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Fantasy is harder to paint, more tactical and requires more time and effort to play a good game. 40K army list/game can be played with about 15 minutes of thought.

Fantasy army list consist off.
Block troop
Seige/long range
LD needed

40k army consist off.
2 troops that everyone will use i.e. tactical squad/boys
box with treads is every tank or a frizby for eldar
atleast every second army you play will be a space marine since they get 9 codex for every 1 someone else gets.

Best thing they should do is start a game called space wars where you can only play a space marine and all their different colour brothers.

Then make a game called 40k where their is more armys.

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In my area 40k has long been more popular. Both are common, and my old flgs would alternate seasons. About 6 months of each. And by that I mean the players who brought armies for the current game got table priority. And the off season players had to wait.

Hmm, it's been a long time since I played fantasy. I played from 4th edition in to 6th I think. I have heard unflattering things about the last two editions, including how random and magic centered they are, but I haven't played them to find out.

In my recollections however 2nd ed 40k was much more tactical. And more recent editions of 40k are getting back to that. Fantasy, as another member mentioned was a lot more like rock paper scissors. And I recall most of my games became boringly: lather, rinse, & repeat.

40k by virtue of the coherency, army variety, equipment, and different structure was much less predictable.

The last 4 editions of 40k following the addition of AP value (oh, how I hate it) became much more rock/paper/scissors. However rules changes after 2nd ed also made the game easier for entry level players, even though the cost to play increased by about double; the game size remained the same (1500-2000 points) but unit point costs were divided in half.

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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
See, I disagree with the sentiment that it's more tactical. Fantasy, in the few games I've played but the many I've seen, boils down to bring a big fuckoff block of infantry and as many Level 4 Wizards as you can, then follow a set of fairly inflexible tactics (seriously, I've never seen High Elves do anything except sit on Throne of Vines and buff the shit out of either Swordmasters or Phoenix Guard. Never. I got bored playing Ogres because it's a. cast buffs, b. charge. That's the whole game plan). 40k has it's own imbalances (shooting > combat, for example), but unlike Fantasy you can build an army with minimal shooting, or minimal combat, or whatever. In Fantasy, you take a magic-heavy army, because it's the only competitive option.

This ^^^

Fantasy has no tactics, from what I've played and see its exactly as above
Step 1: bring magic
Step 2: win
Step 3: brag and tell everyone how tactical the game is -_-'

Love some of the models though

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For me it's a time thing, it's quicker to plan set up and play a 40k game than fantasy also it's instant action. As my spare time is few and far between (parenting/real life) I like to get an instant escape rather than an hour of meticulous movement and falling hard by one dice roll!( exaggeration but not by much). Sure when I have a lot of spare time I like fantasy but that rarely happens.
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I've always been a massive fan of fantasy and although 8th is mostly my favourite edition I still feel that certain phases overshadow the game. In certain match ups/armies it can be very tactical but that is becoming much more rare than it previously was. Many/most of the tactics at the moment for myself is how I can keep my army coherant (Orcs and Goblins). I've tried to get into 40k but found it so extremely dull to play.

I still love playing fantasy but the games now are more how can I avoid the big spell and bring down that uber deathstar horde with my themed OnG. Its never a massacre one way or another but small margins of victory that keeps me playing for now
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I think MidnightSun nailed it. 40k gives you several armies that can be played in a handful of competitive ways - Fantasy gives you several armies that have to be played in one way to be competitive... and as aforementioned, this 'one way' is the same for nearly every army.

Fantasy is somewhat slower than 40k. Granted, flyers do move faster than anything in 40k, but with general movement being greater, I feel that the game flow in 40k is a lot smoother.

The loose formations that 40k infantry etc can move around in only amplifies this fact.
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At my FLGS, 40k is the dominant GW game to play. Not saying there isn't a healthy amount of fantasy players (because, there are), but the amount of 40k players to Fantasy is about 3 to 1.
As it has been said, I have begun to notice that the fantasy players at the shop tend to lean more towards the older crowd. I used to be very large into Fantasy when I was younger(I'm 20 now), but that was mainly due to all the really cool models; and not to mention, the feel of controlling a literal 'army'. (not just a 20 man skirmish force of space marines!)
As of right now, I'm strongly considering building a Lizardmen army, (admittedly due to the amazing new models, and feel the army gives off) as well as playing 40k on a regular basis. So I'm not going to be one sided on which games I play. Another FLGS that I have been going to just reached module 1 on the GW supplier chain, and has thusly begun to move into the realm of tabletop games. 40k is the dominant game there as well(if you count 6 or so people as dominant), however, one of the guys that work there and I have been trying to push people into trying Fantasy as well so as to raise popularity.
In the end, both games are awesome. They each have their own quirks, and styles of play, but we play our games because they're fun to us; not because they're popular.

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I think 40K is perhapse the easier way into the table top gaming.
firstly its a lot cheaper which means that kids can soon collect a reasonable army and enjoy playing without having to fork out a small fortune (which most don't have).

Secondly its also a time consideration as well. You can set up and play a game of 40K in under an hour. most people don't have more than a couple hours to go and play a game. When it can take over 30 minutes to set up a fantasy game thats eating into precious gaming time.
Just rolling for terrain takes a long time and if your playing even a small fantasy game say 1500pts your deployment can take 20 minutes ( when you have to take out 100+ models and put them on the brd).

I like playing both games. I like my Eldar in 40k and I really enjoy the fluff and books so thats fun for me. but I love my daemons in 40k and in fantasy. tactically both can be a real challenge I'm newer to fantasy but so far i don't find it any harder. just more time consuming to do everything.
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I think that the missions you roll are a factor as well, Some are so stupid that the whole game can be decided before you start, Watch tower I'm looking at you.
The amount of models in fantasy also restricts army variation which can mean games get repetative whereas in 40k just by putting in a few transports you can change the way the whole army plays.

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Personally and I realise I'm new. But I think it comes down to 40k getting bigger marketing presence. Whether it's because of the video games or whatever else.
Back when I first became aware Of the Wargaming it was 40k that sparked my imagination and in turn fantasy "wasn't 40k".
I dunno I know nothing about it so maybe it's just that.

I have recently heard the lizard men's fluff and that is just epic
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