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Originally Posted by SavageConvoy View Post
They may be cheap but with no armor, low I, and LD7 they fall apart like mad. They just can't dish out wounds and take too many in return. Assault weapons or even the old genetic buffs they used to get would be great. But right now they get put on the field for the sole purpose of getting killed.
But I think that's the point. Think of them like slightly tougher guardsmen with a bolter and two CC weapons, and you'll find their point-worth to be right on the mark.

They are very good at what they do... now if you want them to be a dedicated, winning close combat unit, then they have a long way to go and would easily cost two, three times as much.

So they are a good unit. When compared to other things that fill no role, or have another unit that does it so much better (stealthsuits, sniper drones, gun drone squadron, skyray), the kroot really do shine as a good investment that remains relevant to 5th, which is saying something for this codex.

Oh, and Ravenwing squadrons need a rework to not bleed kill-points, and deathwing need a cost reduction.

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I never said that the kroot didn't find a place in the codex, or even that I didn't like them the way they are. Personally it would make me sad to see them as anything but a rapid-firing infiltration squad that dies when glanced at. It's how I like them. But I can see why people want them to be better.

They have a fairly decent fluff and had some great rulesets that made them shine on their own. They get a lot of credit in the books and I know in Rogue Trader it is my favorite class to play as. (Altough my GM refuses to let us run xenos characters often)

They could be a lot better if they were allowed decent upgrades. Keep the base cost the same but with a shaper, hopefully at a decent price, can give the unit upgrades to make them more than just a sacrificial lamb even with raising unit cost.

But with most things wrong with the Tau codex, it's basically too little options at too high of a price.

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Possessed and Raptors, although I've heard of success stories with both. I don't like the idea of Raptors being seen as second-rate tank poppers when there's an entire cult based on them. They deserve more dammit!

I also wish that the Chaos Bikers, Thousand Sons and Noise marines costed less points. I actually like Noise marines and the Thousand sons, but I simply think that the bikers cost too much. I don't actually like them that much.

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Imperial Guard:

Eradicator and Punisher variants of the Leman Russ

I wish Commissars/Lord Commissars could be of any use in a mechanized army, but they're just great for blobs and that's it. I purchased a Lord Commissar model because I love him so much, but I have almost no intent on using him.

Rough Riders

Ogryns are overpriced for what they do, Ratlings are just... not worthwhile
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This may sound odd compared to all the other mentioned units ....but.

I wish chosen could be better. The only reason I say this is the simple fact they are the linchpin of my army, but hardly come off as veterans and aspiring chaos lords that they are made out to be. Also a lot of the wargear options are restrictively high this late in the game. really 50pts for 2 static pf attacks? Also all the heavy weapons are just as over coasted as for devastators and havocks. Seriously, these days most armies feer auto cannons and bright lances more then a las cannon.

Mind you I would like if they at least had the option to come bare bones like they do with a veteran skill, as I like the role they offer as a mobile assault weapons platform, but they really should have had the option to chose/buy their veteran skill as all chosen getting infiltrate makes very little sense. Example: Are you saying my Khoranate chosen with giant ass bulky CC weapons are masters of stealth, and recon?

Also I am well aware that many other units of greater import are much more in need of revision, but I thought I would mention my woes over chosen do to the fact that I spent 40+ hours building/painting my 25+ strong urban commando style chosen. Who come complete with urban camo patches and gas masks, and a absurd amount of assault weapons.

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