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Default 1750pt Draigo

Hello all, not so much looking for advise on the list so much as I would like to point a little Grey Knight tactic that can be very brutal. That said C&C always welcome.

Xeno Inquisitor - 64 (rad and psycho grenades, 3 servo skulls)



10 Paladins - 670
1. psycannon, halberd
2. psycannon, MC halberd
3. Psycannon, sword
4. psycannon, MC sword
5. halberd
6. MC halberd
7. sword
8. warding stave
9. hammer
10. MC hammer

5 Paladins - 315
1. psycannon, halberd
2. psycannon, sword
3. halberd
4. sword
5. hammer

10 Grey knight strikers - 281 (2 psycannons, psy ammo, rhino with lights)

TOTAL - 1750

I played a game with this and realised a very very nasty trick that you could pull with a list or similar list, albeit a very very circumstance specific tactic. The game I am speaking of was against IG with dawn of war deployment and annihilation as a mission. I won the roll off and deployed first

1. I rolled for draigo's grand strategy and rolled 5, so i could nominate 3 units, I gave the power armoured guys and both units of the paladins the scout special rule.

2. I opted not to split any squads, I deployed Draigo and both units of Paladins along my deployment line in single file (Draigo was not attached to either squad, if he was they would lose scout). If you do it right 10 paladins can stretch across 33 inches (if my maths is right), which covers a huge space and makes it impossible to get more than 2 hits with a pie plate, although this does make movement and removing casualties difficult.

3. With over 1250pts deployed 24 inches up the table I announced that my normal grey knight squad will be outflanking. Unfortunately the vindicare and inquisitor either had to come on from reserve or walk on first turn from my table edge 24 inches from my army, which made them pretty useless, but an acceptable price to pay.

4. My opponent deployed his 2 troops and 1 HQ which was a meager vet squad in a chimera and a company command squad, not really scary when considering I had 15 paladins and draigo on his doorstep. At this point it is important to remember that there is an 18 inch push back in DoW, which effectively means an opponent would only really have 6 inches in which to deploy along most points of his table edge.

5. Next it was time for scout moves, both paladin squads move up 6 inches, we are now 18 inches from the enemy table edge. Opponent fails to seize the initiative.

6. My first turn and the paladins move up again, by now depending on movement you could be 12 from the enemy table edge. Paladins then shoot or run or whatever (by now Draigo is hopefully hidden in a squad or something). The enemy will get 1 turn of shooting in before you break their lines with paladins.

7. My second turn the grey knights outflank right into the enemy thanks to Draigo's psychic communion.

8. The rest of the game was just brutal, it was a win for Draigo with 11 - 1 or something (the IG managed to blow up the rhino)

As I said it's incredibly situational, but when it happens it's scary.

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Sounds like things just worked out for you that game. Have you used this list in other scenarios? I'm curious how the Pali deathstar actually performs.

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I have used this list a few times trying to reach a conclusion on it's potential, after around 8 games I will say:

1. Point for point paladin's are just a cut above terminators, even with the same number of attacks and weakness of instant death.

2. Instant death from shooting isn't as big a problem as people make out. As I said if you play carefully your opponent won't be able to get more than 2 hits from a large blast. So the only things that I can think of off the top of my head which are really scary are lascannon, melta, and dark lances, but you need to really spam them to stop 20 paladins (a variation list of the one I posted)

3. Instant death in close combat is where paladins will get dominated, nobs with power claws and other grey knights. That's why I would say that purifiers with halberds are the best way to counter this army.

4. Mech lists could really put some hurt on paladins, but i haven't really played super mech lists with these guys yet. I like to think that psycannons will hopefully pop a few transports.

I think im going to write up a tactica on building and fielding a draigowing list when I get the time (dam exams)

"In the morning I will be sober but you will still be ugly"

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