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Default Whizzwang vs Devourer

I took the following D.elf list.... this is the short hand version

Lord+Manticore "Delfy the everliving" 3+sv, PoK(reverse ward), AoES(regen)
BSB+Manticore "anti magic" Ring of Hotek
lvl 1 Scorceress "Kha'di" 2x Dispel Scroll

3x (5) Dark Riders
2x (5) Harpies
(5) Shades + assassin w/ rending stars + manbane
2x Hydra

I took this list as it fairs ok vs heavy magic daemons and I expected to face a lot and well.... didn't.

Round 1 vs Lizardmen

My opponent was playing an eggs in basket Lizard list. REALLY expensive frog + massive unit of temple guard backed with a large spearmen saurus and 2 engine stegs.

Turn 1 was a bit of positioning, turn 2 saw both hydras and a manticore go rampaging through the temple guard + frog before turning on the saurus warriors.

Sadly this was a rather swift squash match. I don't like these games much, even though it's a win it's not much fun for the other guy.

Massacre 2625vp's vs 160vp's

Now, before i begin round 2 I will divulge the fatal flaw in my army choice. I had a rough idea how i'd cope with anything, ANYTHING! Steam tanks, Bloodthirsters, Teclis, Horde army MSU spam, gun lines... absolutley everything.... everythng but DArk Elves. at NO point in my planning and thinking did i even consider the notion that possibly, just possibly, I'd face another D.elf army. I was about to walk into 2 back to back and this confused the crap out of me.

Round 2 vs D.Elf

2 small units of crossbows, 16 black guard, 16 executioners, hydra, 2 Bolt Thrower, cauldron and some khainite characters
My opponent was also going for the non-magic Hotek approach so we largely disregarded the magic phase..... until i got bored (which happens on a fairly regular occurence) and thought "sod it, 2 dice will be fine...... tits double 6... boom"
this mage mishap was closely followed by the UBER-attack-assaassin-of-death bouncing out of combat with the shades and running away from 2 black guard and a hag. Although there were some problems on my end the game was actually fairly close. No lord on the opposing D.elf team gave me the character advantage, 1 of my hydras and his going hell for leather for about 6 rounds of combat slapping 1 wound each out.

Minor Loss 1253vp's to 1678vp's

Round 3 vs D.Elf
2x crossbowmen, 1 bolt thrower, big block of 30 blackguard with Kuron, big block of spears, 2 mages and.... dreadlord on dragon.

for 4 straight turns after some positioning the main combatt involved
Me: BSB+Manticore, Hydra, Assassin+Shades
Him: Lord+Dragon, Blackguard
this was never going to end good in either favour
at the end of it
ME: 1x Hydra on 2 wounds fleeing, Shades fleeing
Him: Lord on 1 wound, Dragon on 2 wounds.

Coiuldn't get the hydra back in the fight as it proceeded to run off the table and that crippled my chances of taking down the lord. Especially when my lord's mount took a bolt thrower to the face and he had to walk for the rest of the game.

Very close, thnk it was something like 1100 to me 1400 to him. Was the last game so wasn't overly psying attention to the score.

The Infernal Council of the Lord of Nine Tzeentch C:SM Project Log
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Interesting write up, thanks for taking the time to tell us how it went Whizzwang. Sods law that you would get two lots of the one army you didn't consider in your planning, though I guess Dark Elves would be quite a popular army at competitions. When you say you didn't face many DoC is that because there weren't many DoC players, or you mean that you didn't face any yourself?
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i just didn't face any myself there were loads though. Heresy's own Jigplums won overall with a daemon army..

Seems a lot of people were running the no magic / Hotek D.elf army to mess with big caster Greater Daemons + Kyros. I just got unlucky.

Round 2 was genius. We both looked at each other and instantly agreed that we'd just eliminated ourselves from the running.

The Infernal Council of the Lord of Nine Tzeentch C:SM Project Log
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Nice to read mate as a Dark Elves 'player'. 2 Manticores! How terrifying

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