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The Sons of Bile

How was the Warband Founded?
The Sons of Bile were founded in the 36th Millennium by The Chaos Lord Bannon the Ever-Plagued. Who drew hundreds of the Warriors of Nurgle to his banner after he was blessed by A Great Unclean one in the near end of the 35th Millennium.
The Sons of Bile are mostly made up of Death Guard Marines, though Plague Marines of other Legions and warbands can be found within their ranks as well.


Gene-Stock Purity
The Children of Bile's Gene-stock,-while usable-is touched by the power of Nurgle, Causing Mutations.
The Children of Bile are united by their love of Papa Nurgle and the leadership of Lord Bannon, causing their bonds of brotherhood to be just as strong as any loyalist Chapter
MutationsPsyker Influx
The Children of Bile have a unusual amount of Psykers-a number more common in a warband of Tzeentch. They use this to great effect-training these psykers to harness the power of Plague.


-The Sons of Bile See Papa Nurgle as a Loving grandfather who gives them the means to gain their vengeance on upon the False-Emperor.

-Unlike many Warbands,the Sons of Bile hold their many Sorcerors in a place of Great respect, seeing them as the Heralds of Nurgle.

-The Sons of Bile are not nearly as Xenophobic as the Imperioum and other warbands , and are even willing to trade with other races.

-The Sons of Bile hold a Massive hatred for Tzeentch, and will destroy his followers whenever they can.

-They see the Tyranids the same way they see Tzeentch, Because of their Constant change, and destroy them whenever they can.

-They are very compassionate towards their Human followers,and some even see them as something akin to a little Brother, but not a single one of them will hesitate to sacrifice them if it means victory.
Un-holy Relics

The Decomposer: A Massive Plague-Blade that Rots any living thing and Rusts any Machine with a single Strike, It is said that it was Left to sit in Nurgle's Intestine for 10 Millennium. It was Gifted to Lord Bannon the Ever-Plagued upon his conquest of the Pipfer System.

Eternal Gift: A Large Bile-spewer that was gifted to the Sons of Bile upon their conquest of the Pipfer system, It is said that the Bile it uses comes from the Ancient Great Unclean one,Narcotic.

The Orb of Pestilence: A Sickly green orb that grants access to Untold amounts of Nurgle's power to any Sorcerer strong enough to wield it.It is unknown when this artifact was Obtained, for it simply appeared in the Vaults one-day, without any explanation.

The Cancerous Plasma Cannon:A Plasma Cannon Masterly-Crafted by the Tech-Marine Martinius. This Cannon Fires Dark-Green Orbs of Plasma that-instead of Burning the ground around it-Decays any organic organism in the Hit radios.

The Caller: A relic that is deemed to valuable to be used in "Miner" Wars,this Horn ,made out of the Horn of a Great Unclean one, is said to be able to open a rift to the Warp when you Blow into it, Hundreds of the Daemans of Nurgle then pour forth from this Portal to punish those who would attack their Mortal Kin.

Founding Fathers/Figures of Legeng

"Attention My Breteren! I have come to free you from your Slavery to the False-Emperor and to bring you into the embrace of Nurgle!"-Lord Bannon the Ever-Plagued upon facing the Electric Scimitars for the first time.

Chaos Lord Bannon the Ever-Plagued is the supreme Lord of The Children of Bile and a chosen champion of Nurgle. During the Great Crusade, Bannon was but a sergeant of the Death Guard, but when Mortarian Pleged his and his Legion's allegence to Nurgle, Bannon took to their new patron surprisingly fast and was even one of the first to adorn his Power Armor with the dark symbol of Nurgle, When the Horus Heresy failed, He retreated to the Eye of Terror along with the rest of the Death Guard.

He would not be seen again by the Imperium until the beginning of the 36th Millennium.

He is clad in the Bile-plate, A set of terminator armor gifted to him by The Great Unclean One known as Narcotic ,It is said to have several hives of Nurglings inside it, which come out and defend Bannon during combat.
Bannon wields the bile-spewer, "Eternal Gift" and the mighty Plague-Sword "The Decomposer" both gifted to him by Nurgle for his triumphs against in the Pipfer sector.
Deeds of Legend
Bane of Pipfer
Bannon became a truly famous Chaos Lord among the servants of Nurgle when he conquered the war-torn sector Pipfer which ,at the time, had been the constant battleground of WAAAGH! Giteata, The Death Korps of Krieg along with the 3rd and 4th Companies of the Electric Scimitars, and the Tau. Though they suffered loses that would take decades to recover from,in the end Bannon gained the favor of Nurgle, The Hatred of the Imperium, and The Sub-Sector of Pipfer as a Center of operations for the Children of Bile.

