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Originally Posted by Khorothis View Post
I know its completely irrelevant but for a moment I imagined squads of DOOMWHEELS...

50 is still an agreeable unit size... hell, it might even look good on the board (50 Gors or Bloodletters anyone?) and it should be able to move, though wheeling might feel like Star Wars 4 when the Death Star was slooowly turning around a planet to be able to obliterate the Rebels' planet...
units of 100 actually look really cool on the board. I've always liked romans...

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Just use 'The Dwellers Below' power from the lore of life,
'every model in the target unit must pass a strength test or be slain'
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I see Maddermax's point here, after playing a few games with my Brettonians, against my Dark Elves(controlled by my Dad) the same problem came up.
In the first game I charged 22 knights, (a unit of knights errant, and knights of the realm) including the BSB, and a paladin into the front arc of a unit and got massacred as the 35 strong corsair unit also containing a BSB and master, went first, had frenzy, and were 10 wide, so got a third rank attacking. This isn't a problem with steadfast I'm complaining about here, but the fact my knights charge isn't so effective when a mob like that goes first and massacres them.
Trying to tackle this a different way, next game I got the errant in the flank to disrupt, and one in the front. The steadfast kept the unit in the game, and I just couldn't cause more wounds to make them have less ranks than me, especially as his Hydra finished off my third unit and then single handedly wiped out my knights errant.

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@ Alex... 35 corsairs at 10 wide means they only have 2 ranks. So get a flank charge with 10-11 models in a lance formation and he's toast, especially if you have a character in there. He gets to hit you with 9 attacks with hatred.. but is still S3 and you still ahve a 2+ save (so why worry- so long as you still have 9 guys left you're fine). Knock the enemy down to under 35 models total and they aren't steadfast anymore- at that point you just need to beat them by enough to get them to run away (if you dont have a BSB and they do then you'll start with 5SCR- banner, 2 ranks, flank, charage- and they'll have 2 -banner, BSB- and while they shouldnt do any wounds you should be doing loads... they'll be lucky to avoid a LD2 test.
I dont really understand putting corsairs 10 wide- they'll be getting an extra 5 attacks vs a lance formation.... while if they were 5 wide they would be steadfast through anything you could throw at them. Anyway- never bother charging the front of an enemy unit with that many attacks if you can get in the flank: there was a guy on here a while ago who wondered why his skaven lost when he charged both flanks and the front of a unit of swordmasters- the one flnak charge gave him 3 ranks, banner, outnumber... and the other sides gave him nothing at all but lost him huge numbers of models- attacking multiple sides of an enemy unit is not always a bonus, unless you kow you'll be doing more wounds then the enemy (and for 8th can continue to do more).

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Alex: Yep, steadfast, low I and a few other things will give Bretonnians a lot of problems. Knight heavy just won't be a viable option, though blocks of Grail Knights will still be very effective.

T/S: 35 corsairs, 10 wide probably isn't a bad formation, if you know you'll be able to survive combat first turn. After that, simply reform into deeper formation to get extra ranks. It'll get you extra attacks for a round, and if you're careful, could be handy. Or do it vice versa, if being hit by a unit of knights - survive the initial impact with a deep formation, switch to 10 wide for the extra attacks, and start winning combat.

In the meanwhile, I picked up my first warmachine stuff yesterday. I'm certainly hanging on to my Bretonnians (I've had them far too long ), though I think focussing on something else for a while might be a good idea. I'll probably still get to play my Brets quite often, as most of the other lads around here prefer 7th ed for the moment, though I won't be expanding the army any more. Ah well, we'll see what the future holds when it gets here

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