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Default How much is my rmy worth on e-bay?

Hi all, Im selling off my Ork army on e-bay because im moving house and am too poor.

I put it up for 300 pounds, but i think this is too high. I have recieved an offer for 200 pounds which i think is pretty good, but honestly, I have no real clue as to what it is really worth.

Im honestly not trying to advertise this here, I just know that you guys know more about this stuff than me. Ive sold a few Warhamer armies before on e-bay, but never one this big.

So, do you think i should accept the offer for 200 pounds, or wait untill someone is willing to pay more?
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well if you factor in the fees,your gonna loose about 30 of the 200, so i would contact the person and ask for 250 including postage, sell for that and you should clear 200, the army isnt that large and alot is conversions which people either love or hate, plus alot is AOBR so not of a significant value, ask for 250 because its well painted,that would be my best offer if i wanted the army.

ps, thats not to say you shouldnt take the 200 if its on the cards,depends on what you need the most, 200 in cash if you need it is more important than an army you can afford to sell, i moved house and needed a bed so was forced to sell a very collectable action figure, but as great as he was, a good nights sleep and carpets trumped owning him every time.

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It's a real bargain at 200. Depends how quick you want it gone.

Remember that you need to pay listing fees and paypal takes a cut on the transaction. So you won't net the 200. I'd say this army is worth 200 cash in hand or 240 through paypal and that malarki. Remember that the value of the codexes and war-games cases doesn't drop as much as the miniatures.

Other than that, I could see maybe a newbie buyer going as high as 300 but this is a really top end estimate. Try get 240 for it IMO.
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I really need to make a large article/post on selling on ebay. I've sold on ebay for quite a while (over 500 rep), and there are many things that 40k players don't realize:

1. Half is normal. That's right, if your item is used and out of the box, it's not surprising at all to only get half the retail value. By my count your items have about a 200 pound value 'retail'. So 100 pounds is around what you're probably going to get in most cases. That doesn't only go for 40k, but virtually anything bought and sold on ebay. You can definitely get more than half, with a nice paint job and close up pictures...which leads us to...

2. If they're well painted, make sure you show close ups, and multiple angles. Saying something is 'pro-painted' is a lofty claim. You're basically saying that your items are better painted than 95% of all the painted 40k items on ebay. You're going to have to show close ups to back up those claims.

3. You will almost never get more than full retail value, no matter how well it's painted. There are very few people who can make money painting miniatures, and most of the time they still have to be a distributor, so they can get the items at cost. Of all the 40k items I've sold, I only remember it happening once with me, and it was for a very well converted dread with auto-cannon arms. On that note...

4. Show close up pictures for conversions. Even then, most conversions aren't going to sell for much unless it's very well done, crafted with a lot of skill, or if it involves hard to get bits. With the auto-cannon dread, it's because I needed to attach 4 separate auto-cannons to the model, which most people don't have easy access to. I also like to think I did a fine job putting it together.

5. You'll always get more $ if you break the set into smaller lots, usually of one unit each. Very few people are looking for all the items you have listed there. Most people only want half of what you're offering (and that goes for any large lot), so they're only willing to pay good money for the items in the lot they want. The items they don't want, they'll only be willing to pay less than 1/2 price. So if you want the most money, break that lot down.

6. There is always a massive 'glut' of models on ebay that come from the starter sets. In this case, it's assault on black reach. I just did a quick check, and I found several sellers on ebay selling the entire Ork half of that set, new and on sprue, for 20-25 pounds. Regardless of the fact they're painted, that's probably the most you'll get for them. Most Ork players simply don't need any more warbosses, deffkoptas, or slugga boyz.

7. Finally, even if the items you're selling are in relatively good demand, there are a LOT of warhammer items for sale online, because many people start the hobby, and then for whatever reason, stop playing. Also, a lot of people selling them on ebay are retailers, looking to sell old stock at high discounts. In order to compete well, you either need to repost the items several times and hope you get lucky, post them for dirt cheap, or do a really good job presenting the models, with very clear and close up pictures.

All things considered, I estimate the value of what you have there to be around, at most, 100 pounds. Sorry, but that's the sad truth of the matter. Good luck!

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Hi MynameisGrax, Thanks so much for the reply, I appreciate it, but with the greatest respect, I have to disagree with you on most of that. I more often than not make back double what i paid for minis by painting them and reselling them on ebays. For example i bought the old Skull pass box and sold both armies for around 60 pounds each having painted them and added a couple of extra items. Buying old badly painted metals and stripping them down is also a great way to make money on e-bay, as they always seem to turn up in second hand shops and car boot sales. I once bough the Empire militia box from GW, converted it into two seperate units, one of riflemen, and one of swordsmen with an extra captain. I sold this as a complete army for 23 pounds. Obviously, this isnt a viable way to make a living, But its good for getting rid of minis you dont use any more especially if you didnt pay full retail price to begin with. Lets be honest, anyone paying GW for new minis these days has too much money anyway.

P.s, I just sold the Orks for 250pounds, Which i think is reasonable, I put a lot of work into that army, and i am really sorry to see it go, but I need to clear away stuff for my house move.
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I have to say I'm really surprised. That's definitely not the experiences I've had with selling items on ebay. Is the difference between American and UK ebay transactions really that much?

In this case, I have to say that it was probably the paint job that made the difference. I couldn't tell from the picture how good it was, but if you're routinely making more than what you pay for it, then you're indeed painting them at a professional level. Nice work!

The first casualty of war is neither innocence nor truth.

The first casualty of war is always subtlety.

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I've sold 3 or 4 Armies on E-bay and in my experience it depends on what your selling. You have a well painted army, with some nice looking conversion work. It's ready to play table top, and most players would be happy to play a game with an army as well put together as the one shown. So I think you should at LEAST get the money back you spent on the Models, Boxes and paints. Bearing in mind that most people who buy whole armies on-line are doing so because they want something straight away, and /or are unable to paint to the standard shown. I think your particular army is worth half again the core price of purchase because care and attention was taken biulding it and its ready to go.
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