The Blacksmith of Pus, Martinius

“You Tau think you own this universe, don’t you? With your “Greater Good” nonsense and your so called “Advanced Technology” you think you can go around and STEAL the Planets promised to US? Well, you’re Wrong! You are but new-born children, barley off your Home-world! You have yet to learn that this is OUR GALAXY! Ours to corrupt! Ours to Sicken! Do not worry, child, we shall teach you the way of things, starting with this system….” – The First transmission sent to the Tau by Martinius upon the Sons of Bile’s entrance upon the Mindarheim System.

Martinius History is largely unknown, although it is known that he originally came from the Blood Ravens chapter and that he is a Master Tech-Marine. He first came into the service of Nurgle in the 38th millennium, After he was being hunted by his chapter and the Inquisition, for he had been found guilty of one of the greatest sins a Tech-Marine could commit-Innovation.
When he had come to the Space-Hulk, “Eagle’s Bane” He met the High Lord of The Children of Bile, Lord Bannon, Who was at the Time, trying to bend this Mighty Hulk to his will, but he lacked the Basic Technological know-how to get the systems online, Thus he made a deal with Martinius, If he helped him get the Systems online, he would provide sanctuary from the Imperioum, seeing no other option, Martinius accepted.
Over the next 10 years, As Martinius spent more and more time in the Hulk, Daemans of Nurgle started to send visions of the glories of Decay into his mind-and what power he could wield.

He was able to resist at first, thinking it to be only the effect of the Space-Hulk, but as soon as the more powerful daemans became aware of his potential, they used their power to send him on a “Spirit journey”, showing him the glories of Decay and the Love of Papa Nurgle.

He stayed in this state for an Entire week, and when he was released, he had sworn his soul and service to Nurgle

He immediately went to find Lord Bannon after that,and when he did, he asked him if he could join his warband and help him spread Nurgle’s gifts.

Pleased yet Perplexed, Lord Bannon asked why he suddenly wished to join the forces of Decay, and when Martinius told him of his Spirit Journey into Nurgle’s Garden, Bannon took it as a Gift from the lord of Decay Himself, and eagerly accepted Martinius as his Brother.

Martinius wears A long, Dark Green Robe over his
Mark 8 power-Armor, Repainted with the colors of The Sons of Bile.

Martinius has replaced several parts of his body with Unholy Cybernetics, these cybernetics have all been blessed by Nurgle, so even though they appear to be Rusted and Degraded, they are as Hard as the finest Ceramite.

As far as Gear goes, Martinius uses a Mighty Man-reaper given to him when he dedicated himself to Nurgle, He also makes great use of Blight Grenades and he has 5 “arms” on his servo harness,
1 plasma cutter,2 Buzz-saws, a Meltagun is attached to one of the arms, and a Lifting claw.

Deeds of Legend
The Ender of the WAAAGH!
The Great deed that escalated Martinius’ status in the Sons of Bile to that of Legendary happened when the Sons of Bile were facing the Forces of WAAAGH! Giteata ,on the Planet Fungi.
The Sons of Bile were pushed back to a Massive Mushroom they had hastily turned into what resembled a Fortress, and attempted to hold off the WAAAGH! There.
But no-matter how many Orks they killed, more would always be there, seeing that they would run out of bolter rounds far sooner than they would Orks, Martinius brought 5 Obliterators with him and set off to hunt down the Warboss, deciding that without a Leader, the Orks would fall to infighting.

But Giteata found them instead, with all the Carnage they were causing going down the Ork’s lines, Giteata decided that they were the Strongest of the Enemies forces, so he challenged Martinius to single combat to see “Who waz da arda Boss”.

Where the Warboss was Direct and relied on brute strength, Martinius used Speed and cunning, dropping Blight Grenades in front of the Warboss when he charged and Striking with his Man-Reaper when Giteata was dazed, and throughout it all the Ork Army Watched the Dual, giving the Suns of Bile time to prepare.
The dual lasted for 10 hours, giving the Nurglich sorcerers enough time to prepare the Wave of Bile, and as Martinius Dealt the killing blow, a Massive wave of Bile rised and Washed away the Ork army.
The Sons of Bile had done the impossible, they had,in one stroke, broken the Back of the Ork WAAAGH!
And It was all because of Martinius, the Bane of Giteata, The Blacksmith of Pus.

