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Default Starter armies for the forces of Good (SBG)

For those of you starting the LotR, or getting your first good army, I thought I'd make this guide to help you choose your army. I will put the category of the army first, along with a few tactics, pros and cons, and a starter army, mainly made up of plastic sets (so less money). The other threads posted in this forum will also help you, so don't forget to look at them.

Pros: solid statline, fairly cheap for what they can do
Cons: low courage, only metal models
Tactics: form a spear wall with the Warriors, keeping Arvedui and Malbeth behind. Use the Rangers to pick off enemy spearmen before performing a flank attack.

Arvedui, Last King of Arnor
Malbeth the Seer
29 Warriors of Arnor
6 Rangers of Arnor with Spears
8 Rangers of Arnor
44 Models – 14 Bows – 4 Might – Total: 495

Price: 63.30 (if Warriors of Arnor converted from Warriors of Minas Tirith)
1x Arvedui and Malbeth
2x Warriors if Minas Tirith
1x Rangers of Middle Earth

Grey Company:
Pros: All bow armies, lots of Might, plenty of allies to choose from
Cons: Low defence, can have low numbers, not as fun to play with/against, better to use as allies.
Tactics: Weaken your enemy a lot with shooting, keeping the mounted Rangers ready to support your line and help in combat. Hide in terrain to make sure the enemy can't take advantage of the low defence.

4 Rangers of the North on Horse
3 Rangers of the North with Spears
11 Rangers of Arnor
16 Rangers of Arnor with Spears
35 Models – 35 Bows – 10 Might – Total: 499

Price: 78.20 (mounted Rangers can be converted from leftover Rangers of Arnor and Riders of Rohan)
1x Arathorn and Halbarad
2x Rangers of the North
2x Rangers of Middle Earth

Pros: Best fighters, best archers and arguably the best heroes in the game
Cons: Low numbers means less archers, heroes cut down on Elf numbers a lot.
Tactics: move forwards whilst shooting, and try and make sure every model has spear support. do not let your models get trapped, use woodland terrain to your advantage.

16 High Elf Warriors with Heavy Armour
11 High Elf Warriors with Heavy Armour and Elf Bows
6 High Elf Warriors with Heavy Armour, Shields and Spears
34 Models – 11 Bows – 3 Might – Total 501

Price: 62.70
1x Elrond and Gil-Galad
2x Warriors of the Last Alliance
2x Elf Spearmen

Wood Elves:
Pros: Best fighters, best archers and high numbers (for Elves anyway)
Cons: low defence, can still be outnumbered by some armies.
Tactics: hide in terrain, never let yourself get caught in a War of Attrition, you will lose it, perform lots of hit and run tactics.

Legolas with Elven Cloak
16 Wood Elves with Throwing Daggers
15 Wood Elves with Elf Bows
15 Wood Elves with Wood Elf Spears
47 Models – 16 Bows – 3 Might – Total 499

Price: 42.20
1x Legolas
2x Wood Elf Warriors

Pros: Large hero selection with cheap warriors, throwing weapons
Cons: low defence (unless taking a shield), no spear suport
Tactics: Send all riders around to the flanks/rear of an enemy line, shoot off spear support. Shield with all infantry models, before charging in with throwing weapons and cavalry when the enemy is weak enough. Try and gang up on the enemy wherever possible.

Eomer on Horse with Shield and Throwing Spears
Captain of Rohan with Shield, Throwing Spears and Heavy Armour
12 Riders of Rohan
11 Warriors of Rohan with Shields and Throwing Spears
13 Warriors of Rohan with Shields
38 Models – 12 Bows – 5 Might – Total 501

Price: 80.50 (The Captain can be converted from a Warrior)
1x Eomer foot and mounted
2x Warriors of Rohan
2x Riders of Rohan

Pros: Solid troops, plenty of choices, so they're versatile
Cons: Taking too many/few elites and not having enough men/elites for the game.
Tactics: Form a shield wall with heroes centralised. Make sure your line doesn't become too scattered and if you need to move away from combat.

Faramir in Heavy Armour
Pippin (armoured)
15 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Bows
13 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Shields
16 Warriors of Minas Tirith with Shields and Spears
3 Guards of the Fountain Court with Shields - 33
50 Models – 16 Bows – 4 Might – Total: 500

Price: 64.55
Armoured Merry and Pippin
2x Warriors of Minas Tirith
Faramir foot and Mounted
1x Guards of the Fountain Court

Pros: High defence, good cheap heroes,
Cons: No spears, slow moving
Tactics: Form a line of Shield armed dwarves, try to keep a banner nearby, as you don't have spears, and trap the enemy with the dwarves by moving around the flanks. Don't be afraid to chuck Dwarf Archers into combat, they don't fear being killed by most armies.

Dwarf Capain with Shield or Throwing Axes
Dwarf Warrior with Banner
15 Dwarf Warriors with Shield
12 Dwarf Warriors with Bows
8 Dwarf Warriors with Two-Handed Weapons
38 Models - 5 Might - 12 Bows - 500 Points

Price: 49.90
Dwarf command
2x Dwarf Warriors

I hope this helps.

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