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Default Playing the Bad Guys...

Hey Heretics.

What with the Necrons being updated and generally seeing the community up beat about Space Zombies, I thought I'd throw out a question;

Do you enjoy playing the "bad guys"? If so what attracted you to "the darkside" and why?

I was thinking about this as I was painting my Raptor squad waiting for Dungeon Keeper to install; and I noticed that I now can't play anything without looking at who the villains are and if I can side with them I do. I guess its because my childhood innocence and ideals of heroes has been replaced by grinding disappointment and reality as the years pass by.

Also Raptors are Cool.

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I went though a period of wanting to play the Badyguys, Kinda the same time I had a psudo goth phase...

When I started planning my Space Marine chapter the other month, I had planned on being Chaos, but as I have started to work on my fluff I have slowly made a force that are well.. "Good" (To a Point where I have just ditched most my old fluff, and working on something new and even thinking of a new name for the chapter)

As good as it gets in the Grimdark...
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Playing the bad guys is nice but in 40k they are so utterly perverted that I thought twice about that. Raptors are indeed cool.
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I guess that the good guys are more predictable in the story lines. Let me guess Ultra Marine...For the Emperor? The models too, regular Space Marine? Or Space Marine with spikes and mutations? Who wouldnt rather raze a world for no reason over "gogo mankind!" My two cents, I also played the good guys for the first part of my life so maybe Im the same as you...... Sorry for this not being well written. Gotta put it in at work.
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I suppose I'm a bit too nice of a person in real life so I always tend to want to play the bad guys.

My Space Wolves were counts as with Chaos shoulderpads/backpacks and my new Deathwing are counts as with Chaos Terminators.

Only my GK weren't counts as (doesn't much make sense) but they lasted all game before I decided to sell them.

Deep gratitude to Varakir for the signature.
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Wait, people play BAD guys? I always assumed that every army I'ved played was always on the side of right (Sisters, Chaos, Tyranids, Necrons, Marines, Eldar...). It lets me assume a mindset of my army always having the moral high ground in every game.
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I went with Chaos mainly due to how awesome the 3.5 codex was.

I compared it to the vanilla marine codex of that time, and I knew I'd prefer it. Especially because of the fact that you could field multiple monstrous Daemon's alongside multiple tanks.

I stayed with Chaos because each cult troop isn't merely another unit, it is a way of life for each individual marine. Daemons were also quite cool, hence why I got their codex too, although I was and still am opposed to the Chaos split. Raptors are also amazing models and I have almost finished painting my first squad of them.

I then wanted to paint my entire army and had to choose a legion to base it on. The other legion's never really spoke to me, but Curze's act of vindication sparked an interest in them for me. The Night Lords books also heightened my interested in them too.

At the end of the day, I simply see the Night Lords as more believable as characters and likeable than any other army. They don't hold back an invincible tide of billions of aliens in some sort of heroic last stand that can be likened to hyperactive fan fiction. They also have much more depth than "Wer gonna kill everyting!" (Although Abaddon might be an exception... Then again, he's not a Night Lord) or "We used to be the greatest race in the Universe, but now we just lose to everything". I don't mean to tick any Space Marine, Ork or Eldar players off, but they are my perceptions of each army.

I suppose the fact that the Night Lords are still pursuing their campaign of revenge against the Imperium hints that they are justified in their attacks. However, they can be defeated and have been before, so they aren't some boring Mary-Sue army. I suppose that in a sense, they are good guys. Good guys who aren't boring.

And that's why I play as the "bad guys".

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It was destiny. I walked into a GW more than 7 years ago when we had the Battle of Macragge box set, well the guy said have i ever played and i said no, and so he asked me which side i wanted to play, and so i picked Tyranids, and won my demo match. So i bought the box set, i loved the Tyranids, but bored shitless about the Space Marines i thought they were pussies from the get go. I was going to start a Tyranid army but stuff got in the way and so never eventuated.

So when the Assault on Black Reach came out i found myself back in a GW store and naturally i chose Orks, again i could not stand those Space Marine pussies, i won, so i bought the AoBR box set and put aside the Space Marines in shoe box and forgot them.

So i built up a decent size Ork Army of about 7,000 points, but i decided to change to another army, i was going to start up an Imperial Guard Army based on the 3rd Reich, yeah i kid you not, German Eagles, Swastika, the whole shebang, even was going to repaint Commisar Yarrick as Hitler, but i though better of it, anyway i ended up on Chaos Space Marines, so i ended up getting a Battleforce and i was going to paint it Black Legion, but i ended up creating my own Legion and now i have around 20,000 points of Chaos.

Oh and those Space Marines i had well i have converted them with Chaos Space Marines Backpacks and now they are the building block of my Sturmtruppen Infantrie Kompanie Chaos der Wulfhunds

Ultramarines are Pussies

Except Dark Angels, any chapter that sounds like a Death Metal Band can't be that bad.

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I like playing Tyranids from time to time because they inspire fear but are not necessarily "bad". Not like Chaos or DE.
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Well, we are all playing 40K, so it's safe to say we all like playing the bad guys.

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