After Conquering the Pipfer sector,The Children of Bile Set about organizing their new planets into different "roles".
The Unclean Anvil.
Ruler: While the Children of Bile own all the Bile Worlds, The Unclean Anvil is Governed by The Fallen Tech-Marine, Martinius,the Blacksmith of Pus.

Planet terrain: Entirely covered in factories that are constantly spawning Weaponrly, ammounition, and Tanks.

Population: 50,000,000
Social structure: The Unclean Anvil has a Social Hierarchy that looks like this.

Sons of Bile Marines
All servents of the Corpse god.

Current status: Currently Producing Arms and ammunition to fight the Tau and Hive-Fleets.

2.The Death World Known as Lepersi.

Ruler: None, The land is divided by hundreds of tribes.

Strategic Value: Lepersi is the Planet where the sons of Bile gain a large Amount of their Recruits, other than that, there is very little of value here.

Population: 2,000,000

World Terrain: The world is 70% Land and 30% Water, The Land is one massive Swamp poupulated by Bizarre Creatures and vicious tribes and the oceans are home to Monsters to Horrible to Describ.

Social Structure: The Large single Mass of Swamp that makes up Lepersi is dotted with Tribes of vicious Hunters and Warriors , the most powerful of these are Clan Fiki and Clan Loki, whom the Children of Bile Draw quite a few of their Recruits from.

Current status: Currently being raided by a minor Dark Eldar Kabel that is being hunted by the Children of Bile.

3. A agri-world, Called Fungi.

Ruler: Fallen Apothecary of the Imperial Fists, Andreus Omegus, who is Experimenting on the Giant Mushrooms that grow on the planet.

Planet terrain: 3 continents, Each covered in Massive forests of Mushrooms that feed the System. The seas are being searched for anything useful.

Strategic value: Sole source of Food for the Sector and is used to feed the Traitor guard and the More populated planets, Is rumored that Andreus is trying to find a way to make Toxins out of the Mushrooms.

Population: Servitor Population: 5,000,000. "Farmer" Population: 300.{ 100 per continent.}

Social structure: Fungi's Social structure

Sons of Bile Marines
Any subject of the Corpse God

Current status: Under further study by The Children Of Bile for any useful resources.

4.Hemorrhag,Daeman world.

Ruler:Lord Bannon and the Sons of Bile rule this planet Personally.

Planet terrain: A embodiment of everything the Sons of Bile are, The Lands are all Disgusting Marshland, where swarms of Flies roam the land and Daemons stalk the swamps, and the Oceans consisting of Pus and Bile, Lived in by Demonic Leviathans

A massive Statue of Papa Nurgle sits on the Tallest mountain, Overlooking The Bile Fortress, a Massive Fortress that is easily the Largest man-made object in the sector.

Strategic value: The capital of the Bile Worlds and home of the Sons of Bile and is where they train there recruits.

Population :The Entire Sons of Bile warband {843 marines} and the Elite Regiments of the Nurgle Troopers.{10,000}

Social structure: All are considered equal on Asagard ,though There is a unofficial Social structure.

Lord Bannon
Chaos sorcerers and champions
Aspiring champions
Regular Marines
Nurgle troopers

•Local Phenomenon: Bannon's Pride:

Bannon's Pride is the Warp rift that was created when the Sons of Bile first entered the Pipfer System,and is used to quickly get their fleet around the Sector.

Stratigic Value: Bannon's pride allows the Sons of Bile to quickly {for a warp-jump,anyway} get from one Sub-sector to another to wage war or trade.

If it was somehow destroyed or removed from the system,then the Sons of Bile would have a much harder time mobilising their forces.

5. Eternal Sleep, Hive world

Ruler: The Original Governor’s Son rules in the Name of The Sons of Bile and acts under their orders.

Planet terrain: Planet covered in Shrines to Nurgle, Hab-spires, and Recruitment stations for the Nurgle Troopers. One massive, semi-organic tower reaching to the Heavens.

Strategic value: Primary recruiting world for the Nurgle Troopers, also produces large amounts of ammunition.


