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Ranty ranter!
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Stealth Suits, they're about 10 points too expensive at their current ability, but they should get buffed defensively as well. Stealth Field Generator is worth like 1 point, GW charges 8 points. Load of crock.

And I don't play Eldar anymore, but Warp Spiders ability has never matched their epic looks and fluff.

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Vanguard and Devastators are overpriced. Devastator Weapon options should be a lot cheaper (10pts for Missiles, 15 for Plasma Cannon, 20 for Lascannon, perhaps). Equally Vanguard should be a lot cheaper.

Chaplains are just too bad. I suggest +1 Attack, +1 Strength from the Crozius and some more options. Hell, they'd be ok if they gave the squad Stubborn/LD re-rolls instead of Fearless.

Honour Guard need Invulnerables and the ability to take an Apothecary, Chapter Masters need some kind of stat bonuses (+1 WS/BS/I) over Captains.

Thunderfire Cannons are bad because of the Artillery rules rather than anything in their entry.

Techmarines need a points decrease, or two wounds and an Invulnerable. As they are, they try to be CC dudes but one Space Marine with 2+ armour isn't really hard to kill. Legion of the Damned need a major points decrease.

The Land Speeder Storm needs BS 4, and the Jamming Beacon should be 12" rather than six. Also, it should be a Dedicated Transport not a Fast Attack. Scouts themselves want BS/WS 4, or at least an Elites version of them with buffed stats, 2 CCWs, defensive grenades and Meltabombs, to represent the more experienced of the Scouts - more commando-like.

Drop Pods should have no guns on them but not give away kill points.


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nice boy, daft though !
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another vote for swooping hawks, amazing looking models and my favorite eldar unit,unfortunately they go down like a 5 dollar hooker when her rents due

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An Assault version of the Wind Serpent wouldn't go amiss. Seriously just give us a normal Wind Serpent with an Assault Ramp for Scorpions and Banshees?
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While I've got a few ideas over the entire range of the Sisters of Battle codex, I'll go with Penitent Engines. AV11 open topped rage is hard to justify without fleet, smoke launchers or a decent save (6++ does not count as "decent").

Cutting their points down to about 60 would be a good start as wpuld giving them FnP (just to increase their odds of living since that' give them a 6++ with a 4+ back-up roll improving their odds of not explodrating every turn petty decently).

But I'm just shooting from the hip in trying to make the mini-dred work.
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A few factions worth:

-Chaos: The Dreads. The day GW makes them fun and good again is the day Forgeworld gets three orders for those amazing chaos dreads they sell.

-Dark Eldar: Mandrakes. Beautiful model and very cool concept, but...no power weapons+low # of attacks+losing Outflanking if you add an IC to boost them= a lackluster unit that will at best kill artillery like lootas, devastators and other CC lightweights. Also, they need to kill someone to start shooting, meaning unless you're lucky with your outflank, they won't get to do it.

-Eldar: Swooping Hawks. I like the concept of shooty jump infantry for a change, but these guys don't deliver.
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noise marines
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I'm surprised noone has mentioned Flash Gitz yet. They are totally awesome, and the best of the best of Orky shooting. But they have BS 2 just like everything else in the dex. Whiskey....Tango....Foxtrot? And even if they were given their much needed BS 3, they would still be overpriced as heck, or their upgrades would. If they got the extra ammo for free, BS 3 and the other upgrades a little cheaper they would be, at least, playable.

Codex: CSM. We all know the criminally cool and worthless units that lurks within, but just to recap:

Raptors - Should actually be fear inspiring assault specialists instead of watered down assault marines.

Possessed - While I wouldn't mind them being random they really need some serious buffs and a better "random mutation" table. For Jervis Johnsons beard sake, they are daemon-infused chaos marines! Why the hell aren't they brutal and ravenous like Rosie o'Donnel in a bakery?

Chaos Dreadnoughts - Either get rid of rage or make it work, like it did in 3rd ed. Making them either cheaper and giving them more options would be fine. Giving them mark related wargear would be incredibly cool as well.

Chaos Bikers (These points go to all SM bikers really) - They cost too much and can't do anything Assault marines can't. Why bother?

Chaos Lords - Just give us an incentive to use them. Because right now, they can't do squat. If they actually were dangerous, could protect themselves or granted the army some nifty abillities, cool. But they don't. That is lame.

Chaos Sorcerors - Give us some good utillity spells (that princes won't have acces to) and they would be worth taking right there.

Thousand Sons - Yeah, they need to cost less, and have some more options. Or they need some badass rule that actually represent them being slow and unstoppable. They are basically robots (and no, FNP is precisely what they don't need).

Noise Marines - Need to cost less, have some better sonic weaponry, and they need to have them standard. Having noise marines running around with bolters makes no sense.

Spawn - I have no idea how these can be improved to even be called useless. But as they are now, they are just bad, random and stupid. And no, even if you love them they are also not fun to play with.

Daemons - Either C: CD needs to fuse back with their mortal brethen or summoned daemons needs to go (And the entire workings of the daemon codex needs a revamp, but thats another point).

Havocs - They have the same problems as MidnightSun pointed out for Devastators.

Chaos Land Raiders - Needs to be cheaper and have a PotMS equivilant.

Chaos Terminators - All they are good for is termicide, which makes no sense fluffwise. This needs to be changed.

Have I forgotten anything? Other than the need for the entire codex needs a decrease in points cost?
But i'm staying positive. Hopefully they new chaos dex will be made of win and good fluff.

Then theres also Eldar/DE:

Mandrakes - God they suck! And so lovely models they have. That is a disgrace.

Harlequins - Give me a reason to field these over Banshees/Scorpions/Incubi/whatever.

Court of the Archon - See Harlequins.

Warp Spiders - Needs some better guns. Period.

Guardians - Needs to not be crappe. Same really goes for Vypers, Dark Reapers, Platforms, Phoenix Lords, Jetbikes, Swooping Hawks and other stuff I've forgotten.

The Entire Sisters of Battle codex - Because a lame WD update isn't what they deserved. Here's to hoping that GW will make a proper one.

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The Nightbringer. Not only is he is too easy to avoid he's also going extinct.

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Harlequins with the Death Jester. I mean if you add a Death Jester you make the squad worthless as it has to sit with him, if you take him out and add a shadowseer why not just take mandrakes. They look cool when well painted and are just worthless on the battlefield.
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