds go insane. They gain Rage and will attack the nearest model they can find, friend or foe.
Release the Hounds!: The Master of the Hunt yells to the hounds to find their target. The Daemon Hound leaves the retinue and moves 2D6" and gains fleet. If the Daemonic Hounds number is only one, the Daemonic Hound now counts as an Independent character. If the Daemonic Hounds number more than one, they must stay in unit coherency. They may return to the retinue after they kill at least one unit.

Prophet of the Hunt
WS:6 BS:4 S:4 T:4 W:3 I:6 A:3 LD:10 SV:3+
Wargear: Bolt Pistol, Force Staff, Armor of Fortune
Armor of Fortune: As a Prophet of the Hunt grows stronger in his abilities, so too does his armor as it is a part of him and warns him and his pack of danger. The Armor of Fortune grants a 4+ invulnerable save to the Prophet of the Hunt and a 4+ cover save to the pack he is with. He may also take another psychic power of your choosing.
Special rules: Fearless, Feel no pain, Psyker, Sees all
Sees all: The Prophet of the Hunt is exactly what his name is, he is a prophet of fortune and misfortune. He can help avert crisis and bring doom to his enemies. To represent this, all units within 12" of the Prophet of the Hunt must re roll all To Hit rolls and To Wound rolls. All God Hunters must re roll failed to hit and to wound rolls.

Take a look at all the primarchs that stayed loyal.
Dead, missing, or in critical condition.

Now, take a look at the chaos primarches.
One missing primarch, the rest are Daemon Princes.

Chaos, The Better Solution.

Paid for by the Word Bearers.

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