Social structure: The Social Ladder on "Eternal Sleep is like this

Sons of Bile

Current Status: Currently Producing Entire Regiments of Nurgle Troopers to fight the Hive-Fleets and Their new foe-The Tau Empire, Also Fighting off A minor Dark-Eldar kabel.
Orderly Warband
The Sons of Bile believe that to best spread Plague, they must have Order, as such the Sons of Bile keep a clear image of Who is in charge, who is in which squad, and which squad is in which company.

Chaos lord{Chapter Master}
High Sorceror
Chaos champion {Caption}
Aspiring Champon{sergent}
Regular Marines
Nurgle Troopers{Guardsman}

Combat Doctrine

Sorcerous Might
The Sons of Bile have a Large amount of Sorcerors in their warband, as such when they go out to fight, they prefer to crush their Foes with a Barage of Nurgle's Rot, Clouds of Flys,and a ability unique to the Sons of Bile-The Wave of Bile-where a collection of 10 sorcerors summon a Massive wave of Lethal Bile that Infects the very soul of the Foe before disipating back to the Warp.
Ranged Combat
If the above tactic does not work, They are more then happy to simply follow thier back-up tactic, to crush their Combatent under the power of their guns.

Special Equipment

Special Vehicle: The Unclean Anvil has produced a Special Anti-Infantry Tank called the "Bile-Beast" to show the Populations Devotion to Nurgle and to combat the Growing Tyranid threat.

The Bile-Beast looks similer to a Land-Raider in apperance, but is armed with Heavy twin-Bile spewers on the Sides, a Heavy-Flamer on the front, and a Heavy-Bolter turrent with cursed bolts on the top.

Warband Devotion
The Sons of Bile are compleatly and utterly devouted to Nurgle,and seek to spread his Gifts across the Stars.

Current Status

Under Strength
The Sons of Bile are Recovering from the Loses they took during their original Conquest of Pipfer and their Sub-sequent battles. So they were at 562 Marines and have retreated to the Bile Worlds to recover,where they have remained to this day, growing stronger with each year. Currently,there total strength numbers at around 800 marines,a result of several years of Self-isolation,only coming out at certain times.{although with all the new forces arriving in the system,this is expected to change.}

Friends and Enemies

The Sons of Bile have entered a Alliance with several other warbands of varying sizes to fight off the Tyranid threat.
The Sons of Bile hold a Strong Hatred for Tyranids, seeing their constant change and their ability to become immune to their Plagues as a affront to Nurgle,and they shall not rest until the Hive-Mind knows the Pain of Disease, a disease that will affect them no matter how much
they change.

The Sons of Bile have also come into Conflict with the Tau Empire, and are currently fighting over Mindarheim for it's Mineral rich planets and The Great unclean One imprisend on the local Ice world,Gründhalm

The Sons of Bile wear Long, Dark green,Las-Proof, Robes that are worn over the Armour of the Average Battle-Brother and Champions alike, although Champions prefer to go without the Hood.

The Sons of Bile fully encourage their Warriors to take trophies from the Corpse of a mighty foe,like the Head of an Ork Nob or the Plasma Pistal of a Space-Marine caption

The Standard colors of a Son of Bile without the Robes.


The Sons of Bile have taken a page from their Daemonic Brethern in terms of Warcry:

"Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours!"-The Warcry of The Sons of Bile.

{I will make Edits adding more information on my Warband soon,including additional Heros,planets, and anything else I left out, I just wanted to put my Warband fluff up for you guys and gals to have your way with, please give me feed-back on what is good,what needs improvment, and what I left out so I can make this better.}


Credit for the fantastic Warband Generater goes to the Lord of the Night.

And thanks to Hask and Alice for the Amazing sector.

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I like it thus far, this will be the warband roaming the asagard sector? I realy like that you actualy confirmed that most of the troops are just standard guardsmen.
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Thanks, You can't hold a Entire sector, fight the Tau, and attempt to infect the Nids with just Marines, Now can you?

Edit:Yes these are THE Sons of Bile.
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I love this i will use this to try and make a big backstory to an interesting conflict between us in sector 2, great writing.

Change is the only constant in the universe
The wise adapt

Oh and if that don't work, love and tolerate them to DEATH
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Aww shucks...,Thanks,I am excited to see what you come up with, It is going to be a great addition to the Story of both our Forces and The Asagard system.
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Very interesting warband! Love the Unholy Relics, brilliant addition.

P.S. The Venris Angelus will destroy you upon the Space Hulk! >:D

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